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Tutorials. Webinars. Geometry Gym. A technology publication created & maintained by case. Digging on Shigeru. I’m fascinated by Shigeru Ban’s Nine Bridge Club house.

Digging on Shigeru

The projection of the a rectangular grid down into these funnel shapes is such a simple idea on a large scale and totally mind bending in the details. For my sketch, I made a quarter of one funnel with a revolve, cut it down to a square edge, divided the surface, then turned off the U and V grids, and used intersects projected from Level 1. The panel is just a half step pattern with this geometry. Plenty of flaws in the lattice (intersect based gridlines can get a little funky at the edges, particularly in tangency conditions) but it’s getting there. Designalyze - designalyze: the analysis of design. Organic Jewelry CAD modeling: T-Splines for Rhino.

Jewelry webinar. About six months ago, Australian jeweler Chris Botha started playing with T-Splines for Rhino and posting his results in the T-Splines forum.

Jewelry webinar

His gallery thread has turned into the most prolific on our forum, with 161 posts and over 12000 views, and is filled with dozens of jewelry pieces that are distinctively organic. On Friday, October 28, 2011 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT, Chris will present at a free T-Splines webinar, “How T-Splines changed my approach to making jewelry in CAD.” There are still spots available — register now for this free webinar. You won’t want to miss this chance to get candid insights from a T-Splines pro about how he uses T-Splines in his design process.

Jewelry by Chris Botha Jewelry by Chris Botha former CEO of T-Splines, Inc., currently T-Splines and Alias product manager at Autodesk, Inc. Kangaroo - Mesh Relaxation - Tutorial 1. "Designing Programs" - edited by Casey Reas (@reas) and Chandler McWilliams (@brysonian) #creativecode #design. (This essay was commissioned by Centre national des arts plastiques for Graphisme en France 2012) - Edited by Casey Reas and Chandler McWilliams - Technical mastery and innovation are part of the rich history of visual design.

"Designing Programs" - edited by Casey Reas (@reas) and Chandler McWilliams (@brysonian) #creativecode #design

The printing press is the quintessential example of how a shift in design technology can ripple through society. In the Twenty-First Century, innovation in design often means pushing the role of computers within the visual arts in new directions. Writing software is something that’s not typically associated with the work of a visual designer, but there’s a growing number of designers who write custom software as a component of their work. 1. 2. The answers reflect the individuality of the designers and their process, but some ideas are persistent.

LUST / In our studio, form is a result of an idea, which is the result of a process. Because we approach projects in this way, existing software/tools are often insufficient to properly execute an idea. Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture. Rhino3D TV - Learn, Teach and Share.


Grasshopper - generative modeling for Rhino. RhinoFabLab - Design + Optimization + Fabrication.