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Ervin Laszlo | E-books. Available on Innertraditions. WorldShift 2012Making Green Business, New Politics, and Higher Consciousness Work Together By (author) Ervin LaszloForeword by Deepak ChopraForeword by Mikhail Gorbachev A handbook for conscious change that could transform the current world crisis into planetary renewal • Outlines the problems that make today’s world prone to breakdown and suggests actions we must adopt in politics, business, and everyday life • Replaces the limited consciousness of our failing society with the holistic consciousness that is rooted in the Akashic field The deepening economic crisis and the threat posed by climate change and other social and ecological trends has caused many to despair.

But with great danger comes great opportunity–the opportunity for fundamental change that will transform our societies from top to bottom. VODAFLOR. WEIRD SCIENCE: torsion fields, spin-waves in the vacuum. Brevet US6548752 - System and method for generating a torsion field - Google Brevets. This application claims priority from and incorporates by reference the provisional patent application Ser. No. 60/249,178 filed on Nov. 16, 2000 entitled “System and Method of Generating a Torsion Field.” This invention relates to torsion fields, an in particular to a device for providing protection from torsion fields for users of electronic equipment.

Torsion fields are generated by the classical spin, or by the spin angular momentum density (on a macroscopic level) of any object. The spinning of an object sets up polarization in two spatial cones, corresponding to a left torsion field and a right torsion field. At an atomic level, nuclear spin as well as full atomic movements may be the source of torsion fields.

Unlike electromagnetic and gravitation fields that have central symmetry, torsion fields have axial symmetry. Torsion fields may also be generated by other methods in addition to the classical spin of particles. Torsion fields are also generated by electromagnetic fields. The Secret Life of Vortices: Evolution and Destruction of Vortical Flows. The Importance Of Spin - Energized Water Products. By drinking living water, the cells in the body's systems, specifically, the nervous, cardiovascular and the gastrointestinal, become properly ordered to fulfill the functions of life. Drinking living water allows the utilization of nutrients from foods and supplements to become dramatically improved. Living water has increased oxygen levels, which assists in ridding the body of toxins and restoring the immune system. Vibrant Vital Water has been tested by alternative health care combines such as the Bio-Energetic Screening Team (B.E.S.T.), located in Seattle WA.

B.E.S.T. specializes in Energy Medicine (EM) using diagnostic screening devices to measure the diverse electromagnetic frequencies emanating from the body which identify imbalances that may be the source of present ailments. The bioenergetic EM screening revealed that simply holding a container of Vibrant Vital Water aided in balancing the energy field and electromagnetic frequencies radiating from a person. Dr. Dr. Dr. Meteorites Were The Most Likely Source Of Earth's Water: Research. The Fractal-Holographic Universe - Fractal-Holographic Universe. Nassim Haramein‘s life long investigation into the geometry of space has led to his recent publication of several scientific papers in which he presents a new solution to Einstein’s field equations and the mechanics of universal forces.

The theory incorporates both holographic and fractal principles and has accordingly been named the “Holofractographic Universe”, or simply “Fractal-Holographic Universe”. Haramein’s model seems to achieve what no previous model has, namely the unification of physics across the micro- and macro-cosmic scale. Throughout the history of physics this has been a holy grail; to integrate the universal force of Gravitation with the complex workings of the quantum world. Here we’ll take a closer look at the theoretical framework of the Fractal-Holographic Universe: The Spacetime Continuum Albert Einstein was the first to discover that space and time is weaved together in a seamless continuum, permeating the universe. God does not play dice! Together. Best of Physics Education: Vortex of fire. Water. Energised Water. Dr Warwick D Raymont, MSc(TechComm), PhD, DSc, DipTSec, MACS, MNYAS, DG, OIA The proportion of any given sample of water that exists in its preferred hexagonal form depends upon several factors: Temperature – a lower temperature favours a greater proportion of hexagonal water. Pollution – the elimination of pollution such as pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, chlorine, nitrates etc. favours the production of hexagonal water. Health and wellness – an individual suffering with serious illness will exhibit destruction of water structure at the cellular level. The presence of structure-making substances – for example, the Calcium ion (present in ground (and mains) water but sadly lacking in RO, deionised and distilled water). Slightly alkaline water provides the environment conducive to hexagonal water formation.

Energised hexagonal water has been shown, or, as a result of intense, long-term scientific investigation has been clinically hypothesised, to have efficacy with: Pourquoi préférer l'eau dynamisée par système vortex ? Marc Henry / L'eau, la médiatrice / 2009 (film entier) Why Attention is the New Currency Online. Like many digital marketers, I consume and create large amount of content daily. Whether it’s doing research or analyzing data, I’ve come to realize the economic value of attention. It’s relatively easy to create and publish content nowadays because technology has made it cost-effective and efficient. This isn’t the case when it comes to consuming content because our attention simply doesn’t scale. Just like our personal values have to be sorted and ranked in order for us to make wise and consistent decisions, so do our values for consuming information. As more and more businesses and individuals continue to produce digital content, one trend is starting to emerge as the explosion of content proliferates – the role of curators.

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