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Marte y su religión

Educacion en diseño. Peter Rice. Peter Rice (1935–1992) was an Irish structural engineer.

Peter Rice

Born in 52 Castle Road, Dundalk in County Louth, he spent his childhood between the town of Dundalk, and the villages of Gyles' Quay and Inniskeen. He was educated at the Queen's University of Belfast where he received his primary degree, and spent a year at Imperial College, London. He originally studied Aeronautical Engineering but switched to Civil Engineering. Taken on by Ove Arup & Partners, his first job was the roof of the Sydney Opera House. He married Sylvia Watson in 1965 and they had one son and three daughters. Philosophy[edit] He believed the best buildings result from the symbiotic relationship between the architect and the engineer where the engineer is the objective inventor and the architect the creative input. Work[edit] Career[edit] Sydney Opera House[edit] Sydney opera house In 1956 he joined Ove Arup & Partners.

Pompidou Centre (Beaubourg)[edit] Awards[edit] Death[edit] Prize[edit] Bibliography[edit] Traces of Peter Rice, an Arup documentary. Olvídate de las impresoras 3D, lo nuevo es la impresión 4D - Ojo Curioso. 3D Printing Course - betahaus. For those who are already familiar to 3D printing, we don’t have to explain you that 3D printing is bound to revolutionize the way we will work and live.

3D Printing Course - betahaus

The technology is still in its infancy, but it’s rapidly developing into a future where fixing broken household items is just a matter of printing, and Amazon no longer sends you stuff – just the 3D files. Betahaus dives headfirst into 3D printing waters with a 360 degrees course on 3D printing and developing. Focused on printing useful objects & products, you’ll discover the possibilities and boundaries of 3D printing, learn how to turn your own designs into real functional objects, and operate a 3D printer by yourself. Whether it’s a set of wheels for your dishwasher, a long-lost knob for your stereo or an awesome self-designed vase, we’ll teach you to bring your ideas to reality. The hands-on 3D printing course is for anfänger/novices up to designers.

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A Massive New Public Transit System For Car-Obsessed, Oil-Rich Qatar. A gallon of gas in the oil-rich country of Qatar costs less than a dollar, and sprawling local roads have been designed for cars, not pedestrians.

A Massive New Public Transit System For Car-Obsessed, Oil-Rich Qatar

So it's not surprising that most Qataris choose to drive. Over the last decade, as more people buy cars, oil consumption in the country has more than tripled. But now the capital city of Doha is trying to move in the opposite direction with a huge new public transit system. The new Metro Network will eventually include around 100 new train stations, each designed to lure citizens from their cars. The architects wanted to make taking the train more comfortable than driving, especially when desert temperatures soar above 100 degrees, and people are even less likely to want to walk. A tale of four world cities – London, Delhi, Tokyo and Bogotá compared. Cities are not static.

A tale of four world cities – London, Delhi, Tokyo and Bogotá compared

Like living organisms they change and adapt over time. Some grow and others shrink in response to economic, political and environmental shifts. But they do this in radically different ways, reflecting local responses to regional, national and global changes. Why fragile cities hold the key to stability and development. As some of the world’s large cities turn themselves around and thrive – just 600 now account for two-thirds of global GDP – countless smaller and medium-sized cities, mainly in Africa, Latin America and Asia, are descending deeper into violence and becoming less liveable, says a leading Latin American urban specialist.

Why fragile cities hold the key to stability and development

In a new paper in Foreign Affairs, Robert Muggah, research director at the Igarapé Institute in Brazil, says anarchy now rules in some places. “La gente no quiere estudiar ingeniería” Print Out Tracing Templates And Showcase Your Collection - Fashion Finishing School. This group shows subtle variations in positioning of limbs, angle of heads and shoulders add interest and there is a variety of different shapes of negative space – perfect for showing off a collection of garments with important details in all views (such as tailored garments).

Print Out Tracing Templates And Showcase Your Collection - Fashion Finishing School

For more information and guidance on drawing please refer to 9 Heads 4th edition, Colors For Fashion and Face Fashion. Remember to practice, practice, practice with a 9 Heads Women Notebook. And don’t forget that you can personally ask Nancy Riegelman and her staff of fashion illustrators your questions! SHOP. Devuélvanos Transmilenio. Carta-de-un-ciudadano-sobre-bogota. Aquí compartimos una carta que ha sido difundida por redes sociales de una persona que sin identificarse revela algunos de los grandes problemas por los que pasa Bogotá.


Cuéntanos si estás de acuerdo o si te parece que vale la pena quedarse en la capital. (Lee también: 10 cosas para amar y 10 para odiar a Bogotá, según un extranjero). A tale of four world cities – London, Delhi, Tokyo and Bogotá compared. Manfred Wolf. It’s not about following a trend, because it’s natural for trends to wear out rapidly.

Manfred Wolf

In our company we experience the turnover of style very quickly. Once, we gave a lamp a maximum of a ten year lifespan, in terms of appearance. That lamp was launched in 1994 and in exactly 2004 we took it off the market due to a lack of demand. Other designs – like the “Zoom” lamp, which has a sort of fenced structure – are still fresh even after 15 years. Maybe this is because it’s less “formed,” the reduction to basic geometric forms leads to greater longevity. Many talk about timeless design – but design is never timeless. Verdadero futuro de las tecnologías de prototipado rápido.


Cine y diseño. Discurso de diseño. Paisaje y lectura del paisaje. Arquitectura para aislar. El lapiz en el espacio. Contenidos culturales. Tecnología nos conquistará. Ritmo absurdo. Bicicletas y urbes. Productos detonantes. Confianza informática. La historia del argentino que fue nombrado uno de los 10 jóvenes más sobresalientes del mundo - Vivió dos años en una clínica porque no tenía para pagar el alquiler.

La historia del argentino que fue nombrado uno de los 10 jóvenes más sobresalientes del mundo -

En su tesis universitaria presentó un proyecto para realizar un sistema de urbanización de emergencia que hoy llama la atención del mundo. Habló en la ONU y lo recibió hasta el Papa. Nicolás García Mayor tiene 35 años, es diseñador industrial y fue nombrado uno de los 10 jóvenes sobresalientes del mundo por su contribución a la niñez, la paz mundial y los derechos humanos. La historia de este joven bahiense, egresado de la Universidad Nacional de la Plata, es increíble: se recibió en 2001, tras vivir dos años en la sala de radiología de una clínica abandonada porque no tenía para pagar el alquiler. "La idea es que sea una especie de cajita con alas laterales en la que se genera un espacio de unos 14 metros cuadrados donde pueden vivir hasta 10 personas.

Cada módulo, que se puede armar en 11 minutos sin la necesidad de emplear herramientas, incluye un kit de supervivencia.


Títulos. MirandaMiranda » How An Iowa Newspaper Is Using Oculus Rift For Big, Ambitious Journalism. Situated in the heart of flyover country, the city of Des Moines, Iowa, doesn’t tend to come up in many discussions centered on the technological future of journalism.

How An Iowa Newspaper Is Using Oculus Rift For Big, Ambitious Journalism

Today, however, the Des Moines Register, with a combined print and online readership of 420,000 people (average reader age: 52), is one of the first newspapers in the country to leap headfirst into the strange, alien world of virtual reality. The interactive project debuting today is called "Harvest Of Change," a five-part story focused on five different forces driving big changes in the state of Iowa. Periodismo de diseño. Why Businessweek's Ugly Tim Cook Cover Is Subversive Genius.

To say that the design of Bloomberg Businessweek's latest cover has raised eyebrows is to underestimate the ability of human eyebrows to literally rip themselves off of the skull to which they are attached. After the announcement of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, Businessweek put Apple CEO Tim Cook on the cover, flashing the most shit-eating grin in history. Bacánika - ENFERMEDADES COLOMBIANAS. IDENTIDAD DE LAS REVISTAS DE DISEÑO by Maia Bunge.