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Books that changed my life. These are books I think are outstanding. I’ve limited this list to books that precipitated a personal breakthrough in my life. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – Richard Carlson If this book was never written, the blog you’re reading wouldn’t exist, and I don’t even want to think about what shape my life would be in. When I discovered it I was a college-age mess, and this simple little book taught me life’s supreme lesson — that the quality of my experience depends on how I interact with it and not what happens to me. After writing about this same approach for five years (and reading about it for fifteen) it’s such a basic notion to me now, but at the time it changed everything about my world. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle Living in the present is a cliche that everyone knows, but I think relatively few people actually comprehend the totality of the present moment — it really is all there is, and The Power of Now gets this point across without any mysticism.

A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle Tea. Complaining is Only a Symptom — Experiment No. 5 Results. Done. My campaign to go 21 consecutive days without complaining or gossiping is finally over, and what I discovered surprised me. To recap, the experiment was to cease complaining or gossiping for twenty-one straight days, as long as that took. If I complained, I started the count again from zero. The idea was inspired by the book A Complaint Free World, by Will Bowen. The original post is here. I cruised through the first week complaint-free, then cracked on my eighth day. It took a total of 55 days. In the book Bowen says it takes most people about six months before they can string together 21 consecutive days. Why I did it The main goal was to completely kill the impulse to complain. The secondary goal was to see how well the bracelet technique works. What I learned Most of my discoveries were quite unexpected. Five days in I recognized that complaining can actually be a lot more subtle than plainly saying, “This sucks.”

I never would have believed that before. Inner vs. The Verdict. La Ciencia de los Milagros-El lenguaje cuantico de sanacion,de paz, de sentir y creer. Bridge Day 2013 Donald Cripps' Jump. 7 Signs Your Transformation Will Fail. Nobody likes the F-word. No, not that F-word. Everybody likes that one. I'm talking about... failing. On average, more than half of the people who express New Year's fitness goals end up as statistics, not success stories. They drop off by the second week, and end up shelving their goals until next year.

That's a huge problem that hits close to home for us here at Your fitness fantasy is too vivid As someone who spends a good chunk of my day reading transformation stories and looking at before-and-after photos, I know how totally inspirational other people's successes can be. A powerful story like this one pretty much inevitably gives you a tingle in your muscles. Slow your roll, bro. While this spark of go-getting is awesome, the trouble starts when you begin weaving together a fantasy of your perfect workouts, perfect meals, perfect discipline, and your seemingly inevitable march toward fitness glory. You have an unrealistic plan You know you have to start working out. Dont-Sweat-The-Small-Stuff.pdf. 10 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective On Life | High Existence. How to Build Self-Discipline.

Discipline is freedom. You may disagree with this statement, and if you do you are certainly not alone. For many people discipline is a dirty word that is equated with the absence of freedom. In fact the opposite is true. As Stephen R. Covey once wrote, “the undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites and passions”. And in the longer term, the undisciplined lack the freedom that comes with possessing particular skills and abilities – e.g. to play a musical instrument or speak a foreign language. Self-discipline involves acting according to what you think instead of how you feel in the moment.

Work on an idea or project after the initial rush of enthusiasm has faded awayGo to the gym when all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch TVWake early to work on yourselfSay “no” when tempted to break your dietOnly check your email a few of times per day at particular times If you struggle with self-discipline, the good news is that it can be developed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 11 Stephen Hawking Quotes for His 71st Birthday. When Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at age 21, doctors thought he'd only survive a few more years. But the theoretical physicist defied the odds: Hawking turns 71 today. Here are 11 quotes from the Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge and author of A Brief History of Time.

Happy birthday, professor! 1. On His Schooling: "At school, I was never more than about halfway up the class. It was a very bright class. From the lecture "My Brief History," 2010. 2. "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans. From Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, 2010. 3. “I wouldn’t compare it to sex, but it lasts longer.” From a lecture at Arizona State University, April 2011. 4.

"If you are disabled, it is probably not your fault, but it is no good blaming the world or expecting it to take pity on you. 5. To the New York Times, May 2011. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Diana Nyad: Never, ever give up. Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot. RSA Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature. El Empleo. Vencedor Do Festival De Berlim -