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Jeffrey Ketcham

Integrating Social Media and History Lessons. As part of my duties as a social studies teacher, I am teaching Government for the next 12 weeks.

I really like the Facebook lesson. Especially with something like the Constitutional Convention, where students could be assigned roles and can research what a person would be posting if the technology existed. – jtketcham

We started our investigation into the Constitution, and for one of the assignments I had my students take the Preamble of the Constitution and mix in some social media by having them transform it into a SMS, Tweet, and Facebook Status.

Integrating Social Media and History Lessons

Assignment Structure for SMS/TextsFor the SMS/text assignment, I found an image of a SMS bubble that you normally see on an iPhone. Students were required to change the text of the Preamble as if they were to text it to friends and as if texting existed during the Constitutional Conventions. Assignment Structure for Tweets For the Tweet, I created my own Twitter update box. Spring break is a time to rest and recharge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t... Teachers are always looking to engage students of every learning style and... Small group instruction is a great tool to address student needs and promote... St. Simulations Can Change the Course of History . . . Classes.

I went to a Professional Development workshop several years ago with a master history teacher, Eric Rothschild, who spent his career teaching at Scarsdale High School.

"Social media is a wonderful connector for these kinds of simulations, with students setting up Edmodo, Schoology, or Facebook pages for their characters in a simulation, figuring out friend groups, posting photos, and speaking from their character's point of view." Again, this teacher asked students to research and become a character and create a social media profile based on that character. A big part of history is creating human connections to the past and this lesson does that. – jtketcham

He was a brilliant workshop facilitator, and I learned more about teaching history in that workshop than in any other professional development experience I'd had up to that point in my career.

Simulations Can Change the Course of History . . . Classes

He ran a workshop on teaching AP U.S. History, and it was unlike anything I had seen before. He introduced me to the idea of using simulations to teach the AP course, and also to the principle of fostering student ownership, with a strong foundation in historical research. So You Want to Do Mystery Skype? Mystery Skype is one of those ideas I wish I had thought because it just so fun but instead I was lucky enough to hear about it from Caren MacConnell.

I like the idea that this assignment asks students to learn more about their local history. This can be used in a variety of classroom types, but works especially well in a social studies classroom. – jtketcham

The concept is simple: classrooms Skype call each other and try to guess where the other classroom is located either in the United States or in the world.

So You Want to Do Mystery Skype?

There are many great resources out there but for my own sanity I am creating one list for future reference:Before the call:Sign up – there are many places to sign up and some are even grade level based. I signed up a couple of places but also tweeted it out; the response was immediate as a lot of people are doing this. Mr. Featherstone's Class Blog: UNIT PROJECT: FACEBOOK a CHARACTER!!!

6 Fun Social Media Projects to Assign in the Classroom. 6 Fun Social Media Projects to Assign in the Classroom LiveTiles July 13, 2016 Articles, Blog, Education Sector Let’s face it: nearly every teenager uses social media in one way or another.

6 Fun Social Media Projects to Assign in the Classroom

Social media has changed the way teenagers communicate and the way they consume information. There is understandably some concern about this, as teachers and parents worry that their children will experience cyber-bullying or become addicted to their mobile devices. While these concerns are reasonable, social media is like any other technological tool, and it can be used for good or bad.

Source: 6 Fun Social Media Projects: 1. Some teachers may scoff at the idea, but having students summarize important readings in 140 characters gets them to think critically about the reading’s main idea. 2. Many teachers find success with this Facebook project. 8 Engaging Ways Teachers Can Expose Students to Social Justice. 8 Engaging Ways Teachers Can Expose Students to Social Justice LiveTiles July 11, 2016 Articles, Blog, Education Sector If there’s one thing that should give us hope about the future, it’s that many young people today are more tolerant than previous generations and deeply care about social justice.

8 Engaging Ways Teachers Can Expose Students to Social Justice

Thanks to social media, young people have instant access to the world’s problems, and they’re increasingly expressing their disapproval with what they’re witnessing. This instant access is transformative, but it can also be overwhelming. 25 lesson ideas to use social media in the classroom! 15 Creative Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom.

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My favorite project for a social studies class is asking students to give a book talk on Instagram. – jtketcham

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15 Creative Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom

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