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Australia Day

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What's Australia Day all about? - History (3) 00:00:00:00On-screen text reads, 'Viewer advice - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following media resource may contain images and voices of people who have died.'00:00:05:20Reporter Andrea Nicolas, from ABC's Behind The News, narrates.00:00:08:03ANDREA NICOLAS:January 26th - it sounds like an important date.

What's Australia Day all about? - History (3)

That's right - it's Australia Day. And it's a national public holiday. If you're like me, you enjoy the day off and often use it as a chance to have a barbecue with friends and family. But that's not the reason we're given a holiday. So why do we celebrate Australia Day? History – Australia Day. What drew Australians together in this way?

History – Australia Day

Did Australia Day become a day for all Australians to enjoy? Celebrating Australia: A History of Australia Day is an essay commissioned by the National Australia Day Council. Completed in 2007, it was researched and written by historian Dr Elizabeth Kwan. Moving Australia Day: 09/02/2016, Behind the News. A couple of weeks ago the nation celebrated Australia Day.

Moving Australia Day: 09/02/2016, Behind the News

It's held on January 26th each year but do you know why? Well it marks a significant date in Australia's history but not one everyone thinks it's a date that should be celebrated. And that's why, this year, there were calls for Australia Day to move. A new home on Australia Day - ABC online education. Timeline – Australia Day. Before 1770 - Aboriginal peoples had been living for more than 40 000 years on the continent we now know as Australia.

Timeline – Australia Day

At least 1600 generations of these peoples had lived and died here. Europeans from the thirteenth century became interested in details from Asia about this land to the south. Reconciliation – Australia Day. On Australia Day we recognise the unique status of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Reconciliation – Australia Day

The National Australia Day Council (NADC) is committed to playing a part in the journey of Reconciliation by helping all Australians to move forward with a better understanding of our shared past, and importantly how this affects the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today and how we might build a better future together. The NADC’s approach to Reconciliation is one of leadership. We recognise that some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and some non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait IslanderAustralians may have mixed feelings about celebrating this day.

Australia Day - Invasion Day - Creative Spirits. Two cultures meet on Australia Day.

Australia Day - Invasion Day - Creative Spirits

Their worlds might touch but their views can be worlds apart. 26th January 1788 - Australia Day January 26, 1788 was the date on which Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and raised the British flag for the first time in Sydney Cove. In the early 1880s the day was known as ‘First Landing’, ‘Anniversary Day’ or ‘Foundation Day’. In 1946 the Commonwealth and state governments agreed to unify the celebrations on January 26 and call it ‘Australia Day’. Australia Day in NSW » Australia Day. Home – Australia Day.