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I is a number. Ideas and Resources for the Secondary Math Classroom. Interactive notebook. This week’s theme is Classroom Setup and Goals.

interactive notebook

Next week, the theme will be everything advisory. Please share how your school runs advisory, how often you do advisory and why, and most important, advisory activities! Also, grab the MS Sunday Funday logo at the top to link back to this page. Like this: Like Loading... Welcome to a collaboration of posts by amazing middle school math teachers!

This week’s theme is Math Class Notebooks. Julie Reulbach, @jreulbach Graph Paper Interactive Notebook in Math Class@cheesemonkeysf, Taming Troublesome Phrases with an interactive foldable translatorChristie Wilson, @cwilson03, Math Notebooks…Where to BeginKimberly Howard, @MrsHowardMath, My Love-Hate for Interactive NotebooksBeth Ferguson, Student Math Class NotebooksElizabeth, Hodges HeraldCourtney, @csteketee21, Math NotebooksAnna, @Borschtwithanna, Math Class BindersSarah, @mathbratt, NotebooksMegan Morrison, @mathwmorrison, Notebooking? Interactive Notebook. For the past couple of days I have really been thinking hard about interactive notebooks and what I want to get out of them in my classroom.

Interactive Notebook

I’ll be teaching Algebra 1 & an integrated Algebra 2 course and I know that I want to use INBs in both of them. Go big or go home. The issue I’m facing currently is that interactive notebooks, in my opinion, have a lot of little details. I think these little details are important though to build a strong foundation for not only me, but for my students. Materials I know I want my students to have: – Composition Notebook (papers won’t fall out and they will fit in a gallon sized baggy – idea courtesy of @mgolding) – I’m thinking they will need 2 for the entire year – is this reasonable? – Pencils/Erasers -Tape (I don’t want to deal with the hassle of glue poop) – Colored pencils – At least 1 highlighter *I will provide a class set of scissors. Mrs. Hester's Classroom : Top 5 Things I LOVE About Interactive Math Notebooks: #1-2. Interactive Math Journals. Oh my goodness - it's FINALLY done!

Interactive Math Journals

When I dream about my summer, I'll be dreaming about my math journals .... If you've been following my blog and my "Math Journal Sundays" posts, you already know how much I enjoyed creating interactive math journal activities with my students - hands-down, the best addition to my math program last year. I've had a lot of questions about my math journals over the last year, and I've tried to answer most of them. (Sidenote: all the ideas are still available on my blog.

For some reason, when I had my blog redesigned this summer, my "see older posts" button stopped working, which I know makes it difficult to scroll through all the posts. The $1 Textbook — Infinite Sums. Enter notebooks.

The $1 Textbook — Infinite Sums

I started using them when I switched to Standards Based Grading in January 2011. Part of the system is the kids need to track their progress or it doesn’t really work. When I implemented the system, I had the students all get notebooks to use for the tracking section. The problem was that was about all I was requiring them to do with the notebook. Teaching Statistics: Keeping Track of SBG via your INB :) This year was my first year using Interactive Notebooks (INBs) in my math classes.

Teaching Statistics: Keeping Track of SBG via your INB :)

This year was a pretty rough year overall, but the INBs were one really bright spot in my year. I can't pinpoint why it was a rough year - I mean, I didn't have any major life occurances, but for whatever reason, I just never really meshed with a lot of my students this year. As a result, I was 95% sure that I was going to skip my yearly ritual of asking students for feedback and just close the book on this year and be done. However, at the last minute, I decided against this plan and the student responses actually shocked me. They were overwhelmingly positive, particulary about the notebook.

There were some suggestions for how to improve the notebook, and one of them had to do with Standards Based Grading. Here was the 2012-13 version: After feedback from my students and rethinking this idea, here is the 2013-14 version: How do you have students keep track of their grades? Hodges Herald: Math Interactive Student Notebooks. Posts about Interactive Notebooks I have written.2014-2015 Notebooks These three posts show every page of my interactive notebook from this school year: 8 weeks of Interactive Notebooks 10/14/2014We reached 100!

Hodges Herald: Math Interactive Student Notebooks

2012 PostsMath journals- Geometry Notes 12/18Foldables for Our Math Notebook 9/27Divisibility- Math Notebook and Center 9/8Math Notebooks- Redeaux 8/14Math Notebooks- MS Math Sunday Funday 8/11 This is where I have gotten a TON of Math Notebooking inspiration and ideas.4mula Fun Jennifer holds a monthly link party on the 28th of each month. Join in the fun! The link will take you to her INB page on her blog. Check out her TpT store as well. Runde's Room I am sure you have hear of her. Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes Math = Love Great ideas as well. Interactive Notebooks. Math = Love.