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With Robin PhillipsUnpragmatic Thoughts

I’ve recently been posting a lot about gratitude and cognitive reframing. In this post I want to say a few words about what gratitude is not. It’s important to emphasize that true gratitude is not a type of Pollyanna, everything-is-happy optimism. Sometimes in the self-help literature, people are encouraged to just assert they are happy even when they aren’t. There are some interesting studies showing that for certain types of people this false optimism not only doesn’t help, but actually makes them more miserable. Continue reading The following is from Robert Roberts’ essay ‘The Blessings of Gratitude’ in the volume The Psychology of Gratitude: From my TSM article ‘Gratitude as a Way of Seeing‘: From Part 4 of my interview about brain fitness: That didn’t last very long. The Grit In The Oyster. Confessionally Reformed Orthodox Christianity. Eastern Orthodox Reformation.

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Why? Obviously, someone has decided that these things are less important than other things. What are the other things that are so important that they take the place of confessing sins and receiving God’s forgiveness? What is more important than receiving the Lord’s Supper? These are important questions because the way we worship affects and reflects our faith. The Flow and Focus of Worship Why is the Christian liturgy shaped as it is? Invocation (God gathers us in His Name. Confession (We respond with a Confession of our Sins.) Absolution (God gives us His Forgiveness.) Gloria (We respond with praise for God’s merciful goodness.) Scripture (God gives us His Word.)

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