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Envisioning Disney Characters in Real Life on the Behance Network. - StumbleUpon. To Do List. Horrible Cards. Brilliantly Sarcastic Responses To Completely Well-Meaning Signs.

How commercial airplanes SHOULD be laid out. Gift-flowchart2.png (800×1855) C.R.A.F.T.: 20 Unique Pumpkin Ideas. Sayings-23.jpg (640×479) Home-surfing.jpg (1186×873) Growing-marijuana-stealthy.jpg (530×1094) The Most Brilliantly Obnoxious Responses To Moronic Graffiti. The greatest smart-ass responses to idiotic graffiti. posted 02/16/2013 Bathroom walls give opinionated urinators everywhere a makeshift, bacteria-covered forum for virulent racism, misogyny, homophobia and, worst of all, philosophy.

Of course, we'd never advocate one of these obscene acts of vandalism — unless it's a smart-ass response to a previous act of vandalism. Updated 11/29/11: [ Via imgur , From the Bathroom Wall , Reddit , Reddit , lolgraff , Flickr , Andrew Backwell , The Poke , lolgraff , Todd C. , Pictures of Walls ] Take Flight on imgfave. Pete - Funny Pictures - Words on Pictures (Part 13) 21 Scathingly Witty Insults By Famous People. 18 'I Wasnt That Drunk!' Texts. Never Be My Friend. When I'm bored, I browse through my friends' Facebook images, choose my favorites, and draw them.

Never Be My Friend

Celebrities Who Look Like Historical People Pictures. Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics) Things don’t always go as planned.

Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics)

Check out the pics below to see a few examples of what happens when our expectations get punched in the face by reality. via. Historically Hardcore – Amazingly Awesome. Historically Hardcore: a series of promo posters designed by Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler as part of a portfolio project.

Historically Hardcore – Amazingly Awesome

The Smithsonian was unaware of their creation until the clever ads went viral, at which point the Smithsonian asked Jenny to remove them from her portfolio or edit out any mention of the esteemed museum. The Inspiration Tree: Stuff No One Told Me by Alex Noriega. Crazy Illustrations By Chow Hon Lam. Chow Hon Lam is a t-shirt designer and a humorous illustrator from Malaysia.

Crazy Illustrations By Chow Hon Lam

He has been completed this crazy project called Flying Mouse 365, which is create 1 design per day. I hope his illustrations can bring some smile and entertainment to the world. About the author. 35 Funny Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel – with Exclusive Interview. Today we have the special honor to discuss about digital art and painting with Tiago Hoisel. Besides the great collection of humorous illustrations that he has provided for us, Tiago also gives precious advice and shares interesting information in the below exclusive interview. Amazing creativity, detail and fun are the perfect words to describe his artwork. The humor and realism are perfectly combined to depict real life situations or imaginary scenarios meant to make the viewer laugh and want more!

Q: Howdy Tiago! Genius Part 3 [30 Pics] For More Genius Pics Go Here:

Genius Part 3 [30 Pics]

30 of the World's Greatest Wedding Cakes. Few things are more important on a wedding day (apart from both partners turning up; the ring being secure; and nobody objecting during the ceremony) than the cake.

30 of the World's Greatest Wedding Cakes

Very few weddings are without such a centrepiece. It's just a shame that so many couples opt for the same traditional, boring designs when there is so much opportunity to impress and surprise the guests. Here are 30 brilliant examples, to be used as inspiration for your own big day. Above: A wedding cake fit for an action hero. Above: An illustration of things to come? Above: There's nothing like brutal honesty wrapped in a Portal nod to begin a marriage. Find Out Why This Could Be The Greatest Wedding Photo Of All Time.

Dear blank, please blank. Wenn man nicht aufpasst, kann es passieren, dass man ohne es zu merken gleich mehrere Stunden auf der “Dear blank, please blank” Homepage verbringt.

Dear blank, please blank

Wenn ich nicht so vorsichtig wär, würde ich wahrscheinlich jetzt noch dasitzen und eine lustige Kurznachricht nach der anderen lesen. Wer von euch ausreichend Zeit hat, sollte sich die Seite nicht entgehen lassen. Ready-for-close-up.jpg (900×648) Dear Dad. Sorrycard.png from JPG Dump. Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery. Snow Art in ColourSend Calvin and Hobbes Postcards Online!

Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery

Calvin and Hobbes Fan Page. This can’t be posted too often. Three Word Phrase, by Ryan Pequin. 77646_700b_v1.jpg (679×1030)