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Building an artificial neural network using reinforcement learning strategies This project is devoted to making a neural network model of hippocampal place cells and simulating the activity of model neurons under conditions that model when a laboratory animal is in a Morris water maze. What is happening in an animal's brain as it learns to swim consistently straight to a target? At this point, science can't really answer this question in full detail. One can only speak of spatial learning, place learning, cognitive maps formation and memory in general.

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Learn to Program, by Chris Pine A Place to Start for the Future Programmer I guess this all began back in 2002. I was thinking about teaching programming, and what a great language Ruby would be for learning how to program. I mean, we were all excited about Ruby because it was powerful, elegant, and really just fun, but it seemed to me that it would also be a great way to get into programming in the first place. Unfortunately, there wasn't much Ruby documentation geared for newbies at the time. Some of us in the community were talking about what such a "Ruby for the Nuby" tutorial would need, and more generally, how to teach programming at all.

Learn to Program, by Chris Pine


Microsoft's VBA and VB Basic Programming

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10 Linux commands you’ve never used 10 Linux commands you’ve never used It takes years maybe decades to master the commands available to you at the Linux shell prompt. Here are 10 that you will have never heard of or used. They are in no particular order. My favorite is mkfifo.