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Wordiness, Wordiness, Wordiness List. Absolutely essential = essential aforementioned = DELETE a bigger/greater/higher/larger degree of = more a considerable amount of = DELETE OR BE SPECIFIC a decreased number of = fewer a distance of 28 kilometers = 28 kilometers a lesser/smaller degree of = less/fewer He noticed a lesser degree of errors = He noticed fewer errors. a lot of = many, much a majority of = most, much of, many a person who is xxx = a xxx person A person who is dedicated will succeed = A dedicated person will succeed. a total of seven xxxs = seven xxxs added bonus = bonus advance notice/reservations = notice/reservations advance warning = warning advance planning = planning after all is/was said and done = DELETE After all was said and done, the trip to the well was a disaster.

Wordiness, Wordiness, Wordiness List

Online Free Flash Pageflipper. Sheet-for-Emotions.jpg (JPEG Image, 1700x2200 pixels) - Scaled (29%) Cliche Finder. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… - The Best Online Resources To Teach About Plagiarism. Plagiarism, I think, can be a tricky concept to help students understand.

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… - The Best Online Resources To Teach About Plagiarism

I can understand how an English Language Learner in an academic setting might be tempted to copy-and-paste someone else’s work. This is a very short “The Best…” list sharing online resources that my students have found engaging and, I believe, helpful to them “getting it.” (Also, for my purposes, I’ve found the Plagiarism Detector to be a helpful tool to confirm that students are using their own words. Plagium is a similar too). Here are my choices for The Best Online Resources To Teach About Plagiarism (and that are accessible to English Language Learners). Plagiarism is from Acadia University, and should be accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners. The Monash University Library has an accessible quiz where users have to choose if examples show plagiarism or not. Lycoming College has a simple slideshow on plagiarism. Mt. Academic Integrity is from Ryerson University. What Is Plagiarism?

Related. Kids' Poetry Page. 9 Journal Writing Tools and Resources. Journal writing tools and resources.

9 Journal Writing Tools and Resources

We usually understand a journal to be a place for writing about ourselves, but journals can be used for plenty of other purposes, many of which are especially useful to writers. I’ve had my share of adventures in journal writing. As a teen, I kept a diary. Later, I had a poetry journal. I tried dream journaling, art journaling, and sometimes I keep a gratitude journal. I believe journal writing is a huge boon to writers, especially when we’re not working on a specific project or when we’re looking for our next big project. Today, I’d like to share a few of my favorite journal writing tools and resources. A Place to Create It’s been said a million times: If you want to be a writer, you have to write.

What I love best about my journal is that there are no rules. I’ve been poking around the web in search of some of the best tools and resources for journaling with an emphasis on creativity and writing. Moleskine Journals The Artist’s Way Paper Mate Profile Pens. Creative Writing Prompts…Real Life to Characters. For many writers (like me!)

Creative Writing Prompts…Real Life to Characters

The beginning of a story is character. Something about a character intrigues me and I find myself wanting to follow them to see what makes them tick. Being a pantser (writing by the seat of my pants) as opposed to a plotter, I meet a character, write to figure out who they are, then keep writing until I discover a character’s story. Many times someone I know inspires me with a quirk or trait, or an idea emerges from a chance meeting with a stranger and my first impression of them.

When someone is rude to me, I use that in my writing. Here are some creative writing exercises for you to use to discover some new characters through people you may know. Write about the head of the PTA, or Library Board. Twine: a tool for creating interactive stories. Flavorwire. General Fiction.

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