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Our Unsung Heroes Project Journey – PBL. Our Unsung Heroes Project Journey – PBL By Sarah Powley closeAuthor: Sarah Powley Name: Sarah PowleySite: About: n English teacher for 37 years, Sarah has taught in secondary schools in Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Indiana.

Our Unsung Heroes Project Journey – PBL

For many years, she served as the English Department Chair at McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, Indiana, and is now a full-time Instructional Coach for her district. Honors include the Milken National Educator Award, the Eli Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellowship, the Irena Sendler Award for Holocaust Education, and Purdue University's Crystal Apple Award.

Authors Posts (36) This article by Sarah Powley appeared previously on the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes site By Sarah Powley, 2009 Lowell Milken Center Fellow & 1993 Milken Educator Many young people today are without real heroes. This Unsung Heroes project expands students’ understanding of what it means to be a hero. Pedagogically, this classroom undertaking is an example of project-based learning. 1 s2.0 S0346251X1100056X main. 146932.

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Hot potatoes. Curriculum planning. Storytelling. My family. Basic questions for low proficiency. Short stories. Word Study Collections in the Elementary Classroom. Posted 07/19/2015 7:57PM | Last Commented 07/19/2015 7:57PM I read Stephen King’s book, On Writing, in 2007 while attending the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project’s summer writing institute. One of my fellow attendees mentioned that Stephen King likes to write to heavy music like Metallica and Guns and Roses, which immediately sparked my attention.

She said, “There’s more about it in his book, On Writing.” I purchased the book on the way home from the institute and read it in three days, probably one of the fastest books I’ve ever read. I went on to read many more King novels, which taught me way more about storytelling and word choice than over twenty years of schooling. I’m here to discuss words. Something we already knew, right? There are tons of ways to teach/collect words. Collecting Words Words come from all subjects, but mostly our vocabulary words come from reading and writing. Five-Minute Film Festival: Virtual Field Trips.

The dog days of summer are upon us; now is the time when all the other activities have run out. Whether you're a parent looking to entertain bored, overheated children, or a teacher already brainstorming ways to break down the four walls of your classroom in the fall, how about taking a virtual field trip? As edtech writer Audrey Watters argues, real-life field trips offer enriching experiences that virtual ones can't, but resources are not always available for in-person trips.

Besides -- virtual trips can take you places that wouldn't be logistically possible in the real world. I've gathered a playlist of videos to inspire your own virtual adventures! Video Playlist: Virtual Field Trips.

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Infographics. What We Think about People according to Google Autocomplete (Infographic) Motivation. Lopez-7classroom-learning-zones. Giving tree. Art. Building a Relationship With Your New Students. Building a Relationship With Your New Students By Barbara Blackburn closeAuthor: Barbara Blackburn Name: Barbara BlackburnSite: About: Authors Posts (10) Tweet Building a relationship with your students is the most important action you can take to ensure a good year that will help your students learn.

Building a Relationship With Your New Students

There are three specific ways to build a relationship with your students. 1. Be Open About Yourself First, students need to know that you are willing to share who you are. After I shared my example, students shared with each other, then with the whole group.

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Teaching chinese students 33 pp. Presentations. Grammar. ESL library. Listening. Conversation starters. Music. Pronunciation. Articles for listening - Alzheimer's to Youth subjects (A-Z) Short videos. Opinion articles - guest speakers. News. Movie clips. Flocabulary. Spring 2015. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - For English as a Second Language. Practice. ESL Sites.

ESL & EFL learning Resources. Schoolhouse Rock - Grammar Rock. Listening and Pronunciation. Listening. Teachit - English teaching resources. Podcasting & Audio in the classroom. Listening and movies. ELT Podcasts.