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I am Josh working in Antier Solutions as a technical writer with significant experience covering technology, finance, economics and business around the world. Antier is a blockchain development company offers a plethora of services like cryptocurrency exchange development, security token development, P2P exchange development, token creation, and marketing.

Benefits of Crypto Network Marketing Software. A smart contract is a self-executing contract.

Benefits of Crypto Network Marketing Software

Basically, it codes the agreement terms between two counterparties and it is this code that defines the agreement on a blockchain like Ethereum. The network of computers that underpins the blockchain help execute the actions defined in the agreement. When the predetermined conditions are met and verified, the terms of the contract are executed. Interestingly, these transactions are trackable, transparent, and irreversible. This helps establish a trustless environment between two parties without the need for a central authority. Benefits of smart contracts • Speed and accuracy In a traditional environment, executing agreements is an inaccurate, time-consuming and inefficient process. How can smart contracts help the MLM industry? Crypto network marketing software is becoming increasingly popular. The Advantages of Choosing Whitelabel Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development Services.

2020 was a valuable year for crypto trading.

The Advantages of Choosing Whitelabel Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development Services

Be it BTC regaining its lost glory or the spectacular launch of Ethereum 2.0, the investors have discovered innovative ways to mint returns than just holding tokens in the wallet. Although derivatives in crypto trading was around the corner, it gained traction when the total trading volume reached USD 2.159 trillion in Q2 of 2020. Eventually, financial institutions have plunged at the opportunity to regale the enormous pool of token holders and got their crypto derivatives trading platform development done.

However, building a derivatives exchange from scratch is a comprehensive task that could take upot months. Since enterprises have to address the pressures from the stakeholders, a white label solution deployment is an effective alternative to launch early. Launch Your Own Smart Contract MLM Platform Using a White Label Solution. Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is not a new concept. It is being successfully implemented and followed by hundreds of businesses from different parts of the world. Yet, MLM has its issues. Whether it is customers or agents, fraud happens more often than we expect them to occur.

But technology is here to help and comes in the form of blockchain and smart contracts to create a platform that is transparent, secure, and reliable. By bringing smart contracts to the MLM platform, businesses are reducing the risks associated with multi-level marketing while offering the benefits. MLM has many other names, such as network marketing, direct selling, and referral marketing. The Different Ways in Which a Crypto Margin Trading Generates Income and Profits. Margin trading is a renowned practice in the traditional stock market.

The Different Ways in Which a Crypto Margin Trading Generates Income and Profits

It is a trading method where the investor borrows money from a broker to trade a financial asset at a higher risk and earns higher returns. Of course, if the market trend goes the other way, the investor will end up losing the money. Is TRON MLM Software the right choice for growth? In 2019, the growth of the MLM industry was stunned by lawsuits, federal fines, and pyramid scheme allegations.

Is TRON MLM Software the right choice for growth?

While the industry holds tremendous potential for growth, the credibility of MLM companies is always at stake because of the way it operates. Features to Seek in a White Label Crypto Exchange. With the soaring popularity of cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges are enjoying a huge surge in trade volumes.

Features to Seek in a White Label Crypto Exchange

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges had its moment in 2020 as it accrued revenue of $1140 million in that year. This revenue generated was 136% more than that generated in 2019, which was $483 million. With more retail investors making an entry into the cryptocurrency market, the trade volumes in the industry are expected to explode. As cryptocurrency exchanges are the first step for any trader in the space, they present a great revenue-generating opportunity to the exchange operators. How Smart Contract MLM Software Addresses Problems of the MLM Industry   Multi-level marketing or MLM was established as an industry in the 1920s.

How Smart Contract MLM Software Addresses Problems of the MLM Industry  

Since then, the industry has exhibited phenomenal growth. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), the global revenue earned by direct selling companies in 2020 crossed $180 billion. Interestingly, the industry is poised for even higher growth only if it overcomes the operational challenges that impact its credibility.

3 Reasons to choose White Label Smart Contract based MLM Solution. Blockchain-based MLM platforms are gaining significant acceptance worldwide.

3 Reasons to choose White Label Smart Contract based MLM Solution

With the launch of a large number of blockchain-driven MLM platforms almost daily, the competition is cut-throat. Thus, it is important for businesses to take the lead and gain an essential competitive edge. In such a scenario, when there is an indispensable need to lead the competition, white label smart contract based MLM software makes an ideal option to quickly enter the market.

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TRON Smart Contract: Why is it Popular and Why Should you Build it? The integration of smart contracts in MLM business model promises decentralization benefits to both users and owners.

TRON Smart Contract: Why is it Popular and Why Should you Build it?

Basically, a smart contract is a programmed set of terms and conditions of a contract. As a result, smart contract helps control, verify and execute transactions automatically.

Unlock new revenue streams-White Label bitcoin Exchange Software Development

Reasons to build Smart Contract Based MLM Software on Binance Smart Chain. The Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain that uses proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and is built on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Reasons to build Smart Contract Based MLM Software on Binance Smart Chain

Along with that Binance Smart Chain is technically capable of supporting development of smart contracts. While it is pretty much similar to popular blockchains like Ethereum and TRON, it has now become a go to platform for dApp and DeFi development. Why Binance Smart Chain for Smart Contract-Based MLM Software? Binance Smart Chain supports building robust decentralized applications (dApps) using smart contracts. As a result, over 66 dApps have been built using BSC to date. Sidechain platform. How To Build DeFi Yielding Platform that Guarantees Returns for the Owner? Crypto finance has matured.

How To Build DeFi Yielding Platform that Guarantees Returns for the Owner?

It is no more ‘that alternative source’ of making more money. Rather, the mainstream consumption has positioned it alongside the traditional fiat markets. In all honesty, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols have had a significant role in moving the trends from ‘somewhat decentralized’ to ‘total decentralized’ transition of the Blockchain finance products. At the time of writing this, the Total Value Locked (TVL) across all DeFi platforms was more than USD 20 billion and that’s huge for an industry locking horns with regulations.

As DeFi marches on, Yield Farming will lead from the front and deliver what it promised – equal opportunity for all! Understanding Yield Farming – Staking cryptos to make more cryptos To put it simply, it is a practice of investors staking (farming) their crypto assets in a farm (pool) and earning interests (yield) in return. In Yield Farming, the funds are mostly deposited through stable coins such as USDT, DAI and USDC.

Schedule a free demo of our smart contract MLM script | Visit Antier Solutions

Schedule a free demo of our smart contract MLM script | Visit Antier Solutions. Choose your desired TRON MLM platform to spruce up your MLM business. Schedule a free demo of white label cryptocurrency exchange software solution. Stablecoin development services: Steps to build a stablecoin. Bitcoin and other crypto-assets have been in limelight for the past few years. However, due to the high volatility of the crypto market, entrepreneurs and organizations are not able to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of value transfer. This is where stablecoins play a pivotal role. They open the advantages of crypto assets to end-users without exposing them to high price volatility. Which company offers the best white label bitcoin exchange software solution.

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How TRON smart contract MLM Software Services Helps to Deal with The Current Economic Crisis? Reasons to launch a White Label Crypto Exchange. In January 2021, spot crypto exchange volumes broke past all the previous records. Interestingly, crypto assets worth over $900 billion exchanged hands. Unfortunately, some of the top league exchanges could not handle the sudden surge in trading volumes. Thus, due to technical difficulties, users had to face difficulties like suspended withdrawals or the orders and account information sync delays. A complete guide on Gold Backed Stablecoin Development. Stablecoins have gained significant adoption and utilization globally.

One of the most popular stablecoins is a gold-backed stablecoin. Many renowned names like Tether and Paxos have launched their gold-backed stablecoins in response to the growing demand for a digital currency that offers financial freedom. If you are planning for gold backed stablecoin development, here are the steps that can be followed: Can a Tron smart contract MLM software change the MLM game? Blockchain never ceases to surprise us with its effectiveness. Regardless of sector, capital or geography, it has proven its worth across the line and MLM isn’t untouched.

In fact, Blockchain and MLM share an interesting similarity – they both involve peer-to-peer engagements. Moreover, both are propelling into billion dollar industries. Now, imagine the prowess of a platform that brings together the two. Ever since MLM over Blockchain has arrived, there’s been an exponential rise in the acceptance of peer-2-peer products in the consumer markets and the reasons are well justified.

Buy White Label Exchange Software: Choosing from different types of Exchanges. The CoinMarketCap data suggests there are more than 297 cryptocurrency exchanges that support active trading currently. Interestingly, the 24-hour trading volume gap between the top and bottom-ranking exchanges is massive. This gap is because some exchanges are suitable for novice traders, some are better equipped to serve professional traders, and then there are others that just are not suitable for any kind of trader.

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