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Sexual Facts. The materials stated here should be viewed by a mature audience.These facts pertain to sexualalityI think this is where I go "Parental Disgresion is advized"

Sexual Facts

Astral Sex 101: What You Need To Know. Written by Erin Pavlina on her website| Warning: the content of this post is for mature audiences only.

Astral Sex 101: What You Need To Know

Read at your own risk. You’re probably already familiar with what it’s like to have sex as a physical human being, but did you know that you can also engage in sexual liaisons outside of your physical body? Yes, it’s true. You’re not limited to the physical. Sex needs a new metaphor. Here's one. 15 Ways We Can Put An End To The Dishonest Dating Culture We’ve Created. What Happens in the Female Brain During Sex? Some when referring to sexual attraction insist that everything starts from the mind.

What Happens in the Female Brain During Sex?

16 Reasons To Have Daily Sex. Stressed, burdened with life’s difficult problems and fear that your health is declining?

16 Reasons To Have Daily Sex

Then sex is the answer to happiness, longevity and a healthy body. You don’t agree? 1. De-stress Sex helps you reduce stress. When deep breathing exercises fail to de-stress you, sex will do the needful. Greek Scientist Discovers the ‘Algorithm of Sex’ It seems that genes play a kind of ‘game’ during sexual recombination.

Greek Scientist Discovers the ‘Algorithm of Sex’

Now, a distinguished Greek scientist who works in the USA has found an algorithm to describe this game. Professor of computer science Christos Papadimitriou together with his colleagues of the University of California-Berkeley created an algorithm which explains sex from an evolutionary standpoint. It attempts to illustrate how sex makes it possible for genes to recombine into a new body, which in combination with natural selection in the environment creates a great diversity of life.

The role of sex in evolution has always been considered paradoxical by biologists because through sexual recombination, the offspring inherits only the half of parents’ “good” genes. Thus, it is difficult to explain how exactly natural selection results in desirable genetic variations. How to give a sexy massage that'll turn you into the king of the bedroom.

11 ways to have better sex by a load of kinky scientists (you won't believe number 5) We asked a load of scientists for their top sexy tips.

11 ways to have better sex by a load of kinky scientists (you won't believe number 5)

Some of them might surprise you? “Numerous muscles in your body (eg buttock, back, arm, thigh) increase their tension prior to and during orgasm,” explains Professor Barry R Komisaruk, author of The Science of Orgasm. “So the stronger you are, the stronger the contraction will be, and the more exciting the orgasm.” And we’re talking all bedroom tech. “To enjoy sex and let go the brain needs to be focused on the task at hand, so to properly orgasm you need to be focused on sex,” advises Diana Wiley, Ph.D.

“We recently discovered nipple and breast stimulation project to the same brain region as stimulation of the genitals,” states Professor Komisaruk, who leads a research team at Rutgers University. “Great sex is about building anticipation,” reckons Dr Joy Davidson, author of Fearless Sex. Blindfolds – yawn, even Posh and Becks have done that. Tener relaciones sexuales es bueno para tu cuerpo, pero los beneficios dependen de la frecuencia en que lo hagas. Presta atención con quien compartes tu energía íntima.

Presta atención con quien compartes tu energía íntima.

Presta atención con quien compartes tu energía íntima.

La intimidad en este nivel entrelaza nuestra energía aural con la energía aural de la otra persona. Estas poderosas conexiones, sin importar lo insignificante que pienses que son, dejan residuos espirituales, especialmente en las personas que no practican ningún tipo de purificación física y espiritual. Cuanto más se interactúa íntimamente con alguien, más profunda es la conexión, y mayor es el entrelazamiento de las auras. Esto es algo hermoso cuando estamos realmente enamorados y queremos pasar con esa persona el resto de nuestros días, ya que cuando amamos realmente queremos compartir lo bueno y lo malo con nuestra pareja, pero y si ¿sólo se trató de un acto de placer, o de una noche? , ya no podría ser tan agradable...

¿Imagina como se encuentra el campo energético de alguien que duerme con varias personas, llevando alrededor estas múltiples energías? Esto no se trata de un nuevo descubrimiento. Opciones para la limpieza. The Science of Stress, Orgasm and Creativity: How the Brain and the Vagina Conspire in Consciousness.

“The more closely we analyze what we consider ‘sexy,’” philosopher Alain de Botton argued in his meditation on sex, “the more clearly we will understand that eroticism is the feeling of excitement we experience at finding another human being who shares our values and our sense of the meaning of existence.”

The Science of Stress, Orgasm and Creativity: How the Brain and the Vagina Conspire in Consciousness

But in his attempt to counter the reductionism that frames human sexuality as a mere physiological phenomenon driven solely by our evolutionary biology, de Botton overcompensates by reducing in the opposite direction, negating the complex interplay of brain and biology, psychology and physiology, that propels the human sexual experience. That’s precisely what Naomi Wolf, author of the 1991 cultural classic The Beauty Myth, examines in Vagina: A New Biography (public library) — a fascinating exploration of the science behind the vastly misunderstood mind-body connection between brain and genitalia, consciousness and sexuality, the poetic and the scientific.