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Diseño industrial

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The Manufacturing Giant You've Never Heard Of. For an $18 billion manufacturer that has been around for more than 45 years, Jabil Circuit has a remarkably low profile.

The Manufacturing Giant You've Never Heard Of

But the St. Petersburg, Fla. company has played a major role in producing high-profile products from both startups and long-established companies. Unlike most contract manufacturers, it ups the ante with end-to-end services: swanky product design, materials creation, optics, miniaturization, and much more. The upshot is that Jabil wants customers to commit during the inception phase to cut down on design blunders and speed products to market, ultimately saving time and costs. From Honeywell to NetApp—with many other big-name partners it's not at liberty to divulge along the way—Jabil is "the name behind 250 of the best brands on the planet," says CEO Mark Mondello.

Marni's tropical mercado de paloquemao showcases unique woven pieces. How Top Designers Tell Clients That Their Taste Sucks. Industrial design.

Desarrollo de producto

Fab is Everyday Design. Take A Seat On This Gates-Funded Future Toilet That Will Change How We Think About Poop. From Frog, How To Collect Consumers' Data Without Freaking Them Out. Personally, I’m having trouble giving it up.

From Frog, How To Collect Consumers' Data Without Freaking Them Out

By "it," I mean information about me, details that I’ve worked hard to safeguard and keep private. In fact, the same companies that are now soliciting, or simply taking, my personal data still encourage me to create strong user IDs and passwords to protect my privacy. This can sometimes feel like a conflicting message to the consumer. Entrevista al Diseñador Industrial Ignacio Urbina. Ignacio tiene ya alrededor de 20 años dedicado al diseño, con una Maestría en Desarrollo de Productos y una especialización en Biónica, ha invertido bastante tiempo en documentar información de interés para el diseño industrial y afines.

Entrevista al Diseñador Industrial Ignacio Urbina

El diseño en las empresas colombianas. Colombia tiene una importante falencia en la aplicación de procesos de gestión y direccionamiento estratégico especialmente en la industria manufacturera, esta debilidad influye en la falta de interés por incorporar una función trascendental como el diseño, que garantice mejoras en la competitividad y aumento en la productividad de las organizaciones.

El diseño en las empresas colombianas

Esta situación se enmarca en dos factores fundamentales: Designers, Stop Calling Your Work "Iconic" When Google Glass introduced prescription frames to go along with its famously weird-looking wearable tech yesterday, lead Glass designer Isabelle Olsson threw down a particularly loaded characterization of the product's latest update.

Designers, Stop Calling Your Work "Iconic"

In explaining how her team approached the design process, she said “We... infused our sense of minimalism and lightness--which is part of our DNA--and simplified them into these iconic styles. " Sorry, what? A brand-new product that's iconic? How To Draw Critical Design Insights From A Single Photograph: Lessons From Frog. Henri Cartier Bresson once said, “Sometimes there is one unique picture whose composition possesses such vigor and richness, and whose content so radiates outward from it, that this single picture is a whole story in itself.”

How To Draw Critical Design Insights From A Single Photograph: Lessons From Frog

During the 1970s and 1980s, social scientists at Xerox Parc and other technology corporations paved the way for the use of ethnography in the research and design process. During the 1990s, consumer anthropology started to make its way into mainstream business consulting partly because of the transformative impact of an all-of-a-sudden networked and more complex world. The Roots of Industrial Design Colleges in Colombia.

The development of industrial design education in Colombia has been underway for half a century.

The Roots of Industrial Design Colleges in Colombia

Yet, two different theories have emerged about its origins. The most traditional of these is published by Silvia Fernandez, and directs attention to the European heritage of the practice. The latter is espoused by Juan Camilo Buitrago, and focuses on cultural autonomy. To understand this topic through the lenses of these two historians, it is important to explain a bit about the context in which design education developed. A Country Under Construction. Conceptual Bikes - DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertso. Welcome DVDs Bio Contact Conceptual Bikes This portfolio contains some of the conceptual bicycles I have designed.

Conceptual Bikes - DRAWTHROUGH: the personal and professional work of Scott Robertso

Drawthrough BLOG book: BLAST. Industrial Design Studio. The coolest/weirdest looking firearms. La inseguridad social y su influencia en el packaging. An Alarm Clock Sex Toy To Gently Buzz Your Genitals Awake In The Morning. Do you have a hate-hate relationship with your alarm clock?

An Alarm Clock Sex Toy To Gently Buzz Your Genitals Awake In The Morning

The Top 9 Energy Stories Of 2013. The state of renewable energy in 2013 can be summed up by one telling announcement this year: Solar panels are so cheap that Ikea is now going to be selling them.

The Top 9 Energy Stories Of 2013

After a rocky few years, renewable energy, in its many forms, made progress in the marketplace, especially as a growing number of cities, such as Los Angeles, seek alternatives to coal (often that is natural gas). Large solar service companies, such as Sunrun, Sungevity, and SolarCity, are starting to look and act a lot more like big and reliable electric utilities. (SolarCity had a successful IPO at the tail end of 2012.) 1 ⚙ Does World History Repeat? One CIA-Backed Startup Plans To Find Out ⚙ Co.

Predicting the future is big business. But while think tanks, corporations, and intelligence agencies have traditionally relied on hiring academics or analysts to write contingency plans, the rise of cloud computing and cheap processor time are changing things. One company, Massachusetts-based Recorded Future, is part of a growing number of predictive analytics firms--but they're one of only a few partially funded by America's intelligence agencies. In an interview with Co.Labs, founder Christopher Ahlberg said “The world actually knows a fair amount about the future.

Little tidbits of information here and there about different behaviors. One company makes a corporate filing. Journal of Cleaner Production - Development of an industrial ecology toolbox for the introduction of industrial ecology in enterprises—I. Abstract Industrial Ecology (IE) is an emerging concept for the promotion of environmentally sound manufacturing and consumption. It aims to balance industrial development with the sustainable use of natural resources. This paper proposes a framework for the comparative analysis and evaluation of methods used for the practical implementation of IE in enterprises.

The IE tools are organised in a toolbox since it is envisioned that, once the framework has proven to be valuable for the evaluation of past IE activities in enterprises, it may also be of use for the planning of new IE activities in different industrial enterprises. The tools are to enable enterprises to organise their IE efforts, to identify, evaluate and implement environmental improvements in their processes and products as well as in the production chains and industrial sites they are part of, and to evaluate progress in reducing environmental impacts. When philanthropy goes wrong: Martha Muña at TEDxStanford.

Arte y diseño

Fuentes. Ejercicios. Inspiración. Object monologues. Métodos. Herramientas. Educacion. Comercialización. Empaques. Comunicación. Puesto de trabajo. Servicios. El viaje del exceso a lo necesario. La presa de Itaipú, en el río Paraná y en la frontera entre Paraguay y Brasil, es la mayor central hidroeléctrica del mundo y genera energía limpia.

Los paraguayos César, Javier y David Vega pensaron que un vehículo podría aprovecharla. El todoterreno Aguara, que puede recorrer 190 kilómetros tras ocho horas de carga, se ha hecho con el premio al mejor diseño industrial de la tercera Bienal Iberoamericana del Diseño (BID 12), que muestra sus proyectos en Matadero Madrid. El nombre del coche, zorro en guaraní, remite a las patas largas de ese animal de la región. Pero alerta también sobre la astucia, la perspicacia y el ingenio que van a necesitar los objetos del futuro para competir en los mercados de un mundo saturado de productos y, sin embargo, con innumerables frentes todavía por atender. Manuel Estrada, presidente ejecutivo de la Bienal, opina que “ya no vale el mercado como único valedor del éxito” y confirma que el protagonismo del diseño empieza a estar más repartido.

Ronen Kadushin on Nokia and open design. News: Nokia has become the first major manufacturer to give consumers access to its 3D design files so they can create their own versions of products, according to open design pioneer Ronen Kadushin. "I'm pretty sure they are first global company to have a go at open design," said Kadushin, following last week's news that the Finnish mobile phone brand released digital files allowing users to alter and 3D print their own shells for the Lumia 820 smartphone.

Berlin-based designer Ronen Kadushin, who has been making open design templates freely available for download since 2005, says Nokia's move is timely. "I think they did it because they are in a business situation that pushes them to try this new model – not to make money, but to focus their brand identity as up-to-date and in tune with the 3D printing and maker culture," Kadushin told Dezeen.


Iasdr2009. Historia del diseño de producto en Colombia - 1990's. Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley.