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Apotropaic Practices and the Undead: A Biogeochemical Assessment of Deviant Burials in Post-Medieval Poland. Ciencia y religión.

Sobre la ciencia

Malaysia Airlines Expands Investigation To Include General Scope Of Space, Time. KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA—Following a host of conflicting reports in the wake of the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last Saturday, representatives from the Kuala Lumpur–based carrier acknowledged they had widened their investigation into the vanished Boeing 777 aircraft today to encompass not only the possibilities of mechanical failure, pilot error, terrorist activity, or a botched hijacking, but also the overarching scope of space, time, and humankind’s place in the universe.

Malaysia Airlines Expands Investigation To Include General Scope Of Space, Time

Imagining the Tenth Dimension (annotated) Découverte d une fourmi ninja esclavagiste - Science. Cette espèce du genre Temnothorax, qui regroupe plusieurs centaines d'espèces de petites fourmis vivant dans les arbres ou sur le sol des forêts, a été baptisée «pilagens», qui signifie «pillarde» en latin, en raison des raids qu'elle lance sur des fourmilières d'autres espèces pour se procurer des esclaves.

Découverte d une fourmi ninja esclavagiste - Science

Mais contrairement aux célèbres fourmis esclavagistes d'Amazonie, qui peuvent déployer jusqu'à 3000 soldats sur le terrain pour leurs razzias, la Temnothorax pilagens privilégie la furtivité et une grande économie de moyens. Elle vise uniquement deux autres espèces de fourmis proches de la sienne qui élisent domicile dans des noix ou des glands creux qui font office de véritables châteaux-forts: murs épais et entrée unique d'un millimètre de diamètre, facile à défendre.

La cible rêvée pour la «fourmi pillarde», dont la petite taille (2,5 mm en moyenne) limite son rayon d'action à quelques mètres carrés de sol boisé. Felipe Camargo Rojas: COLOR. La serie de imágenes presentada arriba está realizada en las páginas de mi primera libreta Moleskine.

Felipe Camargo Rojas: COLOR

Anthropology, Arkeology and History. Ciencia de Sofá: Dinosaurios y mamíferos. El mamífero terrestre más grande del que se tiene constancia es un animal que vivió hace 30 millones de años, catalogado como indricotherium transouralicum, que debe ser la expresión en latín para "pesadilla rino-elefántica". 15 Psychedelic Pics Of Microscopic Worlds.

Quick, pick your favorite: a pole-vaulting head louse, schizocarp on spreading hedge parsley, or a massive yellow mimosa flower?

15 Psychedelic Pics Of Microscopic Worlds

The contestants for the Grand Prize Winner of the FEI Image Contest 2013 have been announced. Until October 4, you can vote for your favorite of a dozen gorgeously colorized psychedelic images of the microscopic worlds all around us. Every year, FEI Company, a lead manufacturer of electron microscopes for nanoscale research, partners with National Geographic in an image contest to see what customers are getting up to with their microscopes. Now, out of 315 submissions, finalists compete for two round-trip airline tickets to any U.S. destination. John Williams, VP of Marketing at FEI Company, tells Co.Design, "Most submitters are scientists or researchers, but are likely using the contest to explore their more creative side.

Of Mice, Meth, And Memories: Scientists Pull A "Spotless Mind" On Rodents. What if you could forget painful memories without damaging positive ones?

Of Mice, Meth, And Memories: Scientists Pull A "Spotless Mind" On Rodents

10 Of The Weirdest Questions Scientists Asked (And Answered) This Year. Every year, scientists gather at Harvard University to celebrate the prestigious IgNobel Prizes.

10 Of The Weirdest Questions Scientists Asked (And Answered) This Year

Awarded by the science humor magazine the Annals of Improbable Research, the IgNobels are a silly spoof on science’s highest honor: the Nobel Prize. The awards are given to work that “first make people laugh, then make them think.” The 23rd annual awards ceremony last night featured real Nobel Prize winners handing out awards to the slightly less honorees. Many gave absurd acceptance speeches complete with costumes and props to illustrate the importance of their work. Here are the 10 honorees. - Plantas carnívoras se alimentan de excremento de murciélagos. 10 Of The Weirdest Questions Scientists Asked (And Answered) This Year. Yes, FOMO Is Now A Word In The Dictionary. Learn The History Of Physics In 4 Minutes. Aristotle was wrong.

Learn The History Of Physics In 4 Minutes

Is the Blue-Eyed Chinese Boy the Next Step In Human Evolution? Article updated at 10:20 a.m. on Feb. 3 According to a news reel from China, a young boy there possesses the ability to see in the dark.

Is the Blue-Eyed Chinese Boy the Next Step In Human Evolution?

Ciencias biomedicas

What Kind Of Data Scientist Are You? ⚙ Co. Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals and the art of roughness. Historia. Amazing Resonance Experiment! Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet. Jeroen Lapre Jeroen Lapre is a digital artist with over 15 years experience in the feature film visual effects industry.

Earthquake: Evidence of a Restless Planet

He is passionate about combining story with science, space exploration & colonisation. Jeroen is also committed to re-empowering the individual through productivity, education, and creativity software development. Ryan Wyatt Ryan Wyatt assumed his role as Director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization at the California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco) in April 2007. Wyatt’s professional interests include making research data sets accessible to the general public, and developing standards and “best practices” in the fulldome video community. To download this program become a Front Row member. The Gaia Theory - Daisyworld Flash Animation.


Infographic: Which Flu Strain Is Most Likely To Bring The Apocalypse? H1N1.

Infographic: Which Flu Strain Is Most Likely To Bring The Apocalypse?

H7N9. Bird flu. Swine flu. Evolutionists Get Owned By Creationists on BBC TV Show. Percepción y cognición. ¿De dónde proviene la risa? Según los científicos, la risa es una respuesta humana a determinados estímulos del medio que funciona como un mecanismo para el equilibrio emocional. Se le considera una manifestación externa de felicidad o una sensación interna de alegría. Por lo general se produce al captarse algún contenido humorístico o por cosquillas. La risa también puede encontrarse en algunos animales, pero está generalizada en los humanos, de cuyas conductas es parte integral.

Al parecer ayuda a definir intenciones en las interacciones sociales y proporciona un contexto emocional agradable para establecer la comunicación. Igualmente favorece la aceptación en los grupos. Biológicamente la risa es se produce cuando la epiglotis constriñe la laringe. Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2.


Remarkable Images Of Volcanic Lightning, A Scientific Mystery. Arqueólogos encuentran más antigua de la disección humana y en conserva. A recente descoberta de uma cabeça dissecada e bem preservada data dos anos 1200 e prova que a idade média não era tão limitada. Um bocado assustador, mas esta cabeça mumificada foi um projeto de ciência medieval de dissecação que não foi simplesmente feito para ser esquecido, visto seu estado muito bem preservado. Os cientistas acreditam que esta cabeça foi usada para uma educação médica contínua.

"Quem preservou a cabeça sabia o que estava fazendo. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin: Tour the AlloSphere, a stunning new way to see scientific data. What's the Big Idea? (Brian Greene), 2008. Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme. Imagining the Tenth Dimension. Theodor Billroth. Methane Made with Solar Power Will Power Audi Vehicles. Gas maker: SolarFuel operates this 250-kilowatt demonstration plant that produces methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Audi is building a plant that will use solar and wind power to make methane from water and carbon dioxide. The plant, which will use technology developed by Stuttgart, Germany-based SolarFuel, is scheduled to start operation later this year. It will produce enough methane to power 1,500 of Audi’s new natural-gas vehicles, which also go on sale this year.

SolarFuel’s process uses excess renewable energy generated as a result of Germany’s push to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. There’s now so much renewable energy in Germany that supply sometimes exceeds demand—such as when the wind is blowing late at night. 3D solar panels can produce 20 times more energy than flat panels. We see the trend in 3D technology everywhere: Movie theaters, home theaters, game consoles, 3D printers. But researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently discovered that creating a 3D-inspired solar panel not only help to keep up with the trends, it could draw in 20 times more energy than flat panel designs.

Traditional solar panels lay flat on a surface or rooftop, facing the sun to collect energy. MIT researchers decided to change the shape of solar panels, conducting experiments with a cube, tall cube, and tower-shaped panels to see which design brought in more energy. Compared to flat panels, all three 3D panels created impressive results and outproduced traditional panels, with the accordion-style tower drawing in 20 times more power per square foot.