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Using, Applying and Reasoning about Mathematics. There are 87 results Broad Topics > Using, Applying and Reasoning about Mathematics > Games Pentanim Stage: 3 and 4 Challenge Level: A game for 2 players with similaritlies to NIM.

Using, Applying and Reasoning about Mathematics

Place one counter on each spot on the games board. Winning Lines Stage: 2, 3 and 4 Challenge Level: An article for teachers and pupils that encourages you to look at the mathematical properties of similar games. Nim-like Games A collection of games on the NIM theme Nim Stage: 4 Challenge Level: Start with any number of counters in any number of piles. 2 players take it in turns to remove any number of counters from a single pile.

Games Related to Nim Stage: 1, 2, 3 and 4 This article for teachers describes several games, found on the site, all of which have a related structure that can be used to develop the skills of strategic planning. The Triangle Game Can you discover whether this is a fair game? Software - Community: CC3 Video Tutorials - map making for fantasy, modern and SF RPGs, and historical cartographers. Crónicas de Cima del Salto - La Ciudad de Cima del Salto - Cima del Salto. Cima del salto se asienta en las colinas de la Luna, junto a lacatarata del río Nentir.

Crónicas de Cima del Salto - La Ciudad de Cima del Salto - Cima del Salto

Aquí se encuentran todos los viajeros ycomerciantes que emplean el viejo camino Real que discurre de norte asur, la ruta Comercial enana que viene del este y el propio río. Losriscos circundantes albergan varios pequeños valles, donde vivengranjeros y leñadores; pocos de ellos están a más de 6 o 7 kilómetrosde la villa. En general, la gente que vive fuera de los muros de Cima del salto segana la vida con la agricultura o cuidando ganado, mientras que los quehabitan en la urbe son artesanos, peones o mercaderes. La gente sinotras expectativas puede ir viviendo contratándose como porteadores,para llevar los cargamentos desde los muelles Inferiores hasta losSuperiores (o viceversa). Cima del salto importa bienes manufacturados de las ciudades demayor tamaño que hay corriente abajo, así como trabajos en hierro de lavilla enana de Baluarte del martillo, y a su vez exporta madera, cuero,frutas y grano.

Par. Fantasy Fonts. Paizo Publishing. Crooked staff productions roleplaying aids. Please note that this site and its contents are Copyright © Kristian Richards 2002 - 2011 <p>Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href=" />Powered by FeedBurner</p> Hello and welcome to the CSP home page!

crooked staff productions roleplaying aids

It is the aim of this web-site to provide a wide variety of roleplaying aids for both the GM/DM and player alike. Within these pages you will find a number of files and images (spread over a few differing sections) all of which are completely free* to download. In some instances (such as with the adventures section) the downloads are compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons (3rd edition) role-playing game - though in most cases they should prove to be equally suitable for most types of role-playing / board games with little or no modification. For all the latest CSP news, updates, and even more free downloads be sure to check out... *However, a number of products are now for sale via RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, and lulu. Free Fantasy Maps – Worlds, Overland, Cities, Dungeons » Fantasy Map Maker.

Dungeons and Dragons Tools and DM Resources. Adventure Hook Generator AD&D DM Program by Torquil Gault Background Generator Campaign Suite from Mortality Chainmail Battle Sheets Chainmail Terrain Chainmail Comprehensive Rulebook (319 Kb ZIP) Chainmail Warband Generator 3a (481 Kb ZIP) Chainmail Warband Generator update 1.4 Chainmail Stat Cards City Generator by Robert Bottorff (ZIP 100 Kb) Combat Tracker ZIP by Eduardo Moranchei (no AV done) Cool Tools by Keith Uher (ZIP 688Kb) Cool Tools 2 Program to help DMs by Keith Usher Critical Hits Table by Orestto Robles (ZIP 103 Kb) Critical Hits Table by ??

Dungeons and Dragons Tools and DM Resources

(ZIP 39 Kb) Combat Generator (ZIP 160k) needs Java 1.3 Runtime Mak)e sure Java 1.3 is installed. Unzip the file to its own directory. DOS/Windows only: from a DOS prompt, type "setup" (without the quotes). DOS/Windows only: from a DOS prompt, type "run" (without the quotes). 387 Free D&D Maps. What are some alternatives to using miniatures for games that require them? - Role-playing Games - Stack Exchange. Fiery Dragon and several other companies make flat tokens that can be used, and have illustrations on them.

What are some alternatives to using miniatures for games that require them? - Role-playing Games - Stack Exchange

Fiery Dragon also sells them electronically, and you can then print them on uncut label sheet, and stick them to better materials (like wooden disks or poker chips) for more durable tokens. Several RPGs of old made extensive use of them; The Fantasy Trip, GURPS 1E (via the Man to Man boardgame using GURPS 1E rules), DragonQuest... D&D 3 & 4 both suggest such tokens and illustrate using them instead of minis. Stealing counters from old board games is an 'ancient and honorable practice'... it's actually implied strongly in the whitebox D&D rules to do so with Avalon Hill's Outdoor Survival... which has a number of animals and people.

Any material bit that's small enough to fit your battle grid can be used in a pinch. Paper miniatures, either print your own from the image files or PDFs, or preprinted ala SJG and PI Games' offerings, are a very viable compromise. D&D 4E Nentir Vale Maps. Hello there.

D&D 4E Nentir Vale Maps

I was upset that there were no expanded maps post the new adventures produced by wizards of the coast. What could I show my players of where they were going? I proceeded to add onto the map canvas and use the photoshop clone tool to add the new features as described in published adventures in D&D 4e. The result of my modifications is a map with an extra 40 miles west of Nentir Vale.I also created a map with the Bloodspear orcs lands to the north, the discoloured style suggests that the orcs themselves produced the map on parcement.

Nentir Vale Campaign.