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What Is Vine And What's It Doing In My Classroom? What Is Vine And What’s It Doing In My Classroom?

What Is Vine And What's It Doing In My Classroom?

When Twitter was first introduced in 2006, many were skeptical about its usefulness. What was the point of a medium that only let you type out 140 characters? It wasn’t expected to last, but it did. Seemingly overnight, Twitter went from a barely known startup to one of the most popular and widely used sites on the web. Today, the site has more than 500 million users posting more than 340 million tweets a day and is used by everyone from small-business owners to NASA astronauts. Education hasn’t gone unscathed by the sweeping changes Twitter has exacted on social media.

Like all services, Twitter is aiming to evolve to better serve the needs of users and keep up with the competition. 3 Ways To Use Vine In The Project-Based Learning Classroom - Project-based learning (PBL) — an educational approach in which students work together to solve real-world problems — is redefining how many kids learn.

3 Ways To Use Vine In The Project-Based Learning Classroom -

Vine, a social video app purchased by Twitter, is growing in popularity — and fast. What happens when the two collide? PBL teachers across the country intend to find out. What Is Vine? Recently we took a more general look at Vine in the classroom, but in short, Vine is video’s answer to the popular photo-sharing app Instagram, with a bit of tumblr and twitter thrown in.

This deceptively simple application allows users to capture and share six-second video clips–rather than pure gif animations–through social media. How Teachers and Educators Can Use Pinterest as a Resource In and Out of the Classroom. By Blog Editor Susan Wells.

How Teachers and Educators Can Use Pinterest as a Resource In and Out of the Classroom

Using Pinterest in the Classroom on Pinterest. Using Instagram in the Classroom by Amy Moore on Prezi. Nerdy, Nerdy, Nerdy!: Using Instagram as a Classroom Tool. Have you ever heard that phrase, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

Nerdy, Nerdy, Nerdy!: Using Instagram as a Classroom Tool

" Well, that's what led me to create a class account on Instagram. So the kids are technology pros. We get that. They know all kinds of Internet-y type stuff before I do, and I'm pretty tech-savvy myself. The kids have a billion different types of online accounts and are on them ALL. Do I believe that 5th graders should be using all this technology? How'd this all begin? "Hey, I'm gonna create a class Instagram account. Student: "What if I don't have Instagram? " Me: "That's okay. Another student: "But what if I go on and answer, but my answer is wrong?

" Me: "Who cares! Another student: "Could I use my notes to answer your questions? " Me: "Absolutely! Another student: "Could I look up the answer on my computer? " @english_vocabulary. 10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom. Move over, Facebook!

10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

If you teach middle or high schoolers, you know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels for teens and tweens today. And while it may not seem like it at first, there are many applications for Instagram in the classroom. Of course, it's important to protect students' privacy, especially when using a public channel like Instagram. If you're interested in trying any of the ideas below, we recommend creating a classroom account that you set to "private" and carefully vetting any potential followers.

You might also try adapting our suggestions to an educational social media platform such as Edmodo. OK, disclaimer over! Showcase students' work. Instagram 101: A Vocabulary List. If your business is considering joining Instagram, it is good to understand the basics first.

Instagram 101: A Vocabulary List

There is a certain vocabulary that goes along with Instagram. After you’ve been using the platform for a little while that lingo comes as second nature, but if you are an Instagram newbie you may be wondering what on earth a feed and filter is. So, here we go, your first Instagram vocabulary list. Feed: a series of recent images shared by people you are following Similar to a Facebook or Twitter feed, your Instagram feed is the first thing you will see after signing into the app. Facebook for educators and community leaders. The Teacher's Guide To Pinterest. Pinterest has quickly become one of the biggest ways for teachers to share resources and information short of Twitter.

The Teacher's Guide To Pinterest

It lets you build ‘boards’ and easily ‘pin’ parts of the web (text, images, videos, websites, etc.) onto those boards. Simple enough, right? Here’s our Teacher’s Guide To Pinterest that gives you a few more ideas about how to properly use Pinterest in an education setting. Enjoy! A Quick Guide To Pinterest Do you love to pin? What follows below is one of the most useful infographics I’ve seen on Pinterest’s role in education.

Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching? So, what are you doing?

Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching?

If you’re one of the 3 million people on Twitter, you are likely inclined to tell whoever cares right now, in 140 characters or fewer (or, about the length of this paragraph). Twitter, on the small chance that you don’t know, is the free micro-blogging service that enables users to post short messages, or Tweets, that are delivered to friends, enemies, family, colleagues -- anyone who has subscribed. These are your followers. You may have one, several, or, if you’re Ashton Kutcher, 2 million. With its enormous popularity, Twitter has invited dopey hyperbole (Time magazine went all in with a recent cover story) and snide cracks (“Who cares that I just ate a tasty corned beef sandwich?”)

But before you write off Twitter as just the latest social media “fad,” take a look at how some clever educators are using it to enrich their classrooms and even forge informal professional networks. But what about the much-ballyhooed decline of the American attention span?