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Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Looking for Free adult Coloring pages ? Why time management is ruining our lives. The eternal human struggle to live meaningfully in the face of inevitable death entered its newest phase one Monday in the summer of 2007, when employees of Google gathered to hear a talk by a writer and self-avowed geek named Merlin Mann.

Why time management is ruining our lives

Their biggest professional problem was email, the digital blight that was colonising more and more of their hours, squeezing out time for more important work, or for having a life. And Mann, a rising star of the “personal productivity” movement, seemed like he might have found the answer. He called his system “Inbox Zero”, and the basic idea was simple enough. Bates Method - Techniques. In this section: Basic Principles Containing an overview of Bates Method Techniques and how they work to restore eyesight.

Bates Method - Techniques

Palming Perhaps the simplest of all the techniques, Palming is also regarded as a foundation for learning how to relax the eyes and mind. Sunning Sunning is the simplest application of light to the eyes, this technique provides a similar foundation for the eyes as Palming. Together they provide the basis of all vision: the discernment between light and dark. The Swings The Swings introduce the vision and mind to movement in the world. Need a break? Don’t fall into the too-tired-to-rest trap. You already know, I take it, that you’re supposed to take regular breaks throughout the work day.

Need a break? Don’t fall into the too-tired-to-rest trap

You’ve seen the stories about how sitting at a desk is worse than attacking yourself with an Ebola-infected chainsaw; you heard that the Geneva conventions were recently expanded to make eating lunch at your desk a war crime. You know you should get up, do some yoga poses, nip to the park, perhaps even take a nap – all the research shows you’ll be happier and more productive that way, plus you’ll get to leave the office earlier, with energy to spare. How to ask a new employer for homeworking. Tips on making a business case for working from home A recent survey highlighted that 7.5 million British employees would rather work from home one day a week than get a pay rise.

How to ask a new employer for homeworking

The Loneliness Quiz - Psych Central. Mental health at work. Mental Health in FE. Wellbeing at work. Wellbeing at work Key findings▲ A good work-life balance reduces employee stress levels Job security and greater personal control helps motivate workers Companies benefit from promoting well-being through increased staff loyalty, creativity and productivity Share this: Photo credit: Ronny-André Bendiksen March 26, 2014 // Written by:

Wellbeing at work

Why choosing the right workout could fine-tune your brain. By Teal Burrell PUMPING iron to sculpt your biceps.

Why choosing the right workout could fine-tune your brain

Coping with catastrophe: what keeps us going in the face of adversity? Amie Du Buisson-Spargo is a drama student set to follow in the footsteps of Grace Kelly and Robert Redford when she starts at the New York acting school they attended.

Coping with catastrophe: what keeps us going in the face of adversity?

What is computer vision syndrome – and how can I prevent it? Do you sit in front of a screen at work for hours, then leave with a headache, sore, dry, blurry eyes and a painful neck?

What is computer vision syndrome – and how can I prevent it?

If so, welcome to computer vision syndrome (CVS), a condition just waiting to happen to those who use a screen for more than three hours a day. This happens to be quite a lot of us – about 70 million worldwide. At the risk of being alarmist, some researchers argue that CVS is the “No 1 occupational hazard of the 21st century”. But back pain, tension headaches and discomfort are not inevitable consequences of screen time – perhaps we should simply be more careful. Home - Ladan SoltaniLadan Soltani. Our gigantic problem with portions: why are we all eating too much?

If you want to see how inflated our portion sizes have become, don’t go to the supermarket – head to an antique shop.

Our gigantic problem with portions: why are we all eating too much?

You spot a tiny goblet clearly designed for a doll, only to be told it is a “wine glass”. What look like side plates turn out to be dinner plates. The real side plates resemble saucers. Back in a modern kitchen, you suddenly notice how vast everything is – 28cm has become a normal diameter for a dinner plate, which in the 1950s would have been 25cm. Why feeling like a fraud can be a good thing. Image copyright iStock.

Why feeling like a fraud can be a good thing

How to be happy: follow these five easy steps. The key to happiness, according to the latest research, is knowing where to look. We’re conditioned from a young age to aim high and seek fulfilment in a better job, fresh achievement and further success – and yet these goals are more likely to make us miserable. If we’re driven, it may hold us back, says Dr Raj Raghunathan at the University of Texas. Forget mindfulness, stop trying to find yourself and start faking it. People are often surprised to learn that Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and other classical Chinese philosophers weren’t rigid traditionalists who taught that our highest good comes from confining ourselves to social roles. Nor were they placid wise men preaching harmonious coexistence with the natural world.

Rather, they were exciting and radical thinkers who exploded the conventions of their society. Joint Pain Leaflet. 10 ways to beat loneliness. 1) Feed a hen It was a chance remark by a resident of a Gateshead care home that sparked one of the UK’s most innovative schemes to tackle loneliness among older people and those with dementia. The man told carers he was “missing his girls, Joan and Betty and Doreen and Pat”. It turned out that the girls in question were his hens. He’d kept chickens all his life and missed the daily routine and sense of purpose that came from caring for them. Working with local charity Equal Arts, Joanne Matthewson, manager of the Shadon House care home, arranged for six hens to be moved into the home on a six-month trial.

Flying with Confidence - Fear of flying course from British Airways. Mood enhancer: go down to the woods today. In autumn our woodlands are at their most enchanting. The sunlight angles gently in to create a changing mosaic of gold and brown; leaves twist and stall as they fall to the floor; branches chatter in the strengthening winds. It is the time of year when trees seem keenest to communicate with us, and when our bond with them is most vital.

The polymath American biologist EO Wilson first propounded his theory of biophilia – that we have a deep affiliation with other forms of life, like trees, which is instinctive and rooted in our biology – in the mid-80s. Around the same time, Professor Roger S Ulrich completed one of the first and best-known studies in the interdisciplinary field now known as environmental psychology. How Groundhog Day changed my life. Can a movie change your life? How about a comedy? Is it time for doctors to prescribe volunteering? Struggling to stick to New Year health resolutions? Top 65 happy songs - Music. Timetable. Courses: 30 Day Free Trial - focus@will - Music for focus. Being unhappy or stressed will not kill, says study. Image copyright Thinkstock Being miserable or stressed will not increase your risk of dying, according to the UK's Million Women Study.

It had been thought that being unhappy was bad for health - particularly for the heart. MindWorks Richmond - Home. Book Spa & Salon Appointments Online. Journaling. Therapy wars: the revenge of Freud. Dr David Pollens is a psychoanalyst who sees his patients in a modest ground-floor office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a neighbourhood probably only rivalled by the Upper West Side for the highest concentration of therapists anywhere on the planet. Pollens, who is in his early 60s, with thinning silver hair, sits in a wooden armchair at the head of a couch; his patients lie on the couch, facing away from him, the better to explore their most embarrassing fears or fantasies.

Many of them come several times a week, sometimes for years, in keeping with analytic tradition. He has an impressive track record treating anxiety, depression and other disorders in adults and children, through the medium of uncensored and largely unstructured talk. 10 best foods to make from scratch and save money.