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14 September 2013Last updated at 19:43 ET The weather's on the turn, pushing day trippers indoors. So what are the idiosyncratic UK attractions that help us to laugh in the face of inclement conditions, asks Gareth Rubin. Summer defied the apocalyptic predictions of the meteorologists. The sun shone. The UK's oddest days out The UK's oddest days out
10 Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago | Mental Floss
Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff - excerpt Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff - excerpt Scott Bedford is creative director at an ad agency in London and for the past several years has been writing and illustrating a how-to column of kid-friendly projects for MAKE. His sense of humor and artistic skill appeal to me, so I was excited to find out that he's got a new book out: Made By Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff. Here's a few of the projects in Made by Dad: Martian Door Decal, Earthquake Coat Hook, 1-Ton Lampshade, Cat-Trap Birdfeeder, Table Leg Moon Mine, Snappy Toast Rack, Titanic Bookshelf Art, Slingshot Car Launcher, Marvelous Marble Bouncer, Teddy Through the Center of the Earth, Snail Soup Decoy, and Surveillance Camera Stash. How can you go wrong with a list like that? Below, complete instructions for making a Godzilla Skyline.
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About Ultimate Insult Man refers to a video clip featuring a game show host viciously berating a contestant for answering a question incorrectly. The scene is often referenced or embedded in discussion forums to incite other users, as well as being featured as a reaction clip in several YouTube remix videos. Origin Ultimate Insult Man Ultimate Insult Man
May God Have Mercy On Your Soul
Awesome Milk Trick
The Generic House episode [[image:|245px|center|]] Airdate Every day if you have extended cable Episode Number Generic House episode Generic House episode
Mo Farah Running Away From Things
The Impossible Knot - Video

If you wear dress shoes regularly, buy good ones. Two pairs, one black and one brown, should be able to get you by in almost any situation. Make sure they are good quality; real leather with a sturdy sole (not rubber). Learn how to polish and care for them. Man Knowledge #3,135 Man Knowledge #3,135
Falling Dominoes Game | Coca-Cola
help Im bored

help Im bored

I don't know what the back of my head looks like I don't know who wrote Poor Richard's Almanack/what time it is I need to buy a gift for someone I don't know which fork to use I don't want to clean up my mess I can't chew gum because I have braces
We’ve already showed you a bunch of cool ideas showing how you can hang your photos and art in creative ways. Now we’re going to be more specific and show how you can organize family photos on your walls. In this gallery you’ll find more than enough inspiration to make your own family photo display. Photos on walls are always great because they bring up memories and make these walls less boring so don’t hesitate to try that out. DIY Natural Wood Photo Display (via pinterest)

25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls | Shelterness

25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls | Shelterness
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Go away Avaliable Now. More articles, more emails, more everything. I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm and Has Chairs contains all new, never before published material by David Thorne, the author of and the New York Times best selling book, The Internet is a Playground. Order your copy today... Very Disappointed Good writers do not need to use foul language several times in the first few pages.
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