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» zeromq - Messaging that just works. Recently, Michael Bridgen and I implemented a bridge to connect the RabbitMQ broker with applications using 0MQ for messaging.

» zeromq - Messaging that just works

Redis. What Does It Mean to Use Messaging? - Enterprise Integration Patterns. I was recently asked to help a team decide whether they should use messaging.

What Does It Mean to Use Messaging? - Enterprise Integration Patterns

Of course, I have not forgotten what I learned during many years in consulting: the consultant always answers "it depends. " A good consultant can tell you what the answer depends on. And a truly great consultant can convince you that you are asking the wrong question in the first place. Without hesitation, I told the team that they are asking the wrong question. Part 1: RabbitMQ Best Practice - CloudAMQP. We have been working with RabbitMQ a long time, and we have probably seen way more configuration mistakes than anybody else.

Part 1: RabbitMQ Best Practice - CloudAMQP

RabbitMQ, des bases à la maîtrise (Partie 1) RabbitMQ est un message broker très complet et robuste, c’est pourquoi le comprendre et l’utiliser est assez simple, en revanche, le maîtriser l’est un peu moins… Donc avant de manger du pâté de lapin il va falloir bouffer des carottes !

RabbitMQ, des bases à la maîtrise (Partie 1)

Introduction RabbitMQ a de nombreux points forts, ce qui en fait une solution utilisable sur tous types/tailles de projet. En voici quelques-uns : Utilise AMQP (courante: 0.9.1) Développé en Erlang ce qui en fait un logiciel très robuste Système de clustering pour la haute disponibilité et la scalabilité Un système de plugins qui permet d’apporter d’autre fonctionnalités (management, ldap, shovel, mqtt, stomp, tracing, AMQP 1.0) Les vhost permettent de cloisonner des environnements (mutualiser le serveur, env dev/preprod/prod) Quality Of Service (QOS) permet de prioriser les messages Ok, donc on va commencer par semer des carottes Afin de pouvoir utiliser efficacement RabbitMQ il faut comprendre le fonctionnement du protocol AMQP.

Best practices to design APIs with AMQP. As we all know, there's this hype around microservices that we cannot ignore.

Best practices to design APIs with AMQP

It is true, developing microservices help us decouple our systems, test and work with them better. Besides HTTP, you can create APIs with tons of other protocols and content types. How to choose a Message Queue - Linagora Engineering - Medium. There are so many message queues implementations that we decided to limit the number of candidates.

How to choose a Message Queue - Linagora Engineering - Medium

Here is the list of the selected for study: I will present here the ones that catched our attention the most: RabbitMQ is the message queue currently being used by OpenPaaS, so no migration would be necessary. It offers a good and mature community. Some problems regarding clustering have been reported, including message loss and manual reconciliation upon partition. Kafka is a cutting edge streaming platform. RocketMQ is a promissing, newly born Apache project. Clients Libraries and Developer Tools — RabbitMQ. Overview RabbitMQ is officially supported on a number of operating systems and has several official client libraries.

Clients Libraries and Developer Tools — RabbitMQ

In addition, the RabbitMQ community has created numerous clients, adaptors and tools that we list here for your convenience. Please contact us with suggestions for things you would like to see added to this list. Java and Spring Java Spring Framework RabbitMQ .NET Client (supports .NET Core and .NET 4.5.1+)EasyNetQ, an easy to use, opinionated .NET API for RabbitMQNServiceBus, the most popular open-source service bus for .NET.RawRabbit, a higher-level client that targets ASP.NET vNext and supports .NET Core.Restbus, a service-oriented framework for .NETRabbitMQTools, PowerShell module containing cmdlets to manage RabbitMQ Ruby Python.

Rabbitmq use case. Single Element Queue vs Notifier? - LabVIEW General - LAVA. RabbitMQ monitoring: WombatOAM and the RabbitMQ Management plugin. 2016-10-04 by Ayanda Dube Erlang Solutions offers world-leading RabbitMQ consultancy, support & tuning solutions.

RabbitMQ monitoring: WombatOAM and the RabbitMQ Management plugin

Learn more > 1. Introduction If you’re a RabbitMQ user, then you must be accustomed to monitoring and keeping track of the status of your Rabbit installation by use of the native RabbitMQ Management plugin, or, alternatively, using third party monitoring tools such as Sensu, which internally make use of the RabbitMQ Management API for metrics acquisition, to present them on custom UIs.

A total of 13 additional applications are required by the RabbitMQ Management Plugin, which aren’t related to, or required to run any of the AMQP operations. Use cases - CloudAMQP. Example of RabbitMQ use case Imagine that you have a web service that receives many requests every second, where no request is afford to get lost and all requests needs to be processed by a process that is time consuming.

Use cases - CloudAMQP

Imagine that your web service always has to be highly available and ready to receive new request instead of being locked by the processing of previous received requests. In this case it is ideal to put a queue between the web service and the processing service. Architecture - Message Design Patterns. Using Perl DBI with Oracle. I have been using Perl scripts extensively for a couple of years now to analyze data and generate charts and tables.

Using Perl DBI with Oracle

However, I have only recently investigated using Perl to communicate with an Oracle database. This post was researched using Perl v5.10 with Oracle Express Edition on Windows XP 32-bit. The examples are based on a table listing drivers in the 2011 Formula One World Championship. The example table is defined as follows: CREATE TABLE driver ( key NUMBER, name VARCHAR2(30), team VARCHAR2(30), points NUMBER ); The following rows were inserted into the table (based on championship standings after 17 of the 19 races: INSERT INTO driver VALUES (1,'Sebastian Vettel','Red Bull',374); INSERT INTO driver VALUES (2,'Jenson Button','McLaren',240); INSERT INTO driver VALUES (3,'Fernando Alonso','Ferrari',227); INSERT INTO driver VALUES (4,'Mark Webber','Red Bull',221); COMMIT; Single Row Select The first script counts the number of rows in the DRIVER table. Count = 4. C# - Select unlocked rows oracle. Rabbitmq-c: Main Page.

! [Build Status]( Introduction. Building Effective Applications. In iterative processing, applications use conditional logic to loop through a set of rows. Typically, although not necessarily, iterative processing uses a client/server model as follows: Transfer a group of rows from the database server to the client application.

Process the group within the client application. Transfer the processed group back to the database server. You can implement iterative algorithms using three main techniques: row-by-row processing, array processing, and manual parallelism. Choosing Your Messaging Protocol: AMQP, MQTT, or STOMP - VMware vFabric Blog. One of the most common questions I’m asked to cover when I discuss software architecture topics is the difference between the various application messaging protocols that exist today—issues like how and why the protocols came about, and which one should be used in a particular application. Their question is valid.

Today, application architects need to use a messaging broker to speed and scale their applications, particularly in the cloud. Even once you select your messaging middleware application, application developers need to then select the protocol. What Is DNS Load Balancing? Message Queues & You - 12 Reasons to Use Message Queuing. At Stackify, we receive a lot of data from your apps to our Retrace APIs. We queue all of that data as soon as it gets to us, and then we use separate background services to process the data. Message queues help a lot with ensuring data is never lost, traffic spikes, etc. We decided to put together a list of why you should be using message queues! 1. Queues. Comparatif RabbitMQ / Kafka. Les Nokia Bell Labs ont publié en 2017 une excellente étude comparative de Kafka et RabbitMQ. Après quelques rappels sur le fonctionnement général des middlewares orientés messages et leurs cas d’usage (éléments principalement tirés de notre livre blanc Le Système d’Information 2016-2021), nous vous proposerons une petite synthèse de cette étude, ponctuellement enrichie au regard des récentes nouveautés apportées dans ces solutions.

Quelques rappels sur les Message Oriented Middlewares. Understanding When to use RabbitMQ or Apache Kafka. How do humans make decisions? In everyday life, emotion is often the circuit-breaking factor in pulling the trigger on a complex or overwhelming decision. But for experts making complex decisions that have long term consequences, it can’t be pure impulse. High performers typically use the circuit breaker of “instinct”, “gut feel” or other emotions only once their expert, unconscious mind has absorbed all the facts required to make a decision. Today there are dozens of messaging technologies, countless ESBs, and nearly 100 iPaaS vendors in market. Getting started with RabbitMQ — RabbitMQ.