Free Pascal - Online documentation Free Pascal - Online documentation Remark:you must have javascript and style sheets enabled in order to view the html documentation correctly. The following documents are online available: You can also download the documentation in some alternative formats. See the Download page. The Free pascal 2.2 manuals have been translated to German by C&L, and can be purchased from the C&L website. Updated!
Lazarus Development Lazarus Development As the maintainer of LCL-WinCE of course I was quite shocked when Microsoft dropped Windows Mobile into the limbo and announced that native applications would be restricted to a very small list of favorite partners. Because of this, since almost 1 year now I have been trying to port the LCL for Android. My first success was in 19th January 2011 when I first built a good x86-linux -> arm-linux cross-compiler which I have been using ever since and I hosted here: After that I slowly started exploring Android and the SDK with many pauses. My free time floats a lot depending on the work load, my mood and my current interests. I have other hobbies which alternate as my biggest interest from time to time.
On the road with Lazarus/Freepascal In the lazreport repository there's a demo app showing how to create a cross data report. It uses two instances of TfrUserDataset: one for the master (row) data and one for the cross (column) data. At first glance the component does not provide another way to build such reports. On the road with Lazarus/Freepascal
Executing External Programs SysUtils.ExecuteProcess The simplest way if you don't need pipes or any form of control is to simply use SysUtils . ExecuteProcess ( UTF8ToSys ( '/full/path/to/binary' ) , '' , [ ] ) ; For simplicity's sake, the calling process runs synchronously: it 'hangs' until the external program has finished. For more complex forms, see the next section about TProcess. Executing External Programs
How To Write Lazarus Component How To Write Lazarus Component Introduction This is a basic guide on how to build components. It was tested on Windows 7 running Lazarus 0.9.30. Step 1: Create The Package
Adventures of a Newbie English (en) | Français (fr) | 日本語 (ja) | ‪中文(中国大陆)‬ (zh_CN) Warning: As indicated by the writer, this article was written by a newbie who may not have known the best way of doing things. The code and solutions presented may very well not be optimal. Please be aware of this and verify solutions with other documentation; please add links to articles with improved code/solutions. However, having the thought processes of a new user described could be quite valuable for others in the same situation Adventures of a Newbie
Living Lazarus Databases and experimentsI'm working on updating the Contacts database I amended from the example application packaged with Lazarus using an Sqlite3 backend. It's coming on nicely and should be finished shortly. I will post again when it has been finished and uploaded onto my web site. SimpleCompressor updated. I've received a few comments on the first version of SimpleCompressor and I've altered it a bit. Living Lazarus Living Lazarus
Porting to Lazarus
Parallel Pascal Worlds Parallel Pascal Worlds I want to share my experience building a very simple android app. My app have 3 screens, main screen, data screen and configuration screen. That just connect to a RO Server build with delphi and working ver well from some like 5 years i think.
From SwinBrain Pascal is the name of a general purpose procedural programming language. Hello World in Pascal Pascal - SwinBrain Pascal - SwinBrain