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JWT INSIDE - Employment Communications Agency, Recruitment Advertising. Contact Us. Konrad FeldmanCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Konrad Feldman, CEO, co-founded and launched Quantcast in 2006 along with Paul Sutter to transform the effectiveness of online advertising through the use of science and scalable computing.

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Prior to co-founding Quantcast, Feldman co-founded Searchspace (now Fortent) the leading provider of terrorist financing detection and anti-money laundering software for the world’s financial services industry. As CEO of Searchspace’s North American business, he established the business in the US and directed its rapid growth to become a market leader. Prior to Searchspace, Feldman was a Research Fellow in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at University College London. IBG - Cutting Edge Internet Marketing Services, SEO Services & Social Media Marketing Company. ComScore, Inc. - Measuring the Digital World. IAB - Dedicated to the Growth of the Interactive Advertising Marketplace.