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New-entrant classrooms in the re-making. There are a number of implications for practice for teachers interested in continuity of learning between home, ECE, and school.

New-entrant classrooms in the re-making

These include: Allowing children time and space within the classroom timetable to develop a sense of belonging and relationships is likely to support children’s wellbeing and positive attitude towards school.Creating a balance between the priorities of creativity, agency, belonging, relationships, and children’s interests and inquiries, and literacy, and mathematics is possible.Creating this balance for young children by valuing and encouraging purposeful play and authentic inquiries as part of the school day.Recognising that young children bring interests, experiences, and expertise with them to school.

Finally, the shifts in classroom practices illustrated by this case study owe much to the teachers and school leaders, and the dispositions they hold about their role. Such significant transformation was possible because teachers and school leaders had: Color Science for Kids- Science Kiddo. *This post contains affiliate links.

Color Science for Kids- Science Kiddo

Please see our disclosure policy. Rainbows are one of the most beautiful natural wonders. They are created in the sky when just the right combination of rain and sunshine mix. Sunlight is reflected off of raindrops in the air, making the light we usually think of as “white” split into a gorgeous array of different colors.

In this science activity the kids are going to create rainbows on paper that can be enjoyed year-round, rain or shine. If you love this activity you need to check out 100 Science Activities, the book that has inspired rainbow paper, witches’ brew, and many other activities from our Five Minute Science series! Materials: A bowl filled with waterClear nail polish Small pieces of black paper Directions: Universal Skills All Learners Should Know How to Do. Hynessight: Using Google Sites for Registered Teacher Criteria.

10 Things Veteran Teachers Want First Year Teachers to Know. John Hattie on BBC Radio 4: "Homework in primary school has an effect of zero". “Homework in primary school has an effect of around zero”, says Professor John Hattie.

John Hattie on BBC Radio 4: "Homework in primary school has an effect of zero"

But what does really work in education, schools and classrooms around the world? Every week Sarah Montague interviews the people whose ideas are challenging the future of education, like Sugata Mitra, Sir Ken Robinson and the headmaster of Eton College Tony Little. In August John Hattie, Professor of Education at the University of Melbourne, was her guest at BBC Radio 4. Disappointed Idealist. My children are adopted.

Disappointed Idealist

They were adopted at the ages of three, four and six. As with nearly all children adopted in this country over the last couple of decades, this means that their early life experiences were pretty terrible. As each was born, their collective experience of life became more damaging, as their circumstances worsened. So the eldest is least affected as her first years were perhaps less difficult experiences, while the youngest is most affected, as her entire first two years of life were appalling. Five Year Olds in the Classroom - Education Review Office. Five Year Olds in the Classroom The features of good classrooms are similar in all schools.

Five Year Olds in the Classroom - Education Review Office

Good classrooms have good natural lighting and ventilation and are clean, tidy and uncluttered. Equipment and books are stored tidily where children can find what they need themselves. They have current displays of children’s work. All children have a place of their own in the room where they can store their belongings. Good classrooms are not silent, although you will neither hear the teacher’s voice raised nor children shouting. In good schools children neither drift around the classroom nor do they have to wait while other children have their turn. Scholastic. 4 Things You Might Not Know About ADHD 1. ADHD rarely occurs alone. Approximately 20 to 30 percent of kids with ADHD also have depression.

About one quarter exhibit anxiety, and still others learning disabilities. If ADHD treatment alone doesn’t seem to help, look for and address other possible issues. 2. 3. 4. ADHD—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder of childhood. Pre-Writing Skills: Essential for Early Learners - Liz's Early Learning Spot. PLEASE NOTE: You can listen to this article in podcast format over here!

Pre-Writing Skills: Essential for Early Learners - Liz's Early Learning Spot

Most research on early writing has focused on lower primary-aged children which means studies on younger children (from 2-5 years) are a little thin. One of the causes of this was the long-held philosophy that very young children would learn what they needed by merely playing within a print-rich environment. However, research has since shown that this is not enough. Second Māori language learning app developed for beginners. Experts want 'outdated' Reading Recovery scrapped in favour of new programme. Last updated 05:00, February 14 2016.

Experts want 'outdated' Reading Recovery scrapped in favour of new programme

5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus. The familiar, hierarchical sequence of math instruction starts with counting, followed by addition and subtraction, then multiplication and division.

5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus

The computational set expands to include bigger and bigger numbers, and at some point, fractions enter the picture, too. Education Review: New Zealand's Latest Education news on Teaching, Students, Schools, Learning, Collaboration, Special Education, Te Reo, Best Practice, Exchange Programmes, Leadership and Curriculum. Play-based learning: producing critical, creative and innovative thinkers February 2015 STEPHANIE MENZIES enters a plea to bring play back into the classroom.

Education Review: New Zealand's Latest Education news on Teaching, Students, Schools, Learning, Collaboration, Special Education, Te Reo, Best Practice, Exchange Programmes, Leadership and Curriculum

Go inside any primary school classroom and look for the ‘play’. Growth Mindset resource and. Why do kids need to learn to struggle?

Growth Mindset resource and

6 Alternatives To Bloom's Taxonomy For Teachers - This post is updated from an article we published in April. At the end of the day, teaching is about learning, and learning is about understanding. New Zealand Registered Teacher Criteria – E portfolio. Newly qualified teachers in New Zealand are known as Beginning Teachers (BTs) or Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs). Provisionally registered is the term used by the New Zealand Teachers Council, the professional and regulatory body for teachers in New Zealand, and refers to the teacher’s registration status. During the first two years in the teaching profession newly qualified teacher in New Zealand undertake a two-year long induction process into the teaching profession overseen by an experienced mentor teacher and the teacher’s professional leader. At the end of the induction process the PRT’s professional leader is required to use evidence to make a judgement as to whether the teacher has met each of the criteria in order to be confirmed as a fully registered teacher.

New Zealand Council for Educational Research. The New Zealand Dyslexia Handbook. Maths and me. The Daily Cafe - The Daily Cafe. 15 FREE Daily 5 Resources. Great for grades 3-5 that will help your class be organized and ready! A Crucial Week: 10 very real teacher ailments and diseases. This Blog Linked From Here Wednesday, 18 February 2015 10 very real teacher ailments and diseases I can't understand why these aren't in medical journals! 1. Posted by Emer Downing (@ACrucialWeek) at 19:45 Email ThisBlogThis!

Labels: Teacher humour 134 comments: Schooling the World (2010) NZ Assoc'n for Gifted Children. The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Google Drive For Teachers. The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Google Drive For Teachers First came cloud-based word processing in the form of Google Docs.

With cloud-based word processing in education, teachers could remotely access student work, students (provided they had internet access and had a Google account) could retrieve their work from anywhere, and writers could collaborate in real-time with their peers to double-team the pain-staking work that is the writing process. Then Google finally delivered on the long-rumored Google Drive, giving teachers and students the ability to store both documents and images, pdfs and presentations, video files, and more, turning Google into a cloud hard-drive of sorts. Further, the change to Google Drive brought with it access to apps to bolster what Google Drive could do.

Which brings us to the latest–and perhaps best–evolution of Google Drive for teachers. Kaizena voice feedback. The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Google Drive For Teachers. Pioneer School Programme. Virtual Learning Network. 4. Teaching as Inquiry - 2015 Master Appraisal Site. Effective pedagogy requires that teachers inquire into the impact of their teaching on their students. The 2 Sisters. Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work - Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback.

Evidence that supports Registered Teacher Criteria (MASTER copy to share) Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion.