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My tutorials in English. Husking Clematis Husking quilling is quite simple and nicely looking technique. There are some tutorials in Web, but today I want to present my own version for quilled clematis. You will need:1. Pins2. Mat or board3. You will need one "a" element, two of "b" elements and 2 of "c" elements. Preserve the template with the tape and stick it to the board. Glue the end of strip and make a loop to fix the strip. Put the pin with the strip into the board, put another one and make a loop. Make several simple petals and glue it together. Fix it on the board and wind the whole shape by the paper strip. And now we have nice clematis. You can use different number of pins and different layouts. Happy quilling! Bee hive tutorial 1. . - 2-3 strips of yellow paper (width – 5 mm; 130-160 gsm); -a knife; -tweezers; -a ruler; -tissue paper to make soft surface; -glue; -decorations (in my case it is micro-beads for nail-art and acrylic polish). 2.

Ideas Art & Crafts Projects. Ouilling is the amazing forms of art created with paper.

Ideas Art & Crafts Projects

Quilling , the coiling and shaping of narrow to create a design. In quilling thin strips are rolled giving rise to beautiful twirls. Nowadays paper quilling not only just a craft project for children but can also become a beautiful artwork that can be a home decor. Here are some an examples of home decor from paper decor that may be inspiring you. Paper quilling for home decor. Doodle Craft. Upcycled Rolled Paper Frame!

Doodle Craft

This frame is visually stunning with lots of texture and pops of color!'s menace runs deeper. It was the most tedious and time consuming project I've ever wrangled my kids into doing. It all started like this. Famous last words. I similarly convinced my 10 year old daughter to play along as well... so we had the whole crafty family working together. We begun this escapade at 4:02 pm...and finished with the last shutter click at 8:49 pm. But we made it through all of: Barbie the Island Princess Brave Frozen and part way into Wreck it Ralph. for this: It's a great way to recycle old magazines, paper the kids brought home from school...or junk mail! You will need: Paper Wooden frame (upcycle one you have on hand, or get one to refinish at the craft advice: think small!)

Paper cutter (you could use scissors...but that would make this project suck even more) Tape roller (you could use glue...but that would make this project suck even more) Craftastical. If you haven't checked out the work of Yulia Brodskaya, which I first saw on Cake Wrecks, click this link NOW.


Seriously, you will want to look for hours. I was so inspired by her, I knew I wanted to create a monogram, ala Yulia's amazing work. Quilling takes patience and some time, but the skill needed is pretty minimal. Doodle Craft. Bricolage automne : arbre en quilling simple – ronds et arabesques en papier. Par Rachel, le 26 septembre 2012 (...couleurs d'automne pour une activité manuelle en papier roulé...)

Bricolage automne : arbre en quilling simple – ronds et arabesques en papier

Le bricolage d'automne est de rigueur aujourd'hui, avec le temps triste et gris qui s'est installé, me faisant ressortir la polaire de la penderie ! C'est donc un arbre d'automne en papier que je vous propose de réaliser avec la méthode du quilling (les paperolles de papier roulé) avec la technique la plus simple : les ronds ! Voici le résultat de cet assemblage, qui pourra par exemple être décliné en un travail collectif à l'école. Tout commence par le découpage de bandes de papier, dans les couleurs choisies. Je tourne une douzaine de bandes avec la pince à quilling, laisse les cercles se desserrer librement, une fois enlevés de la pince, et les ferme d'un point de colle. Quand ils sont tous prêts, je les pose sur ma feuille support, après les avoir encollés à l'aide d'un pinceau brosse. J'ai choisi de ne pas coller les arabesques pour l'instant, pour faciliter la pose du feuillage. Fleurs - Quilling. Quilling paper. ✿ Quilling - Floare - Tutorial 3 - AidaCrafts.

25 forme principale in quilling.