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Canonical Issue and How to Use Canonical Tag – The Proper Way. I know, I am writing on an overly discussed topic.

Canonical Issue and How to Use Canonical Tag – The Proper Way

Still I believe that we can leverage a few more opportunities from Canonical tag. The article is for both newbie and professionals. I can assure you that it will be a detailed researched article with case studies and experiences. Welcome to Forbes. Category:OWASP Top Ten Project. Search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf. The Top 10 Most Dangerous Web Vulnerabilities. 1.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Web Vulnerabilities

SQL Injection SQL injection attacks attempt to use application code to access or corrupt database content. Are These 8 Website Security Holes Your Responsibility? Security is a joint effort between the account holder and the host.

Are These 8 Website Security Holes Your Responsibility?

The average hosting account has eight ‘layers’ of security. So which of these layers are you, the client, responsible for? 1. Physical Access. Cyber Crime – Types & Preventive Measures. As Internet usage is growing daily the world is coming closer.

Cyber Crime – Types & Preventive Measures

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools: Overview. Keeping the UK safe in cyber space - Policy. Issue The growth of the internet has transformed our everyday lives and is an important part of our economy.

Keeping the UK safe in cyber space - Policy

The internet-related market in the UK is now estimated to be worth £82 billion a year while British businesses earn £1 in every £5 from the internet. For organisations. Data protection If you handle personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act.

For organisations

Electronic marketing Find out what you need to do to comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. Freedom of information. Open SecurityTraining. The net neutrality battle for equal access vs. pay-for-premium internet. A debate is raging around the world about how all that internet content streaming into billions of households should be managed.

The net neutrality battle for equal access vs. pay-for-premium internet

"Net neutrality," the dry and antiseptic term bandied about in this debate, refers to the belief that internet service providers must treat all this traffic equally. However, many of these ISPs now want new rules that would allow them to charge high-volume content providers extra to get their content to users on a broadband fast lane. SRUTermsAndConditions.pdf. Law, the internet and society: 2.1 Why is this subject important? - Law, the internet and society - T182_8_1.0. No one knows how many people use the internet.

Law, the internet and society: 2.1 Why is this subject important? - Law, the internet and society - T182_8_1.0

By September 2002, NUA estimated that it was about 605 million. It took radio nearly 40 years and television about 15 years to reach an audience of 50 million. The ‘World Wide Web’ part of the internet took just over three years to reach 50 million. Note that the terms ‘World Wide Web’ and ‘internet’ are often taken to mean the same thing, but these should be distinguished.

The internet is the global network of computer networks. 6 powerful free tools to analyze a hosting service. DNS Resolution, Step by Step. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In 2014? A business owner asked three website development companies to submit a proposal to design her company website.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In 2014?

Landing Page Optimization: The Better Than Ultimate Guide. 304inShareinShare What follows is a list of resources that can be applied specifically to landing page optimization, found here on ConversionXL & from other great websites around the web.

Landing Page Optimization: The Better Than Ultimate Guide

Hidden Intellectual Property Hazards in Web Design. Page1of 2< 1 2 > Hidden Intellectual Property Hazards in Web Design by Don Brunsten The designer of a Web site or Web application can sin against the intellectual property (IP) rights of others in many, many ways. Some of the obvious legal blunders in Web work could occur just as easily in print or in any other medium: unauthorized use of a celebrity’s name or likeness, inaccurate or deceptive presentation of a third party’s trademark or exploitation of a stock or custom photograph in any way beyond the limit of its accompanying license. Search Engine Optimisation Guide. Our guides are for small businesses and aim to provide helpful information surrounding key areas of marketing communications that allow you to make better decisions for your business.

In the first of our internet marketing guides we look into Search Engine Optimisation or more commonly abbreviated as SEO. What is SEO? Your website is a marketing tool. The Web2.0 Rights project. External_web_services_guidelines_tcm44-37220.pdf. Cyber Security - The Road Ahead. In previous articles on Cyber Security here and here, I have highlighted the Government’s vision that the UK becomes a recognised, safe and secure country to do business with. It is also essential that UK citizens are protected from Cyber Security issues such as the Heart Bleed software bug that you may recall was widely reported in the world’s media or security issues such as, unauthorised access to your online bank account or identity theft. The Government is keen to see a collaborative partnership approach with businesses, the technology industry, politicians and law enforcement that can help drive this forward and deliver services and solutions for cyber security related issues.

Content Partnership Tips for Links, Authority. Benefits of intranets and extranets. WebWise - What are intranets and extranets? Google Webmaster Tools Introduction - The Basics. In our Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial we will introduce the included services, give hints on how to use them,and explain how to create a Google Webmaster Tools account. Google Webmaster Tools provides the following very useful services for your website: Submit/check the sitemap for your website. Adjust the crawl rate of the Google bots for your website and view the statistics. Generate/check the robots.txt file for your website. List the internal and external pages that link to your website. Google Webmaster Tools is a very popular solution for your website and it is highly recomended by webmasters.

Web Governance 101: A single 'Theory of Everything' framework that underpins Web Governance in ALL organisations (yes, all). Training. Web Governance is a system for managing an online presence in a controlled & orderly way. An infographic of Web Governance. Web Governance. How to build a successful Web Team for your Web Governance system. Training. Why IT and business just can't get along. IT Skills: Breaking Down the IT/Business Divide. IT Skills: Breaking Down the IT/Business Divide. Data Protection and Freedom of Information advice - ICO. Welcome to The Apache Software Foundation! The Top 20 Free Network Monitoring and Analysis Tools for Sys Admins.

Top 10 Free Windows Server Administration Tools. Microsoft's Windows Server infrastructure has been the IT standard for the past two decades. Not surprisingly, during that time a substantial supporting ecosystem has developed, offering a plethora of tools to help you manage your Windows Server environment. Related: Top 10 Free Tools for Managing Windows. Your Google Algorithm Cheat Sheet: Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. More SEO & Webmaster Tools: SEO Book. SEO Tools Tools to help you build and market your website. Firefox ExtensionsWeb Tools If you need feedback or have any burning questions please ask in the community forum so we can get them sorted out.