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556: The Secret To Better Problem Solving by HBR IdeaCast. The Cloud Needs a New Type of Enterprise Architect. The role and responsibilities of Enterprise Architect's have already changed so much since the practice's introduction.

The Cloud Needs a New Type of Enterprise Architect

It's practitioners have already had to adjust focus to accommodate the increasingly digital business focused market. In addition to this, the realigning of IT from fringe, support role, to a core business unit has demanded a more forward thinking, innovative approach from them, too. We're now in a new critical phase in Enterprise Architecture's evolution, as cloud systems are becoming increasingly more commonplace. Enterprise Architecture's role in the Cloud Thanks to a boom in web connectivity, reliability and availability, many business leaders and decision makers are now turning to the cloud as a means of delivering new tech.

The benefits to cost and speed of implementation are a huge selling point for the model and are a huge factor in its success. La dette technique. La dette technique c’est une dette qui accompagne tous les projets logiciels.

La dette technique

Je ne parle pas des bugs, mais plutôt des défauts de conception ne permettant pas au logiciel de se maintenir ou évoluer simplement. Pour comprendre ce qu’est la dette, il faut revenir a la base. Un projet informatique c’est quoi ? Le mix entre la science de l’informatique, l’ingénierie informatique et la sociologie. Change leadership interview: Holger Nauheimer - Leadership & Change Magazine. What inspires you, as a leader, consultant or coach?

Change leadership interview: Holger Nauheimer - Leadership & Change Magazine

What lessons have you learned? One of Holger Nauheimer’s lessons was learning that doing less and trusting the process is the core skill of a change facilitator. His mission is to help leaders and organizations live the values that the world needs. Holger founded the annual conference “the Berlin Change Days” and has been a change leadership facilitator for more than 20 years. Forbes Welcome. Alphabet. Are you ready to decide? 1er MOOC Universit Lyon 3 - IAE Lyon ! Tous les métiers ou services dans une organisation peuvent bénéficier d’une gestion des processus efficaces.

1er MOOC Universit Lyon 3 - IAE Lyon !

La cartographie des processus devient alors un véritable atout opérationnel et stratégique pour toute reflexion relative à l’efficacité, la qualité, l’alignement du système d’information ou encore la maitrise des risques. Grâce à cette introduction, vous pourrez initier dans votre organisation la culture du travail par processus et apporter une meilleure agilité. Crisis Communications. Arthur D. Little - Publications: Viewpoints & Insights. Transformation by Radical Innovation Is your company sufficiently innovative?

Arthur D. Little - Publications: Viewpoints & Insights

Most CEOs and CTOs would like to say yes, although Arthur D. Little’s recent Global Innovation Excellence study reveals that most companies are focusing on incremental, rather than radical, innovation. The most successful innovators in the study, in terms of EBIT and sales from new products, spend as much as one third of total R&D resources on radical innovation activities. Balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard (BSC) is a strategy performance management tool - a semi-standard structured report, supported by design methods and automation tools, that can be used by managers to keep track of the execution of activities by the staff within their control and to monitor the consequences arising from these actions.[1][2] Characteristics[edit]

Balanced scorecard

The B Team. Following the successful leadership of Derek Handley who volunteered his time to help Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz establish The B Team, an individual of exceptional calibre is being sought to lead The B Team going forward.

The B Team

Reporting directly to the Board of Trustees and working closely with all members of The B Team, the Executive Director will lead the on-going development and management of The B Team. S/he will play a central role in providing leadership and driving action to advance the vision of the group as defined by the Board of Trustees. S/he will manage the overall initiative including strategy development and execution, relationship management with key stakeholders, monitoring and reporting and driving the overall agenda. The Executive Director must be able to operate flexibly across a diverse audience and capable of building relationships at the highest levels with top business leaders, innovators, activists and philanthropists.

Gouvernance & organisation. Simple vs. Complicated vs. Complex vs. Chaotic. When you're managing software development projects, you need to know the difference between complex and complicated.

Simple vs. Complicated vs. Complex vs. Chaotic

Not knowing this difference means you might apply exactly the wrong approach to the right problem. (Or, if you prefer, the right approach to the wrong problem.) It's a simple message, really. But if you don't get it, you're headed for chaos. Simple = easily knowable. Complicated = not simple, but still knowable. Complex = not fully knowable, but reasonably predictable. BYOD - un scénario de rupture pour l'Internet et le numérique? La FING (Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération) a publié son cahier d’enjeux "Questions Numériques 2012/2013" et met en avant le résultat d'un travail collaboratif très intéressant réalisé fin 2011: quels sont les scénarios de rupture pour l'avenir du numérique?

En plus de la description de 7 scénarios cibles retenus (découlant du croisement de grandes tendances), ce travail met en lumière les questions qui se posent au numérique et vont influencer la bifurcation vers l'un ou l'autres des scénarios.

Excellence in change / delivery management

Demand management.