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Best Online Productivity Tools for 2012. Online Courses from the World's Experts. Infographics. Latest Product News. Citrix Acquires Podio Collaborative Work Platform Empowers Teams to Move from Simply Talking about Work to Getting It Done. Trello. 25 tools that make life easier for tech entrepreneurs - SGE : SGE. BestVendor has created an infographic on the 25 ‘most’ popular tools used by freelancers around the world.

25 tools that make life easier for tech entrepreneurs - SGE : SGE

While it specifically addresses freelancers, we think it applies to tech entrepreneurs as well, since startups have to operate lean and automate mundane tasks as much as possible. Some of the tools highlighted here include note-taking app Evernote, newsletter creation and managemen tool MailChimp, social CRM solution Batchbook, and small-business accounting automator Outright.

As a gauge of what tools are actually popular among freelancers, the infographic is pretty useless since it only has a sample size of about 100. The Future of Social Media. Recently we witnessed two major turning points in the world of Social Media.

The Future of Social Media

The first is the shift towards image based communications, and the second is Facebook’s IPO. The signs suggest bad things to come as corporations race to our wallets before our naivity wears off. Once again privacy issues are about to take centre stage. Insiders Tell The Story Of LinkedIn's Stunning Success. LinkedIn's startup story: Connecting the business world - Jun. 2, 2009. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.

LinkedIn's startup story: Connecting the business world - Jun. 2, 2009

( -- In Silicon Valley, it's all about knowing the right people. Reid Hoffman knows a little something about that. Hoffman, 41, started LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals. Its 41 million members include people from more than 200 countries and executives from every Fortune 500 company. Hoffman founded LinkedIn in late 2002. Y Combinator FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions What Happens at Y Combinator?

Y Combinator FAQ

This. How can we get funding for our startup? Apply online for our next funding cycle. We fund startups twice a year. Y Combinator Funding Application. Y Combinator Funding ApplicationSummer 2007Application deadline: 12 midnight (PST) April 2, 2007.

Y Combinator Funding Application

Please try to answer each question in less than 120 words. Dropbox: The Inside Story Of Tech's Hottest Startup. Pearltrees. Pearltrees refers to itself as "a place for your interests".[8] Functionally the product is a visual and collaborative curation tool[9][10][11][12] that allows users to organize, explore and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos, files and notes.[13] The product features a unique visual interface[14][15] that allows users to drag and organize collected URLs, and other digital objects.[16] that themselves can be further organized into collections and sub-collections,[17] (URLs).


Users of the product can also engage in social/collaborative curation using a feature called Pearltrees Teams.[18] Pearltrees was founded by Patrice Lamothe, CEO,[22] Alain Cohen, CTO,[23] Nicolas Cynober, Technical Director,[24] Samuel Tissier, Ergonomy/UI[25] and Francois Rocaboy, CMO.[26] History[edit] Development of Pearltrees began in 2007. In July 2012 Pearltrees launched their iPhone app. Pearltrees introduced Pearltrees 2.0 on May 22nd, 2014. Usage[edit] Privacy[edit] PearlTrees - A Way To Curate Your Web. Posted by Tom Foremski - March 5, 2010.

PearlTrees - A Way To Curate Your Web

Interview with Patrice Lamothe – founder and CEO of Pearltrees – the human-powered interest network « en-tech. With 5 Million More Euros in the Bank, Pearltrees Gets Ready to Scale and Start Monetizing. The Paris-based social curation platform Pearltrees just announced that it has raised a Series B round of 5 million Euros (about $6.62 million USD).

With 5 Million More Euros in the Bank, Pearltrees Gets Ready to Scale and Start Monetizing

The money is coming from Group Accueil, which had also invested in the service’s previous round. In total, Pearltrees has now raised 8.5 million Euros. The company, which launched its first alpha almost 3 years ago, aims to use this money to scale its product and – maybe even more importantly – implement a freemium business model for its service. The company did not publicly discuss what exactly this freemium model will look like. Pearltrees Comes To The iPhone, Goes Beyond Bookmarking And Adds Photos, Notes, Offline Mode. Few startups make it through a year without a pivot or two these days.

Pearltrees Comes To The iPhone, Goes Beyond Bookmarking And Adds Photos, Notes, Offline Mode

That really can’t be said about social bookmarking service Pearltrees, however. The company has stuck pretty closely to its roadmap ever since its launch in 2009. After launching on the web, Peartrees is now available on the iPad and, starting today, on the iPhone. Ever since its launch, the company wanted to provide its users with a library of what they discover online and create a community of people based on their common interests.

Until now, that mostly meant sharing bookmarks, but the new iPhone app significantly broadens this concept to also include photos and short notes. While the company obviously adjusted the app’s design to accommodate the iPhone’s smaller screen, the overall look and feel hasn’t changed much. Since the launch of the iPad app, Pearltrees has also started to put a stronger emphasis on helping users discover other relevant content on the site based on their own interest graphs.