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Main Page - Techrights. Mozilla Firefox. June 28, 2010 03:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time BRUSSELS & NEW YORK & ZEIST, Netherlands --(BUSINESS WIRE)--A draconian proposal to retain all Internet search traffic, known as "Written Declaration 29," was adopted by the European Parliament last week.

Mozilla Firefox

Framed as a measure to crack down on paedophiles, the controversial Declaration calls on the EU to require that search engines store all search traffic for up to two years for possible analysis by authorities. Wikileaks. ACLU of Northern California : Technology. ACLUNC dotRights. Appeals Court Rules Against Secret Police GPS Tracking. A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the police can’t covertly track a suspect’s car using a GPS device for an extended period of time without getting a warrant.

Appeals Court Rules Against Secret Police GPS Tracking

The ruling in the D.C. Court of Appeals overturned the conviction of a suspected cocaine dealer, saying that the use of a secret GPS tracking device on the man’s vehicle for one month violated the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. The ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a friend of the court brief supporting the challenge.

GPL scores historic court compliance victory. High performance access to file storage Open sourcers have scored a major victory in a US court over violation of the GPL.

GPL scores historic court compliance victory

The Software Freedom Conservancy has secured $90,000 in damages for willful infringement of GPLv2, plus nearly $50,000 in costs from Westinghouse Digital Electronics over its illegal distribution of the Unix utility BusyBox. The company has also been ordered to stop shipping product loaded with BusyBox. Defending Freedom in the Digital World.

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