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Entrepreneurship Corner: Stanford University's free podcasts and. Lessons Learned. Building43 — We're building43 - what are you building? TechStars » Seed capital and mentorship for startups. Seedcamp. Home - The Difference Engine. Your Greater-Than-Yourself Project - Conversation Starter - Harv. By Steve Farber | 2:31 PM April 20, 2009 After decades of time and millions of dollars spent on leadership development and mentoring programs, why are we still facing a leadership crisis at many levels of the business world?

Your Greater-Than-Yourself Project - Conversation Starter - Harv

By now, most business leaders have learned that our job is to expand and develop our own capacity, while simultaneously preparing the next generation of leaders to take the reins. Business-model. Get your next mentor by being slightly annoying. Brian Wiegand is a very low-profile guy who has sold three companies, most recently to Microsoft.

Get your next mentor by being slightly annoying

He is big enough that TechCrunch writes about him as a good bet for anyone betting. But the bane of Brian's existence is that his exits have all been for under $50 million. This is enough for him to have a private jet and be King of Madison (Wisconsin), but not enough for him to get a lot of respect in Silicon Valley. A quote from my advisory board member who lives in Silicon Valley: “For big VCs, $50 million is a rounding error.” So Brian is not looking for people to mentor or boards to sit on because he is consumed with running his fourth company,, which will compete with Wal-Mart and Target.