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A Matter of Memories: :ARTICLE: Top 5 Time-saving Tips for Faster Scrapbooking. Not too long ago, I hosted a giveaway that in order to enter readers had to leave a comment telling me your favorite time-saving tip when it comes to scrapbooking.

A Matter of Memories: :ARTICLE: Top 5 Time-saving Tips for Faster Scrapbooking

While there were about a dozen different answers in total from the commenters, there were 5 that clearly stood out as the TOP choices to scrap faster and I wanted to discuss those five options in a little greater detail. #1 - SKETCHES This was the number one tip among respondents! Teresa Jaye said:My favorite time saving tip is to use sketches! Poetry 180: A Poem a Day for American High Schools, Hosted by Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate, 2001-2003 (Poetry and Literature, Library of Congress)

CollegeHumor - Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Funny Links! Hit the hot spots - 12 Secrets to Better Orgasms - Health Mobile. Chaos theory. A double rod pendulum animation showing chaotic behavior.

Chaos theory

Starting the pendulum from a slightly different initial condition would result in a completely different trajectory. The double rod pendulum is one of the simplest dynamical systems that has chaotic solutions. Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. Chaotic behavior can be observed in many natural systems, such as weather and climate.[6][7] This behavior can be studied through analysis of a chaotic mathematical model, or through analytical techniques such as recurrence plots and Poincaré maps.

Introduction[edit] Chaos theory concerns deterministic systems whose behavior can in principle be predicted. Chaotic dynamics[edit] The map defined by x → 4 x (1 – x) and y → x + y mod 1 displays sensitivity to initial conditions. In common usage, "chaos" means "a state of disorder".[9] However, in chaos theory, the term is defined more precisely. Where , and. How To Draw.

Human Portraits Hidden in the Topography of Maps. Ink on original Michelin map of France Growing up, I've always thought the continent of Africa looked like a sideway face, but Ed Fairburn takes that imagination to a whole new level.

Human Portraits Hidden in the Topography of Maps

The Cardiff-based illustrator finds portraits of human faces hidden amongst the topographical features in various maps of the world. View more over at Ed's official website | Facebook page | Interview with Yatzer - via Juxtapose Lake Windermere in England Stafford lane, in collaboration with Bobbie-Jo Pencil on an original map of the Peak District, England North America Geological map of Pennsylvania Ink on reproduced military maps of the Western Front (World War II) The Phenomenal Story Of The Pen  Image: Olivander The humble pen may be mightier than the sword, but it is nevertheless taken for granted in today’s modern world.

The Phenomenal Story Of The Pen 

But that wasn’t always the case! Pens have a rich history dating back millennia to the earliest civilisations where only very few people had the skill required to wield, giving them a real and very tangible power. While you may think that this contrasts markedly with our modern information-saturated world where pens are readily accessible to anyone, you would sadly be mistaken. Even though pens have fetched well north of $200,000 at auction, there still remains large swathes of the world where pens are seldom seen, much less used.

The story of the pen so far has been an intriguing one, and despite the best efforts to move data recording beyond pen and paper into the cloud, its last chapter is still a very long way off. The Earliest Pens. Visual Art by the Human Body. Visual Art by the Human Body.

Visual Art by the Human Body

Christina Rossetti : Remember. Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) Remember 1Remember me when I am gone away, 2 Gone far away into the silent land;

Christina Rossetti : Remember

Syntax Issue 7 - Poetry - Pauses. Urban Artists: ARYZ // Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Art Online. Urban Artists : ARYZ One of the most unique and talented urban artists working today is the much celebrated Spaniard ARYZ (pronounced “Areez”).

Urban Artists: ARYZ // Mr Pilgrim Graffiti Art Online

His incredible creations are so dynamically unique once you have seen one you will easily spot another and recognise his style. Originally from Barcelona his work characteristically uses vibrant colouring and a slightly unhinged style that suits his uniquely themed pieces. He specialises in huge wall murals but his amazing illustration work can also be found in exhibitions along with sculptures that now fetch thousands of pounds. Truly an inspiring artist and one who deserves to be seen the world over. When asked about his work he said this: “I don’t really care about saying what it is — I just want people to see it” “The problem in the art business is that you have to create your own ‘character,’ and the art business sells your art as a whole thing.

See more work from urban artists like ARYZ on my google plus page or catch up with me on facebook. How I Feel On Stairs Behind Strangers. Poetry 180: A Poem a Day for American High Schools, Hosted by Billy Collins, U.S. Poet Laureate, 2001-2003 (Poetry and Literature, Library of Congress) Billions Don't Impress Artnet! PixiClip. JMatuszak. Create your mag for free: Madmagz.