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Blond and Bieber - ALGAEMY. An eco-friendly textile dye made from algae. Biodegradable briefcase turns into compost. Transparent solar panels: Any surface could be a power source. Windows, panes of glass, sunroofs, and even entire buildings could generate solar energy thanks to the development of a completely transparent solar panel.

Transparent solar panels: Any surface could be a power source

Designed by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU), the new solar cell technology aims to replace the existing semi-transparent or tinted tech. The team were able to develop the new solar cell using another of their creations, the transparent luminescent solar concentrator (TLSC). Researchers harnessed the power of infrared and ultraviolet light using the TLSC, which employs organic salts to absorb invisible wavelengths of light. This means that visible light can travel to the human eye uninhibited, making the solar panel indistinguishable from normal glass. Still in its prototypal stage, the researchers hope to refine their creation for uses in the industrial industry and manageable gadgets like handheld devices. High fashion heels with low environmental impact. #sneakpreview @mediamatic nog 2 dagen voor het #BIO-me festival #growing-shoes. Milkweed creates unisex garmets from thick-knit textiles. Vera de Pont designs clothing for a world submerged in water.

Vera de Pont, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, has designed Floaters of the Waterplanet, a materials and accessories trend forecast project imagined for a world submerged in water.

Vera de Pont designs clothing for a world submerged in water

De Pont, a graduate from the department of Man and Identity, designed a collection of outfits and accessories that explore new materials and new ways to bring together materials, based on the idea that the people who wear them must move through the water. The graduate’s garments are lightweight and foamy. She incorporated strong knits and cords to make the clothing water repellent. Her designs for this collection have also led to the discovery of new production methods such as “gevacuümvormd” ­– a one step production process used to make the hats in the collection.

The red hat consists of two layers, a foam layer and a transparent layer, which are suctioned of any air and water by a machine. Floaters of the Waterplanet is an imaginative project that provides a playful view on materials and accessories. IKEA furniture could charge devices using wasted heat. Multinational furniture retail company, IKEA stocks a range of wireless charging devices.

IKEA furniture could charge devices using wasted heat

Now, thanks to its research lab Space 10, the company is breaking into the realm of thermo-charging with a device that can turn waste energy around the home into electricity. Heat Harvest is a device created by Sergey Komardenkov and Vihanga Gore, design students at the Institute of Interaction in Copenhagen. The device can stand alone or be integrated into everyday household items. It gathers the excess heat created by household items like cookware and teapots, computers and game consoles. Eindhoven graduate designs clothes made out of human hair. Hair Matter(s), Alix Bizet’s graduation project is a collection of garments made from human hair to explore the symbolism it has in society.

Eindhoven graduate designs clothes made out of human hair

Bizet collected hair from Afro-textured hair salons and worked with an expert felter to create a textile using the hair. The result is three jackets and three headpieces. Décor series made out of salmon skin encourages sustainable fishing practices. Sustainable = humanist. Yves Béhar has often said that "design brings stories to life".

Sustainable = humanist

The playful merging of function and emotion has distinguished Béhar's design portfolio as challenging the contemporary status quo with quality and ingenuity – "Design's purpose is not only to show us the future, but to bring us the future," is another of his mantras. Now with his sophisticated solution to the controversial $100 laptop challenge and his ingenious LEAF Lamp developed for Herman Miller, Béhar's creations are leading a new approach to sustainable informed design for the masses. What is sustainable design to you? Design simply considers the betterment, the improvement of things. Today, this betterment includes the notion of health, sustainability and the contribution design can make to many different issues.

Is it emotion or wit that fuels sustainable design projects? Sustainable tower. The Bhulk 3D-printed bike frame is made from plants. ENESSERE Clean Energy Company. Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) National Geographic (@natgeo) UpUpAndAway□ (@_upupandaway_x) LOTUSWEI Flower Essences (@lotuswei) Nicole Bridger. Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger, – MRKT Peru. VEGN LEATHER - libre de mantenimiento, liviano, 100% reciclable, resistente al agua.SMRT FELT - 100% reciclable,liviano, hecho por fabricante líder alemán, resistente al agua SUPR FELT - La siguiente generación de SMRT FELT, durable, 100% reciclable y resistente al agua.

Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger, – MRKT Peru

THRMO RESIN - TPU certificado para ser 100% biodegradable después de haber sido desechado,waterproof, weatherproof.MCRO SUEDE - Microfibra con hilos 20 veces más finos que la seda logrando una textura de gamuza, 100% reciclable, resistente al agua.CANVAS - Hecho de algodón orgánico premium 100% biodegradable, teñido con tintes naturales. MCRO Leather - Microfibra 100% reciclable, con textura de cuero liso tan suave como la mantequilla, de alta calidad y estilo minimalista. Diseños inspirados en la arquitectura y sus prácticas. Son conceptuales, prácticos, versátiles y de líneas limpias. Touch Me Not Clothing * Coming Soon * Interviews. Green Art Blog. Brandalism · Artwork by Action. Brandalism. Blog — Greta Eagan. Holiday makeup is my absolute favorite!

blog — Greta Eagan

During this party season is it perfectly acceptable and even expected to add a little something extra to your look, and why not?! Life is so much more fun when you embrace glitter! The key to creating holiday looks that help you shine and don't make you look as though you are a Disney on Ice character is balance. The real cost of fast fashion. After their 2010 exhibition Eco Fashion: Going Green proved a hit at the Museum at FIT, Jennifer Farley Gordon and Colleen Hill went deeper with their book Sustainable Fashion: Past, Present and Future in November of 2014.

the real cost of fast fashion

They wrote about repurposing and recycling methods that extend as far back as the 1700s and what we can and should be doing today, as well as issues like ethical animal treatment and fair labor. We all know by now that fast fashion is a problem in plenty of ways, but experts Gordon and Hill really hammer home the consequences of mass-produced clothing with the kind of hard facts that would make you back right out of your favourite High Street store. According to Hill, the average American throws away 82 pounds of textile waste each year, and most of those materials aren't biodegradable. ​erdem to present eco-friendly collection at lfw. Erdem Moralioglu will present a 12-piece collection that adheres to Livia Firth's Green Carpet Challenge guidelines at London Fashion Week in September.

​erdem to present eco-friendly collection at lfw

Firth's Eco-Age brand consultancy started the Green Carpet Challenge to encourage celebrities on the red carpet to wear outfits that are eco-friendly, having been created using "reused, surplus or sustainably certified materials," but has since been expanded to present high-fashion designers with the challenge of creating those garments.

"I am so excited about yet another world-first for Eco-Age: to unveil a new Green Carpet Collection at this year's London Fashion Week," Firth told Glacier girl is reinventing the eco-friendly aesthetic for the tumblr generation. Climate change is an issue that's so big it can be hard to comprehend, let alone connect with.

glacier girl is reinventing the eco-friendly aesthetic for the tumblr generation

We all want to do our bit and it helps if there's a person who can speak to us about it on our level. Someone who can reasonably explain why Arctic sea ice declining at a rate of 13.3% per decade is serious. Someone who can illustrate in an interesting way why the global average sea level rising nearly seven inches (178mm) over the last 100 years is dangerous. Someone who can show why the global temperature rising 1.4ºF puts all of our lives at risk. Spray-on Fabric Non-woven Coating Aerosol Technology Cotton Fibres. Avaaz - About Us. COWSPIRACY - Response to Criticism of Cowspiracy Facts. Cowspiracy co-director Keegan Kuhn responds to criticisms given to the film. "The experts interviewed in the film seem to be vegan and have little knowledge or understanding of agriculture or the environment, especially with regards to raising cattle. The film is not unbiased. " Dr. Richard Oppenlander has been studying and researching agriculture for close to 40 years.

He has written two highly acclaimed and award-winning books on the subject. Everyone should read what the Pope has to say about climate change. Pope Francis is in Africa for his first visit to the continent as pontiff. His trip, to Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic, overlaps with next week's Paris climate change meeting (COP21). Speaking at the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Francis said: In a few days, an important meeting on climate change will be held in Paris ... It would be sad, and I dare say even catastrophic, were particular interests to prevail over the common good.

In this international context, we are confronted with a choice which cannot be ignored: either to improve or to destroy the environment.COP21 represents an important stage in the process of developing a new energy system which depends on a minimal use of fossil fuels, aims at energy efficiency and makes use of energy sources with little or no carbon content. Jeremy Corbyn And Emma Thompson Call On Leaders To 'Make It Count' At Climate Change March. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joined tens of thousands in central London on Sunday for what's being called the biggest climate march in British history, and told politicians meeting next week to "Do what you are sent there to do.

" Corbyn was among the reportedly 50,000-strong crowd that marched through the capital from Hyde Park to Whitehall, to demand that world leaders reach agreements on global warming in talks in Paris next week. Addressing the crowds, Mr Corbyn said: "The issues facing the world in Paris this week are pollution, climate change, inequality, environmental refugees, war refugees and resources wars. " Mr Corbyn with Lisa Nandy, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and Dame Vivienne Westwood "If we are to make a real difference in Paris, all these issues have got to be thought about and addressed. " London's march was expected to be the biggest out of almost 2,500 similar events taking place across the planet in a worldwide movement.

Rainforest Connection. Silent #ClimateMarch in Paris. Moved nearly to tears by this. No marches b/c terror attack. #COP21 #2degrees. Toutes les tailles. Syria air strikes: The 236 words that will decide whether we go to war against Isis in Syria. David Cameron has published the Government's motion on bombing Isis in Syria that MPs will debate for 10 and a half hours on Wednesday. It declares that Isis poses an "unprecedented" and "direct threat" to the UK and asks MPs to support the Government and Armed Forces in "taking military action, specifically airstrikes, exclusively against Isil in Syria". The motion pledges not to deploy UK troops on the ground in Syria and commits the Government to giving MPs progress updates every three months.

This is the Government motion on taking military action in Syria (You can read the full text below) Airinum - Air of Tomorrow. Stylish Breathing Masks That Actually Protect You From Pollution. Airinum wants to offer eye-catching, functional masks to urban dwellers in major cities A Swedish startup is tackling a problem that affects a wide range of cities and countries: pollution. Airinum has created a line of masks that aim to make it easier for wearers of all ages to stay protected. Co-founder Alexander Hjertström felt the need for protection from pollution firsthand. While living in India, he developed asthma and couldn’t find a mask that offered adequate protection.

According to Discovery News, surgical masks—a popular choice when looking for protection from pollution and airborne diseases— are intended namely for protection from bodily fluids during surgery. COP21: ‘Brandalism’ activists post satirical adverts around Paris in protest of climate change advertising. Activists have posted over 600 pieces of satirical artwork around Paris, in protest against the “greenwashing” of the climate change talks. Global warming: Scientists say temperatures could rise by 6C by 2100 and call for action ahead of UN meeting in Paris.

How Motion-Powered Fabric Could Charge Gadgets. Editor's note: To help us celebrate our Building Blocks of Everything theme, our friends at Chemical & Engineering News offered to share some of their reports throughout the week. "Washed Up" By Alejandro Durán. 4 Cities That Are Getting Rid Of All Of Their Garbage. New York City not too long ago had a landfill you could see from space. Pharrell and Timberland Turn Recycled Plastic Into Bee-Inspired Boots  Recycled Stone Objects Designed by Ghigos. Recycled Stones is exactly what it sounds like – objects created by recycling stone residue. While we often hear of reclaimed wood furniture, Ghigos Studio took it a step further and gave life to discarded stone. Instead of seeing it as discarded material, Ghigos Studio sees new functional and aesthetic possibilities in stone residue. By reassembling the pieces in another point of view, the stone is given a new life that’s realized in a new context. Wood-Based Computer Chips Could Make Electronics Biodegradable.

Bureo turn old fishing nets into skateboards. According to the United Nations, more than 10 per cent of plastic waste in the ocean comes from discarded fishing gear. This litter is harmful to ecosystems and marine wildlife and is a serious global issue. This Biodegradable Jewelry Is Made Out Of Milk - Collectively. Stitchless, Slim Bifold Wallet Made From Sustainable Cork. Pollution-Eating Tower Would Turn Smog Into Rings And Cufflinks. A solar-powered schoolbag. An innovative new knit for outdoor wear brand Patagonia. For today’s designers, sustainability is a necessity. Innovative milk carton designed to combat Sao Paulo water crisis.

These Knitted Sneakers Can Be Recycled As Easily As A Water Bottle. The Fungus That Could Replace Plastic. Aegis Parka by Nieuwe Heren. Thinksound Eco-Friendly Headphones. L'étreinte (The Embrace) by Elise Gabriel. Planika Fires. Grapple Coat Hanger Made from Grass. Naomi Kizhner's Parasitic Powered Jewelry. Egyptian studio designs contemporary furniture from handmade, recycled material. Ariane prin mixes metal dust with plaster + eco-resin to form rust homeware. Fruitleatherotterdam. Modern Recycled House in the Netherlands. Contemporary Jewelry Made from Waste. Marion Friedmann Gallery: Fishbox Lamps. About Us. Outerknown. Intricate steampunk sculptures lovingly constructed with antique watch parts. KaCaMa crafts colorful zero-waste stools from recycled fans and salvaged wood. This Bikini Cleans The Ocean While You Swim. A Series of Ethically-Designed Objects by Nir Meiri - Design Milk. Producing from waste, Desso and rENs launch their retreated red dyed carpet collection re-vive.

PRODUCTS. Hemp Eyewear. Best of 2014: Regenerative Candle Forms New Ones As It Melts. Bacteria powered breathable clothing. Tangible Media Group. This Crazy (And Brilliant) Foldable Bike Helmet Is Made From Mushrooms. From Pineapple to Puma. Fordite: a rare mineral only found in old Detroit auto-painting facilities / Boing Boing. Stools Made From Washed Up Waste Material. Peter Marigold's FORMcard melts into a mouldable plastic glue.

Designing Modern, Wearable Products with Recycled Down - Design Milk. Olderbrother's AW15 Collection: "Enthusiasm and Naps" MAKE's Naxos Collection for All Genders. New Basics Premium Sweats. Micaceous Cookware. Tactile Equations by Page Thirty Three. Modesty Solutions: A/W 16/17 Macro Trends. Wearable pineapple fibres could prove sustainable alternative to leather. 5 things fashion students need to know about sustainability.