BigBooks 3

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Digger and the Gang - Presents; part 2; KS2. Digger and the Gang - An invitation; KS1. The Bitaba Bird - by Carol Moore - Illustrated by Michael S. Weber - A blending of imagination with a science lesson. Pirate's Treasure - a Free Story from Children's Storybooks Online. The Farm Animals - A Free Talking eBook for Toddlers - Click and Hear Every Word. The Wiener Dog Magnet - a Free Story from Children's Storybooks Online - Page 2. Hans Christian Andersen: Real Princess. Hans Christian Andersen; Emperor's New Suit. Fairy Tales; Andersen: Leaping Match Story. Andersen FairyTales. Monster Shopping Trip.

What's that noise? Dinosaurs. Teddy Adventure. Aesop Fables (several) Winter Animals. I Can. Myself. Neighbourhood. The Zoo. The Cold Planet. Number Stories. The Twins.