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Past subjunctive. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, and I’m feeling quite the urge to begin again!

past subjunctive

Just about a year ago, I wrote an entry on “si clauses” and how I introduce them with my Spanish IV classes. I’m approaching that unit again, but, because I move further and further each year AWAY from my designated grammatical curriculum and more toward encouraging language and allowing the grammar to happen naturally, this unit is unfolding even more differently this year. My Spanish IV students have not been introduced to either the conditional or the past subjunctive.

In fact, I have all but abandoned the mechanical teaching of any grammar concept, and have just let things happen as they will. A few days ago, we had done a cocktail party where each student had been assigned to be a famous musical artist. I followed the video with a very old article that came from the marvelous Zachary Jones when his site was called Actualidades.

(Para las chicas) Si fueras un chico, ¿qué harías? Like this: 7 Fun Free Websites to Keep Kids Reading in Spanish This Summer - Spanish Playground. Whether your kids are beginning to learn Spanish this summer or keeping up on their skills during a break from Spanish class, these interactive websites are a great way to keep them engaged with Spanish text.

7 Fun Free Websites to Keep Kids Reading in Spanish This Summer - Spanish Playground

These are sites that provide kids with lots of opportunity to read. Several of the sites have a variety of activities. I have tried to list the websites roughly in order of increasing difficulty. The first sites have material that is appropriate for beginners and the last sites I mention are appropriate for native Spanish speakers, but have enough support for Spanish language learners too. Each site has a large amount of material at different levels, so be sure to look around and see what might work for your child. 1. 2.

Click on the yellow are for Niveles Básico e Intermedio. Español B. IB Temas. Spanish Complete Grammar.pdf. Biblioteca Digital Ciudad Seva - Cuentos. International Baccalaureate. Actividades. Ayudas gráficas. Los ‘estadounidismos’ entran en el Diccionario de la RAE. La Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (ANLE) anunció la inclusión de “estadounidismos” en la próxima edición del Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (DRAE).

Los ‘estadounidismos’ entran en el Diccionario de la RAE

Se trata de términos propios del español que se habla en Estados Unidos y que se han ido acuñando a lo largo de los últimos años, entre ellos billón, email, hispanounidense, paralegal (asistente de abogados) o van (microbús). Con más de 55 millones de hispanos, EE UU es el segundo país en número de hispanohablantes. El idioma español perdurará en EEUU. 11th Gr. IB Spanish 4 - Señor Sullivan's Spanish Classes & Spanish Club. The primary goal of both IB Spanish 4 (11th grade) and IB Spanish 5 (12th grade) is to help students be successful on the International Baccalaureate Language B Standard Level examination that begins in January (not May) of the students’ senior year.

11th Gr. IB Spanish 4 - Señor Sullivan's Spanish Classes & Spanish Club

The integrated practice of the major language skill areas of listening, reading, speaking, and writing will be achieved through individual and cooperative learning activities in conjunction with comprehensive readings of authentic fiction and non-fiction texts and study of the major grammatical conventions manifest in these readings. Students are expected to rise to the expectations of a demanding curriculum by putting into practice the following academic behaviors both in and outside of the classroom: Consistently preparing assignments on time Demonstrating advanced participation and academic skills Managing unforeseen circumstances and complicated situations Collaborating to learn and collaborating to develop and propose solutions to problems. Twister espanol.

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IB Spanish B. Lección 4: El futuro perfecto; El condicional perfecto; Los pronombres relativos; La voz pasiva; Algunas expresiones idiomáticas. Panorama gramático. para el profesor/3Examenes-primaria-ENLACE/6Piel de gallina/museo-de-los-ninos-ENLACE.pdf. Actividades. - Página del profesor de español como lengua extranjera.

Una explosión de lengua y cultura. ESPANOL.