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WATERSHED LAUNCHES STAND ALONE BRAND SITE - SurfGirl Magazine - Womens and Girls Surfing, Surf Fashion, Surf News, Surf Videos. Watershed Brand was launched off the back of the successful Watershed Shop concept store which opened in 2012 in Newquay, Cornwall. Watershed wanted to create a business that was true to the founders interests and pastimes. “In a world where there were so many emerging companies and business’ we wanted to stand out and try to start, run and develop a business that focused on the values of what we supply.

As avid designers and photographers with a love of the outdoors, we created Watershed Shop which became the beginning of a new era of business and a new start in life” (jake patterson co-founder) Watershed Shop Started selling well know lifestyle brands. The selection of brands were unique in there industry and they also focused on importing products that were not previously available in the UK. In 2013 they became increasingly focused on products they felt were needed but could not easily be obtained, so started to design, manufacture and test their own products. ALU MiND - International retail expert. New Store Look in Brand Revamp at Sisley Berlin | ALU MiND. Sisley, the brand owned by the Benetton group, has opened a new concept store in Berlin as part of a total image overhaul.

The 1,300 sq. ft. shop launch is located in a former restaurant on the Neue Schönhauser Strasse, in the Mitte area of the city, famed for its cutting-edge brand assortment. Much of this store design however seems to be taking elements that already existed in this building and reworking them with props and fixtures. This is because going forward each Sisley store will have its own theme and feel to synch in with its location and store unit, according to the company. Sisley Berlin Key features in the Berlin store are the natural stone walls, wooden floors and lacquered ceilings, but there are also contemporary furnishings and bespoke chandeliers to give it a boutique feel. Excelsior Milano. 45 grand - NIKE’s exclusive new york fitness studio. Jul 24, 2015 45 grand - NIKE’s exclusive new york fitness studio 45 grand – NIKE’s exclusive new york fitness studio 45 grand (located on grand street in soho new york) is NIKE’s exclusive fitness studio, event space and a NIKE+ services hub for media and other invited guests. the space designed by rafael de cárdenas and art director jen brill brings together NIKE+ running and NIKE+ training club digital services, live experiences, and expert training and coaching to serve media guests and other guests of the NIKE women brand. guests are invited to preview NIKE women product collections, and the best of NIKE design innovation for her as part of a product offering that includes women’s training collections, NIKE running and NIKE sportswear. a round chapel-like wall comprised of frosted acrylic fins allows partial views into the space clusters of hexagonal shapes provide seating and lounging for guests view of the workout space changing facilities downstairs product display.

Leigh sachwitz INSIDEOUT installation: experience a storm. Dec 10, 2015 leigh sachwitz's installation invites users to experience a storm leigh sachwitz’s installation INSIDEOUT invites users to experience a stormall images © miguel martinez leigh sachwitz’s installation ‘INSIDEOUT’ invites the viewers to experiment a storm within a greenhouse illuminated by bright projections. presented for the first time in hamburg, the piece has been shown in munich, vienna, and now is traveling from paris to amsterdam. flora&faunavisions is proud to be responsible for the complete process of the art installation, artistic direction as well as for the video design. the sound was created by the award-winning composer, musician, and producer andi toma, who is one of the founding members of the breakthrough electronic music collaboration mouse on mars. drops of water feel like falling down the walls of the greenhouse the video shows the whole experiencevideo courtesy of flora&faunavisions thunder-like projections bring a feeling of exposure project info:

Retail Luxury Strategy: Assembling Charisma through Art and Magic. A IAE de Paris, Université Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne, GREGOR, 21 rue Broca, 75005 Paris, Franceb School of Management, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, United Kingdomc Department of Management and Marketing, Southern Denmark University, Campusvej 55, Odense C 5230, Denmark Available online 18 October 2011 Choose an option to locate/access this article: Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution Check access Get rights and content Abstract Luxury retail strategy differs from other retail strategies not merely in distinctive formulations of product, price, distribution, and appeals to customer distinction. Graphical abstract Highlights Keywords Art; Charisma; Legitimacy; Luxury; Magic; Persona; Retail brand ideology; Themed retail. Sound art and spatial practices : situating sound installation art since 1958.

This dissertation examines the emergence and development of sound installation art, an under-recognized tradition that has developed between music, architecture, and media art practices since the late 1950s. Unlike many musical works, which are concerned with organizing sounds in time, sound installations organize sounds in space; they thus necessitate new theoretical and analytical models that take into consideration the spatial situated-ness of sound.

Existing discourses on "spatial sound" privilege technical descriptions of sound localization. By contrast, this dissertation examines the ways in which concepts of space are socially, culturally, and politically construed, and how spatially-organized sound works reflect and resist these different constructions. Mintel. Interactive Sensory Installations : digital art installations. EVALUATION OF AND BEHAVIOR TOWARD THE VISUAL RETAIL ENVIRONMENT: Artec3 Studio. ENESS' sonic light bubble installation in melbourne responds to human interaction. Jul 11, 2016 ENESS' sonic light bubble installation in melbourne responds to human interaction ENESS’ sonic light bubble installation in melbourne responds to human interaction at the center of the ‘light in winter festival’ at melbourne federation square stands the ‘sonic light bubble’ – a giant synthetic organism that responds to movement. the art installation includes an array of addressable LED plates which are inserted onto the surface of the structure. these custom disks act as a volumetric video screen providing mesmerizing 360 degree visual delights, day and night. video courtesy of ENESS the clear inflatable bubble by multimedia design studio ENESS aims to attract passers by to interact with public art. visitors to the city could watch the six meter diameter structure expand into its entire form, and observe how their movement caused its lights to change in color and intensity. the installation takes part in the ‘light in winter festival’ in melbourne federation square.

Giant motion-activated media reacts to passersby in washington DC office building. Jul 11, 2016 giant motion-activated media reacts to passersby in washington DC office building giant motion-activated media reacts to passersby in washington DC office building inside terrell place — an office building and civil rights landmark in downtown washington DC — ESI design has realized 1,700 square feet of motion-activated media displays that activate with the movement of staff, visitors and passersby. created for building owner beacon capital partners, the reactive installation transforms the site’s common areas and expansive first floor lobby space with an interactive display of ‘digital nature’. terrell place, washington DCvideo courtesy of the three displays created by ESI design fluctuate from ‘seasons’ to ‘color play’ and ‘cityscape’, presenting a selection of scenes that can be programmed with varying durations and sequences. these customizations ensure that passersby never see the same scene — even if they arrive and leave at the same time every day.

LECLAIREUR - FASHION - LIFESTYLE - DESIGN. Haute Couture, Designer Brands, Jewelery, Bag, Gallery & Furniture - THE LINE. The Story of Things - a film by Scotch & Soda. 10 Corso Como | Official Website. Siam Discovery. For Siam Piwat A complete redevelopment plan, covering both interior and exterior design, for floors one to five of "Siam Discovery" a large-scale retail complex in Bangkok, Thailand. The existing building was deep with a narrow frontage that results in a poor flow of visitors at the front.

To deal with this problem the many existing circular atriums dotted through the building were extended and joined up to create an elongated canyon-like space of over 58 m that draws visitors into the back of the building. In addition, a wall consisting of a stack of 202 frame-shaped boxes with video monitors, digital signage and displays of merchandise inside them was installed along one side of the atrium, and this plays the role of a directory for the whole store. The wall also has the effect of drawing visitors to the upper floors since it extends up from the first to the fourth floor. Colette 213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris - AUTOR ROOMS. STORY | Re-inventing Retail. Rachel Shechtman, CEO Of STORY: Redefining The Retail Business Model And The Customer Experience. Rachel Shechtman Our team of experts conducts regular in-depth interviews with innovators and leaders to provide insights about the evolution of the marketing discipline.

Rachel Shechtman is the founder and CEO of STORY. Rachel has created a highly successful retail concept that takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like an art gallery, and sells things like a store. She treats her store as “the ultimate touch point” that delivers an all-consuming experience that is as much about the narrative and community as it is about the end product being sold. Every three to eight weeks, STORY completely reinvents itself — from the design to scents to the merchandise – with the goal of bringing to light a new theme, trend or issue. Below, I followed up with her to get more insight into the evolution of the retail customer experience and what it is going to take to delight increasingly demanding, digitally connected and “omnichannel” customers in the future.

Evolution of the concept store - Style - How To Spend It. It’s hard to say when the notion of the concept store was first conceived, though most people think it all began when Carla Sozzani (sister of Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue since 1988) opened her cute little store at 10 Corso Como in Milan in 1991. It was, of course, followed by Colette in Paris’s Rue Saint-Honoré in 1997 and since then all manner of brands – from Tesco and House of Fraser to Apple, Nike, Nestlé and BNP Paribas – have been given the epithet. All of which has rather debased the very notion of the concept store: if they’re so ubiquitous, surely they can’t be as singular as they’d have us believe. Another change that sullied the genre, according to FT columnist Tyler Brûlé, was when “big brands that were running out of gas and looking for legitimacy began to pay for space on the shop floors of concept stores and the consumer quickly began to see through this”.

Once the taste barrier to entry gave way to commerce, the “concept” itself became diluted. Forbes Welcome. Concept stores: what do they mean for customer experience? After the demise of HMV, many were quick to plan the future of retail. Econsultancy got in on the act, too, suggesting ways in which the internet could save the high street. The consensus seemed to be that experiences on the high street would be more important than mere commerce. Why go into a store if the journey of finding a product and taking it to the till to pay is as boring as it is online? Over the past three years or so, I think we have seen the resurgence of the concept store.

Here, I've taken a look at some of the concept stores out there, and what they mean for customer experience. Digital stores The Argos digital concept store at Old Street unsurprisingly makes prominent use of technology. The video below, complete with bombastic music, gives some great shots of the store. What does this Argos store do differently? Convenience Better fulfillment through use of digital has led to a click-and-collect service that is quicker than previously.

Service Customisation Brand stores 15 Coolest Concept Stores From Around the World. Retail stores have been reacting to the surge of e-commerce in a magical way: the experience-based alternative lovingly known as the concept store. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the concept store cultivates an experience that cannot be re-created online. Sure, you can go to Amazon for anything in the world, but can you stumble upon a one-of-a-kind artisan cutting board, a handmade tablecloth, or a rare fashion book as you fill your online shopping cart? Probably not. We’ve rounded up a collection of stunning concept stores from around the world that not only embody impeccable design but often are also the result of altruistic intentions. Read on for some serious inspiration and wanderlust-inducing design products! Rethinking retail: why brands are embracing the rise of the concept store | Media Network. The rise of online shopping has sounded the death knell for many traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers.

But innovative brands are reimagining the physical store, turning to magazines and museums for inspiration and creating spaces where the virtual and physical worlds collide. A new wave of thinking about bricks-and-mortar retail has given rise to a surge in brands experimenting with concept stores. Apple and Burberry have been leading the pack when it comes to creating experience-focused retail for many years. But a wider range of brands is starting to experiment with concepts, and no longer just luxury ones. General Electric, for example, is currently working with New York concept store Story as part of an exercise to promote one of its products.

Story is built on the concept of treating retail as media, curating its merchandise every month, like a magazine would with content, and getting a brand to sponsor it. Logistics will also prove to be another battlefield. 7 Lessons For Retail in the Age of E-Commerce | Intelligence | BoF. NEW YORK, United States — In 2011, when fashion industry veteran Rachel Shechtman decided to enter the world of physical retail, she knew the concept would, in many ways, have to serve as an antidote to the traditional store experience. The result was Story, a 2,000-square-foot shop that gets a complete makeover — with a new design, range of products and marketing message — every four to eight weeks. Five years on, Story has become one of the most interesting studies in how people want to shop today. Its refreshing merchandising strategy, which relies on a rotating series of themes and sponsorship partners, is what helps the store stand apart from a sea of retailers struggling to understand the needs of customers whose demands have changed in the age of e-commerce.

If time is the ultimate luxury and people want a higher return on investment of their time, you need to give them a reason to be in a physical space. Story founder Rachel Shechtman | Source: Courtesy It’s a method with legs. 1. Peak Performance's Outdoor Pop-Up Shops Are Only Open at Sunrise and Sunset. Dover Street Market : Rodebjer's New Flagship Store in Stockholm | Trendland. Birmingham - Designer Fashion, Beauty, Food & Wine - Harvey Nichols - Store Details. T Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice – DFS Group opens first European store - LVMH. Shoppers were seduced by a naked landscape at Modefabriek. Nude vs Naked exhibition by Floor Knaapen and Grietje Schepers at Modefabriek, Amsterdam – Netherlands. In The Window: Desert Blooms - aBlog. Stores - Andreas Murkudis.

Melissa - Galeria UK. VRPOL!S · Step 3 · London Design Biennale Installation – PRODUCCIONES DIMELO A MÍ. Inca Productions. Bluarch Architecture. | Office of arquitecture and design. Orange Secret — : landscape architecture : landscape planning. PROJECTS — UNITFIVE DESIGN. Kéré Architecture :: Home. Home. VelO2. Jenny Sabin. Alexander mulligan. Megan Geckler. ANDY HILMAN STUDIO PROFILE. Patisserie III. Ann Veronica Janssens: yellowbluepink | Wellcome Collection - Wellcome Trust. Olafur Eliasson and M... • Exhibition • Studio Olafur Eliasson. Artworks Archives - Rebecca Louise Law - Rebecca Louise Law. Do Ho Suh - Artists. Marko Brajovic. Home - Arne Quinze. Chiharu Shiota. Installation — Liz West. Bruce Munro: Home. Miguel Chevalier. Art & Design Hitomi Sao. TUNDRA. Floor knaapen viewtography. Grietje Schepers. LSN : Briefing : In the mood for Smood. The New Science of Customer Emotions. Quoidbach et al 2014 9105d828 db78 49eb b434 23f53cdba042. Feel. A Conversation With the Psychologist Behind ‘Inside Out’ JINS Prescription Eyewear Glasses Sunglasses | JINS. Manage Your Mental Health Through Your Phone.