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Evolution de ma Prusa I3 Rework

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Silence a noisy 3D Printer. Fully Parametric Cable Chain by Zerginator. As I did not find a cable chain suiting my needs, I decided to make my own.

Fully Parametric Cable Chain by Zerginator

I was looking for a fully parametric cable chain, capable of output in CSG. The Cable Chains I found here were mostly only .stl Surfaces. Also I wanted to be able to build not only a single Chainlink, but a complete cable chain. Here you can specify a vector consisting of the angles towards the previous chain links.

In future the will be an additional option to differing link types, to restrict angular movement of the chain. The Cable Chain is generated though a nested vector. These tupels are embedded in a vector. 2-in-1 fan duct: extruder and filament cooler for E3D V6 and others by eiPionezero. UPDATE 21-05-2015: Updated photo renders, STL fixed, updated source file.

2-in-1 fan duct: extruder and filament cooler for E3D V6 and others by eiPionezero

Because I did not want to place two fans around my hotend, one for the extruder cooling and one for the filament cooling, I decided to design a double fan duct which can cool both with only one 40mm fan. Results are pretty good, all prints come out great and I have not had any filament jamming so far. I have uploaded, next to the source files (Solidworks), two STL versions. One is designed to fit on the official E3D V6 hotend, one is designed for my Chinese E3D clone. They are both the same, except for the with and height of the fan mount. Mounting is easy, just screw a 40mm fan with 4 M3 screws to the fan duct, click the fan duct to your hotend and you are good to go! Printing can best be done by rotating the print 45 degrees and printing the fan duct with the fan mount to the bottom. The designs are with a GPL license.

Power Plug with switch and fuse for Prusa I3 3D printer by cyril50. My printer Prusa I3 (M-505) have just a terminal block : this is really not practical to switch on/off.

Power Plug with switch and fuse for Prusa I3 3D printer by cyril50

But browsing the Chinese sites, I came across this item( Note That item contains a fuse holder but not supplied fuse. I recommend a fuse of 0.8 or 1 Ampere (180W power supply): A link to an assortment to 3E: You will need: A classic cable cord (PC type)2 items described above (DX, Ali, BG ...)some 0.75 mm² wire (took on the original cord)The cover printed in 3DRequired DIY (soldering iron, pliers, screwdrivers ...) As can be seen, I expected a "tongue" in my object to put the screws, but on my printer model, I could use the original screws. For the front screws: screwdriver by the switch hole For the other screw : litle hole on the right side for the screwdriver.

12V power supply Cover with lighted switch and fuse by ceb. This is remix of the another power cover.

12V power supply Cover with lighted switch and fuse by ceb

That cover is great but I wanted to make a few changes. The original cover was solid with a hole to run the wiring through. I left area under the cage open to run the wires so threading a hole was not necessary. Also this is a big print I modified the solid walls to save plastic and also to make the inner LED light visible through grates.

The switch wiring is pretty strait forward and the plug switch combination illuminates. Lm8uu to linear bush converter by Ruff. Alibaba Group. Note: La couleur de l'article peut varier légèrement en raison de photographie et votre propre ordinateur Caractéristiques: Faible en acier au carbone augmenter la capacité de charge de la roulement et effets de transfert de chaleur Avec une bonne capacité de charge et résistance à l'usure Il offre la propriété de bonne auto-lubrification, faible usure, faible friction, bon coulissante caractéristiques, faible bruit.

Alibaba Group

Parfait pour de nombreux industriel, commercial, automobile, loisirs, Go-Kart, moteur électrique, machines, convoyeurs, outillage, et beaucoup d'autres applications. Spécifications: Matériel: faible teneur en carbone en acier + huile imprégné bronze Couleur: Brozen Apparence: cuivre plaqué Diamètre intérieur: 8mm/0.31" Diamètre extérieur: 10mm/0.39" Longueur: 12mm/0.47" Taille: 8mm (ID) x10mm (0D) x12mm (L)/0.31x0.39x0.47 polegada Poids: 25g. Linear Bearings, IGUS Style !!! by PropsFactory. Updated the LM8UU V3 (last file in the list) to simpler version.

Linear Bearings, IGUS Style !!! by PropsFactory

These Linear bearings are good replacement parts for those who get bored with "NOISY" LMxUU ... I Know somehow some "Cheap Bearings" can do this ... But !!! Instead of changing all the carriage ... switching to PLA "old style bearings", I designed "ready to print" Bearings, There is Three equivalents, LM6UU, LM8UU & LM10UU !. LM8UU Linear Bush by Gyrobot. Toothed Linear Bearing by KR2. This is my design of a Linear Bearing.

Toothed Linear Bearing by KR2

My printed ones have no noticeable backlash and they slide very easy. So far there are no long-term tests, but I will use them in my printer so we will see. The default outline is the same as an LM8UU, but it is changeable in OpenSCAD. Print the thing, put through the appropriate drill and check if all teeth are separated. Notes: it is recommended to print them in PLA, because it is harderall walls should be only one string wide so the thing can adapt to the rodall teeth should be separated and one should be able to look through them. LM8UU Holder ver2. by jspark. Bearings collection. 14 Printable LM8UU linear bearings test plate by DeuxVis. I wanted to give a test drive to the different printable lm8uu designs available on thingiverse, so I compiled 14 of them in a single plate.

14 Printable LM8UU linear bearings test plate by DeuxVis

Note that some of those might be a bit fragile when printed with a 0.5mm nozzle, for lack of infill between shells. Alibaba Group.