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Judy Garland - By Myself (I Could Go On Singing, 1963) I Could Go On Singing - Stereo - Judy Garland. Toto - Rosanna. Avondjurken. Copyright © 2014 Perfectdress.


All Rights Reserved. Gerelateerde labels: Fantasy Females at Tumblr. She & Him - Stay Awhile. Orouni - Firearms (directed by Shanti Masud) The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - "Kelly" DIAMANTS DECO - Déco mariage / Baptème - Objet de déco - Décoration / Noël. Giant googly eyes: Arts, Crafts & Sewing. Marina Abramović at the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Kustom Kar Kommandos. Kenneth Anger - Puce Moment. Lucifer Rising - Kenneth Anger (Remaster and Foley) Incredible Sound. Kenneth Anger. Continuum. Mad Money Photography. Le photographe Jacopo Lorenzo Emiliani et l’agence italienne Apart Collective ont été commissionnés par la Monnaie de Paris pour rafraichir l’image de cette institution française.

Mad Money Photography

Dans un style pop, les photos et le set design jouent avec des euros de manière graphique. Une série à découvrir dans la galerie. Nadine-ijewere-portrait-blackattitude-feat-1080x800.jpg (JPEG Image, 1080 × 800 pixels) - Scaled (94%) The Art of Gold - Good Things. To reflect the rapid shift into festive mode this week we look at lovely shiny gold things, with a suitably synesthesic soundtrack.

The Art of Gold - Good Things

The most Christmassy of precious metals, followed swiftly by Bacofoil, for its turkey swaddling properties. What to get the person who has it all. Pae White's ceramic popcorn lined with gold would be a good place to start. A spot of gold leaf elevates the humble cardboard box into regal status in the work of Jose Dávila. This building in Houston serves as a reminder that we need more gold buildings in the world. KM3D-1. Created by AnOther Magazine with artist and filmmaker Baillie Walsh, KM3D-1 stars Kate Moss.


The work continues Moss and Walsh's journey into experimental, multi-dimensional image-making, first seen in their legendary holographic film for Alexander McQueen's autumn/winter 2006 show. With a performance that recalls the fantastical cinema of Ray Harryhausen, James Bidgood and Kenneth Anger, KM3D-1 places at its centre one of the most iconic female figures of the modern age. Suspended in time and space, Kate is caught inexorably in the parallax gap; a butterfly in a spider's web. Captured at 1,000 frames per second – a speed so slow that movement is almost imperceptible – the beauty of Kate's face appears frozen, transforming her into an impenetrable deity. She is a figure of contemporary fantasy, shattering her own self-image. Text by Nancy Waters. Kate Moss: Three Minute Love.

Ten years ago, Kate Moss was photographed by Craig McDean for the S/S04 issue of AnOther Magazine.

Kate Moss: Three Minute Love

A decade on, she returns with four outstanding cover stories and an exclusive film for by Ruth Hogben and AnOther's fashion director Katie Shillingford. Watch Moss perform a hypnotic dance, her movements forming irridescent brush strokes that sweep across the screen, capturing a Moss attitude that has kept audiences hooked for over twenty-five years. "We just really wanted to make the best out of Kate," explains Hogben.

"A film which encased her, rather than disguised her. Something rock 'n' roll, with a feeling of old and new technology. " Everybody Needs a Hug » Guy Bourdin In Cannes. Driving across Cannes (CÙte d’Azur, south east of France) two days ago, I perceived some of the great colourful pictures of the French photographer, Guy Bourdin (1928-1991), exhibited on the sidewalk of the Croisette.

Everybody Needs a Hug » Guy Bourdin In Cannes

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop by and take the time to enjoy this exhibition but I strongly advise you to go if you are in neighborhood! Guy Bourdin was a great photographer of fashion and advertising. He worked for Vogue, Harper’s bazar and shot campaigns for Charles Jourdan, Isey Miyake, Cacharel, Chanel etc. What made him so special is that he shot his photographs thinking of the layout breaking the “rules” and trying new things, and of the way the things are seen. An another of his strenghs was to create a complex narrative, to snatch a moment (sensual, provocative, exotic, surrealistic sometimes sinister, to make mise en scËne ad (he would not hesitate to paint a tree, to color the sea or to make a model fly!).

Nykhor in bloom. Shiny Crystal Animals. Voici une série de sculptures d’animaux et d’insectes aussi précieux et vrais que nature créés par l’artiste italien Michele Astolfi.

Shiny Crystal Animals

En utilisant des matériaux tels que de la soie, de la résine, du cristal et pierres naturelles, il transforme l’animal en véritable oeuvre d’art avec une exactitude de rendu remarquable et de sublimes effets de brillances. Plus de détails dans la suite. Yuck - Rubber. _m6682mxtuF1rt0g8wo1_500.gif (Image GIF, 500 × 281 pixels) _mlehq8tzK41rt0g8wo1_500.gif (Image GIF, 500 × 281 pixels) XcVKDN2.gif (Image GIF, 1000 × 667 pixels) Julien Douvier Animated photography - Cinemagraphs. Animated photography ― Mixed themes - Julien Douvier. Julien Douvier. Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs Capture The Monotony of 'Routine' How do you capture ‘routine’ on camera?

Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs Capture The Monotony of 'Routine'

That was the question that talented cinemagraph creator Julien Douvier (featured before here and here) was asking himself late last year. The answer, when it struck him, was simple: nothing is perhaps more routine than our early morning walk to work. So he set about capturing that in the only way he knew how: photography with a touch of motion — or videography with a touch of stillness — in order words, cinemagraphs. “One day, I realized that I was making the same trip every day for almost four years,” he writes on Behance. “Waking up at the same time, taking the same routes through the same streets, walking on the same sidewalks in front of the same buildings…” That’s how the project was born. “This is a work about repetition, present in many forms in these images, not only with people walking by in cadence but also with the buildings facades full of geometric, rhythmic and repetitive elements.” he continues.

“Because life is all about rhythm.” XcVKDN2.gif (GIF Image, 1000 × 667 pixels) E6a9kxE.gif (GIF Image, 1200 × 793 pixels) - Scaled (85%) RRRRRRRROLL_gif. Cinemagraphs of People and Objects Spinning on an Axis. RRRRRRRROLL_gif is a project by a group of friends in Japan that comes together to create two cinemagraphs each week.

Cinemagraphs of People and Objects Spinning on an Axis

The images feature people and objects rotating around a single axis. HOW TO: Make A Cinemagraph Music Video. Cinemagraphs might be my favorite "new" music video effect, presenting the viewer with a mostly still image that has an isolated spot of motion.

HOW TO: Make A Cinemagraph Music Video

Director Chris Grieder uses the technique in this new Kelsi Luck video, and was kind enough to break down the process for those interested in using it. It's a complicated and time-intensive process, and Chris' instructions are definitely aimed at those with a working knowledge of 3k/FPS/XML/AE/TIFF and other letters, so be prepared to go full nerd. Chris Grieder, director: We shot on a RED Scarlet — mainly at 3k resolution so we could shoot 48fps, but some stuff was shot 4k/24fps. We tried to make wider compositions full of detail, closer to still photograph compositions, rather than typical music video comps.

We then transcoded footage to ProRes for an initial layout edit. After Effects : Keying, Rotoscoping, Tracking et transparences. Rotoscoping sur after effects - Google Search. HOW TO: Make A Cinemagraph Music Video. Kelsi Luck "That's What I Like" Official Music Video. Yelle - Ce Jeu. KingTuff - Black Moon Spell [OFFICIAL VIDEO] FKA twigs - Papi Pacify. Open Souls “Ram Bhajan” - Official music video. KANYE WEST Power (Unofficial) FKA twigs - Two Weeks. Joan Smalls: Woman of Steel. L’Avenue Shanghai: Rencontre. Ben Khan - Youth. GEMS- "Sinking Stone" The Drums - I Can't Pretend. Dye: She’s Bad. Teenage Dreams. Foals - My Number. SOUNDSCAPES. Cat's Eyes ( c'est mon montage, pas un générique ! ) キャッツ・アイ<HOT STUFF > - Dailymotion動画. キャッツ・アイ2 -CAT'S EYE2- OP ED - Dailymotion動画.

Irma Vep trailer. Désordre (1986) Olivier Assayas. FLUOGLACIAL. Paul Tayar (Wadeck Stanczack) tient un cinéma dans des locaux désaf­fec­tés à flanc d’une côte déser­tique. Il y ren­con­tre Mona (Ingrid Held), qui cherche son père. Ils s’éprennent l’un de l’autre, mais la comé­di­enne part tourner à l’étranger. Plus tard, lors d’une pro­jec­tion, des loubards molestent un spec­ta­teur âgé, Baudin (Michel Ser­rault), qui s’avère être le mari de Mona. Mal­gré leur rival­ité, les deux hommes doivent s’allier pour résis­ter aux attaques des jeunes voy­ous hys­tériques qui assiè­gent le bâtiment… Quand Miami Vice ren­con­tre Class of 1986… Dans une triste ban­lieue parisi­enne, Brian et Nourre­dine, deux ado­les­cents de 13 ans, trim­bal­lent plein de rêves dans leur tête.

Étrange 2014 Du jeudi 4 au dimanche 14 sep­tem­bre aura lieu la 20ème édition de l’Étrange Fes­ti­val, au Forum des Images de Paris. FLUOGLACIAL.