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Zone. SiSoftware Sandra 2014 Released: London, UK, 25th November 2013 - Updated Device Performance Certification, New Benchmarks, Windows 8.1 support.


While Sandra has been updated for the brand-new Windows 8.1 / Server 2012/R2 operating systems, we have not forgotten Windows 8, 7, Vista or even XP* users - all new features and enhancements are supported on all operating systems. As SiSoftware operates a "just-in-time" release cycle, some features were introduced in Sandra 2013 service packs: in Sandra 2014 they have been updated and enhanced based on all the feedback received. more...

Download & Buy. Windows Automation Software & Macro Recorder - Windows Scripting - Automate and Schedule Windows. Coder for Life - Project - Windows 7 Boot Updater. A program that makes it easy to update the Windows 7 boot animation and text.

Coder for Life - Project - Windows 7 Boot Updater

Please tell me if you find any problems or design cool animations! Some parts of / contributions to the program are released as open-source. If you wish to understand how this all works you can visit a thread at Seven Forums. Joakim, marcusj0015, and myself (thaimin) hashed out the details there. Download ΒΆ By downloading this program you agree to the terms and conditions. This is currently being tested! Version: v0 Beta 1 (v0.0.1.1) If you are unsure if this program is a virus or malware, please check out it's report at VirusTotal (and vote it as Goodware). Windows 7 Boot Updater (643.5 KB, updated 2012-11-08) Command Line Version (Advanced) (272 KB, updated 2012-11-08) Original Windows 7 Boot Animation as BMPs (4.42 MB, updated 2012-11-08)

Windows application store - All apps in one. Folder Lock 7 - File Encryption, Portable Security and Online Backup. New Features in Folder Lock Lock files & folders Hide your private images, documents & videos with click of a button.

Folder Lock 7 - File Encryption, Portable Security and Online Backup

Encrypt your files Encrypt confidential files & folders in Lockers on-the-fly. Lockers are portable. Backup Lockers Backup and sync your encrypted files in Lockers securely to secure cloud. Portable Lockers Create portable self-executable Lockers in USB Drives, CDs/DVDs, Emails. Make Wallets Make digital wallets to securely save real-life Cards like Credit Cards and SSN. Shred files Permanently delete files on your computer so they are unrecoverable. History Clean. RaMMicHaeL's home page. Hard Disk Sentinel - HDD health and temperature monitoring. Antivirus Software NOD32. Startup Defender-Startup Manager and Firewall. Startup Defender is a small Windows startup manager program that sits in your Windows tray and constantly monitors in real time the startup locations on your PC to help prevent programs from auto starting up behind your back.

Startup Defender-Startup Manager and Firewall.

If a program tries to write itself into any startup location Startup Defender will pop up a windows and ask if the program is allowed to place itself to start automatically with Windows. Also you can disable/enable any programs that are currently installed to startup automatically. If there is an entry you are not sure what it is then you can Google it to see if it is needed or even harmful and choose if you want it to load it at startup or not. For the annoying programs that try to repeatedly place themselves in the autorun for Windows you can click the auto block so that Startup Defender stops them without you having to bother with them anymore. Also you can now view all processes and services then selectively start/stop each one. USB Drive Letter Manager - USBDLM. DU Meter: bandwidth monitor for your computer. DU Meter for your business DU Meter is used around the globe by home-based businesses, major corporations, and everything in between.

DU Meter: bandwidth monitor for your computer

Intel, Nokia, Nortel, Qualcomm, Reuters, Texaco, ATT, Alcatel-Lucent, Raytheon, BC Hydro, US Army and many others already have DU Meter volume licenses. Find out more Why you need DU Meter β€œ With its ability to monitor and track both immediate bandwidth usage and longer-term usage trends, DU Meter can save you a lot of time and trouble, especially in a day and age when some broadband ISPs are cracking down on some customers for what the ISPs consider excessive downloading.” β€” PC World Magazine.