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Work 2-gether – Scrum Task Board Online Team Tools. Work 2-gether Scrum Task Board Online Team Tools Work 2-gether is our new software offering currently under development.

Work 2-gether – Scrum Task Board Online Team Tools

It's a Scrum task board based on Kanban and Scrum principles for simple project execution that leverage the fastest learning curves. Designed for one team projects, Work 2-gether is so easy to use even kids and teenagers will love it. Improve company productivity with Redbooth. Quip. Best Online Project/Task Management Tool/Software - Tine2.0 - Demo Open Source Software. Trello.

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The Highlight Reel. Source Code Integration. Prices. Do you already use Basecamp?


Start a new Basecamp trial with the username and password you already have. One username to rule all your Basecamp accounts. Hold on! Better than email. Gestion de projet – Outil pratique pour vos projets. Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration. - Team Tasks & To Do Lists. Home. Nobrandapp. Web-based collaboration software. Logiciel de gestion de projet rapide, facile et efficace. Freedcamp - Free Project Management. Logiciel de gestion de projet en ligne.

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Do - get work done. KiSSFLOW – Simple & Easy Workflow-as-a-Service for Google Apps. Cloud. Online. No contracts required. No credit card required for trial & free users. Pay-as-you-go. Streak – Utilisez Gmail comme CRM. Brainstorming. Resource Sharing Made Easy. How much it costs. For internal communications of small and micro companies.

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As a platform for small groups of people united by a given topic or interest who wish to have the greatest amount of flexibility, security, and upward mobility. If you manage an online-shop or your company has a sales department, and you need a CRM for processing incoming leads. There are more than 12 people in your company and you need a united platform for file sharing and team work; You need to allow clients, suppliers, or other third parties to participate in projects and tasks; Your non-profit organization has a large number of users.

Tracking working hours and time spent by users on individual tasks and projects is mission-critical; Using your own domain name for your social intranet ( Managing meetings, briefings and other events that constantly take place in your company. KanbanFlow - Free, fast & flexible Kanban tool. Moreganize - stay organised. EasyChair Conference System.

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Simple Agile Project Management and Team Collaboration Platform. Gantter - web-based project scheduling made easy. Enterprise Social and Collaboration Platform. La Gestion de Projet en Ligne. Project2Manage - Project Management Software. Organize anything, together. Kanbanpad - Homepage. Open source 3D virtual collaboration toolkit.