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5 Terrible Things The Internet Does To Our Love Lives. If you're the kind of person who's even vaguely aware of Valentine's Day, you're probably either Yelping a good restaurant to take your date to or searching Facebook for another single friend with whom to eat ice cream and cry over "Someone Like You.

5 Terrible Things The Internet Does To Our Love Lives

" Technology affects your love life in ways that would've been unimaginable 30 years ago. We talked with Dan Slater, author of the new book Love in the Time of Algorithms, about how technology--and the web, in particular--is changing the way we meet, marry and love. Here are a few kernels of wisdom he shared. 1. The Scale of the Universe 2 — Other Languages. Is Near -SIN Graph - Exponential Growth of Computing. LMBC - Liquid Metal Battery Corporation.

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