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Holistic Divorce Counseling. I’m a quote-a-holic.

Holistic Divorce Counseling

I believe in the power of words to reshape thoughts, thereby changing our feelings and perceptions. Here are some of my favorites. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls the butterfly. Richard Bach Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting. Dharma Eye. Interactive Tour of the Buddhist Wheel of Life (flash movie) Just Dharma Quotes. COMING HOME - the cremation of Khandro Lhamo.

Family Dharma: Right Speech Reconsidered. In a calm moment, he agreed to talk with me about our communication problems.

Family Dharma: Right Speech Reconsidered

He confirmed that he felt criticized and attacked when I tried to talk with him about conflicts or difficulties, however small. We agreed I needed to change my strategy so that he might remain open to what I wanted to say. Over the course of a few weeks, we discussed a number of “preliminaries” that could help set the stage for more skillful interactions.

Emilio said that rather than launching into a difficult subject, he wanted me to tell him what I wished to talk about, and then ask him when would be a good time to discuss it. This was a reasonable and intelligent request, which I readily honored. In subsequent conversations we talked about his defensiveness during difficult interactions. Having established these guidelines, we began to address how to remain open when we feel the impulse to shut down. I attempted to put the communication issues that Emilio and I were experiencing into a larger context. Lodro Rinzler: Meditation: Finding Contentment in Everyday Life. Over the last ten years of teaching at meditation centers, I have seen an incredible spectrum of people coming in the doors, seeking something.

Lodro Rinzler: Meditation: Finding Contentment in Everyday Life

They might say they want to feel more grounded, less stressed out at work, or that they are dealing with some tough emotional issues. "Would you say," I inquire, "that you're seeking a sense of contentment? " Yes. I would continuously hear 'yes.' Contentment sounds good to all of us, I imagine.

While it might seem like a far-out goal to new meditators, the key to contentment is pretty simple. Discernment Discernment is the tool that got you interested in meditation. 4 Simple Ways to Experience Great Happiness and True Freedom. “It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”

4 Simple Ways to Experience Great Happiness and True Freedom

~E.E. Cummings I love to write. For years I wrote in journals and kept them stacked in piles on my shelves. One rainy winter evening when I was 25, I walked into the Bourgeois Pig bookshop on Franklin Boulevard in Los Angeles and saw a book next to the cash register written by Natalie Goldberg called Wild Mind. Natalie’s book was about writing practice. Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Interview for Vajradhatu Sun, 1985. Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche Interview for Vajradhatu Sun, 1985 The following interview with Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche was recorded on the 16th day of December, 1985, at Nagi Gompa, outside of Kathmandu.

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Interview for Vajradhatu Sun, 1985

Dalai grandma. Holy Isle Project. The founder and vision holder of the Holy Isle Project is Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master in the Kagyu tradition.

Holy Isle Project

Lama Yeshe is also Abbot of Samye Ling Monastery in Dumfriesshire, where he lives most of the year. At the north of the island the Centre for World Peace and Health hosts a retreat and course programme. Between April and October we also welcome guests to stay at the Centre for personal retreats or holiday breaks. A closed Buddhist retreat takes place at the south of the island.

Please note that during Winter, the Centre is closed for guests except for the Christmas Retreat, the New Year's Retreat and the 10-week Winter Retreat. Welcome to the Tenzin Gyatso Institue. Tonglen - Taking and Sending Meditation, Thrangu Rinpoche. TongLen is a meditation done in conjunction with one's breathing, and in relation to one's parents, friends and enemies, to all beings gathered around oneself.

Tonglen - Taking and Sending Meditation, Thrangu Rinpoche

Kagyu Monlam News. Kagyu Office: the Website of His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa. Dharma Talks. The Berzin Archives – The Buddhist Archives of Dr. Alexander Berzin – Home Page. Recalling a Buddha. The Sixteenth Karmapa was the leader of one of Tibetan Buddhism's four major schools of spiritual teachings: the Kagyu lineage.

Recalling a Buddha

Dharmasun. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Rigpa Wiki. Mist-real. Home page buddhism.


'New Chinese law aimed at wiping out Tibetan identity' Bījākṣara Mantra - Seed Syllables. Buddhadharma - Home. Mirror of Wisdom Video-Vajrayana Buddhist Video Archive. Rev. Danny Fisher. Tergar - Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche's International Meditation Community. The Pundarika Foundation. The Treasury of Lives: Biographies of Himalayan Religious Masters. BuddhaNet - Worldwide Buddhist Information and Education Network. Meditation Timers: Insight Meditation Center. These audio files consist of various lengths of silence as an aid to meditation practice.

Meditation Timers: Insight Meditation Center

A bell is rung once at the start and three times at the end. You may download these files or listen to them in streaming audio. Mindfulness Bells and Reminders Mindfulness bells/reminders can be set to remind you throughout the day while you are at the computer to take a few deep breaths, sit up straight, take a break, be mindful, stretch, take a walk, smile… or whatever you may find helpful. Lojong and Tonglen Community Site.