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I potted up and photographed Joe on Friday afternoon. On Saturday I pulled into Cornell Farm Nursery and came face to face with the only other Agave ‘Joe Hoak’ that I’ve ever seen in Oregon, hell only the third one I’ve ever seen in person! There it was, just hanging out with the rest of the gang as though they belonged here (and I guess they did, really). Oh Joe Sr. You’re big, you’re beautiful…and you’re expensive! Joe Jr isn’t nearly you’re size but I’m okay with that. danger garden danger garden
15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently What are the differences between happy people and unhappy people? Of course, it should be very obvious: happy people are happy while unhappy people are unhappy, right? Well, that is correct. But, we want to know what happy people do differently, so I have put together a list of things that happy people do differently than unhappy people. 1.

15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently

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