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Software Product Management Stack. Analytics Academy. CGCookie. OpenHatch - Community tools for free and open source software. Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley. 6 Tips to Land Your First Junior Developer Job - Code School Blog. How to get a web development job in four steps. Step 1: Find developers to talk to Finding developers to talk to will give you enormous advantages over people who just submit resumes and hope for the best.

How to get a web development job in four steps

The next step will explain why, but for now... Improving UX with Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling. A few years ago, Emma Coats took to Twitter to share 22 rules she learned about storytelling during her time as a Pixar storyboard artist.

Improving UX with Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling

The rules are “a mix of things learned from directors and coworkers at Pixar, listening to writers and directors talk about their craft, and via trial and error in the making of my own films,” she later wrote in a blog post. After reading them, I couldn’t help but see their application to UX design. UX designers know the importance of telling a good story—we strive to give our users a comprehensive understanding of our creations with consistency, accuracy, and intuitiveness.

Recognizing the relationship between these disciplines resulted in a relatively fluid translation of Emma’s rules into lessons for good UX. Digital Media Academy. Locations Stanford, UCSD, Aspen, University of Washington, UC Irvine, UT Austin, Rice University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Michigan, Concordia (New York Metro Area), New York University, Bryn Mawr, GWU, UBC, University of Toronto, McGill, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, St.

Digital Media Academy

Mary's College of CA, University of Houston, Harvard Job Description Details DMA Instructors should have a unique blend of professional industry experience and teaching experience (highly preferred) along with a college degree. Grammar Check. Best Tools for Freelance Designers and Developers. Two Group Practices Every Noob Should Start Using for Solo Projects.

Two Group Practices Every Noob Should Start Using for Solo Projects Here are two practices used on professional group projects that new developers and students should start implementing when creating solo projects.

Two Group Practices Every Noob Should Start Using for Solo Projects

Use Git the Right Way When you are creating a new feature for your project, don’t just work on your master branch on your local machine. Create a new branch for the feature you are working on and then merge it back in when it passes muster. The 1 Mistake that Absolutely Crushes Career-Changers. Intelligent Automation, Inc.

IAI offers excellent compensation, as well as an outstanding benefit package which includes: medical, dental, life, long term and short term disability insurance, and a 401(k) retirement savings plan.

Intelligent Automation, Inc.

IAI also has a unique working environment with highly talented and diverse colleagues. This employment opportunities page is updated regularly with new positions. We encourage you to review our postings below and submit an application if you are interested in a position. Millennium Corporation. 12 Hot Tech Jobs - No Coding Required! To understand the different options out there, let's look at how tech companies are structured.

12 Hot Tech Jobs - No Coding Required!

Unlike companies in traditional industries where each function is siloed from the others (e.g., the marketers usually only work with other marketers), tech firms are highly matrixed. And no, this doesn't mean that everyone in tech has taken the red pill. It simply means that tech teams organize around products - not functions. For instance, the LinkedIn mobile app product team comprises a whole suite of functions - product managers, engineers, marketers, designers, data scientists, etc. Tackle the Web Developer Job Search.

The web developer job hunt can be scary and it can be a lot of work.

Tackle the Web Developer Job Search

Zoe - Hire the best freelance designers and front end developers. Think about the last time you worked on a project and it was painful.

Zoe - Hire the best freelance designers and front end developers

Nothing really came together and the outcome was medicore. You wish you could have done it all over, but with different people. The right people. Zoe helps companies with this exact problem by taking the time to understand what they need and in turn match them with qualified freelance talent. Woo - Know your demand. Know your possibilities. Woo gives you access to top tier techies who are browsing their options anonymously.

Woo - Know your demand. Know your possibilities

Personal expectations upfront Discover what top tier techies, (who aren't available on other channels), are interested in hearing about, before you even approach them. This important piece of information is what makes our matching way more accurate and it's the reason why you'll spend less time searching for the right people AND enjoy higher response rates from the people you do approach. Keeping techies completely anonymous Because we bring you techies that are happy with their current situation, we go to every measure to keep them completely anonymous. This means that we cloak their name and contact info. Explore available positions - Beta. Lead Creative Teams With Your Advertising Acumen As a creative director at Revo Tech, you'll get the opportunity to put your advertising savvy to good use.

Explore available positions - Beta

Mentoring and leading others while finding innovative solutions that blow... Creative Director December 2016 Myanmar (Burma) LaunchCode. The Complete, Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Cover Letter. This guide walks you through every step in writing an awesome cover letter - from staring at the blinking cursor on a blank Word document to jumping out of your chair when you find out you got the interview! All I ask is this one small favor: Don't read each step. Do each step. In other words, don't think of this like your typical self-help article where you read through everything front to end, think to yourself, "Wow, what a good idea," and then click on the next link, never having accomplished anything.

Instead, after you look through a step, go out and do it. No single step will take more than 30 minutes. The Complete, Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Cover Letter. Don’t Wait for a Call Back: 4 Non-Traditional Ways Score an Interview. Here’s the good news: As of September 2015, the unemployment rate in the United States is the lowest it’s been in more than seven years. The bad news? The competition for current job seekers is steep. The Mentor Method. New startups, startup ideas, great business ideas. 35 Email Newsletters To Boost Your Career In Tech. Get Our Free Ultimate Guide to Launching An Email Newsletter Sign up below to get it instantly. Plus, get more Skillcrush news and updates to your inbox! Confession time: I love keeping up with what’s happening in tech, but it seems like every time I start Googling around to find more info on this or that, I end up in a black hole. Six hours later I’ve gone from reading up on the newest WordPress update to being elbow-deep in Ruby on Rails tutorials that have nothing to do with my project.

Working to be Awesome. Channels - Netlodge. Videos View More Entrepreneurship Videos View More. Programming Interview Questions. Pramp - Practice Coding Interviews for Free. Baltimore Tech. Please pardon the mess. We're still designing our user experience for mobile devices and tablets. These 12 Baltimore tech firms are hiring right now [NET/WORK] Disclosure: Baltimore is organizing NET/WORK, the local tech jobs fair. - Better Cities through Technology. Howto Write the Perfect Ruby on Rails Resume. People hate writing resumes. Rails programmers in particular. Connect with 500+ startups! Remote Jobs at Clevertech.

Blendoor - Diversity on Purpose. Article Archive. Get Involved - CodeNowCodeNow. Donate Or enter a custom amount below: Custom. 43 Free Online Courses You Can Take to Improve Your Career. #AskUsAnything: How Can I Get a Job in a City Where I Don’t Currently Live? Ever applied to job in another city? Kickstarter.

Careers Archives. 5 Tech Jobs for Creatives (That Will Actually Make You Happy) CareerAddict - Getting you High on Success. How to Start Making Money with Code Before You Quit Your Job. 7 Careers You'll Love that Don't Require a Tech Degree. Ventures. NextGen Learning. NewSchools Venture Fund: A non-profit venture philanthropy firm working to transform public education for low-income children.

Advisorycareers.force. CodersClan - Get Code Done. Work From Anywhere: 25 Cool Apps For Digital Nomads, Corporate Escapists, And Loony Adventurers — Life Learning. Lou Franco: code, apps, and writings. Crafting the Perfect Cover Letter. The Ultimate Guide to Jobs in Web Development. Community Champion at Buffer. How to get a job as a web developer. Washington DC Startups List. LiquidTalent. Startup Jobs & Startup Companies Hiring - HireArt.