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The Old New Thing. Commenter Cherry wonders who invented all those strange syntaxes, like set " to show all environment variables, including the hidden ones.

The Old New Thing

An interesting historical note is the origin of the convention in unix that files whose names begin with a dot are hidden by default (here's the relevant portion). That article highlights how a discovered quirk is just a few steps away from becoming a feature. As Master Yoda might put it: Discovery leads to dissemination. Dissemination leads to adoption. Adoption leads to entrenchment. Stevey's Blog Rants. Coding Horror. Mac Dev Center. Downloads Xcode 5 This complete developer toolset for creating Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps includes the Xcode IDE, performance analysis tools, iOS Simulator, and the latest OS X and iOS SDKs.

Mac Dev Center

OS X Mavericks Mac Developer Program members have access to pre-release versions of OS X and OS X Server.Not a member? Hacker News. Project Euler. Programming. Home of the world's largest development community.