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世界級 TED 中文字幕演講. 雙語 TED Talk. TED-Ed. 訂閱TEDxTaipei在Youtube 的頻道. 台灣本土超讚演講影片官網, 多文字說明. 余浩瑋 演講主題 教育學習 余浩瑋 黃國珍.

台灣本土超讚演講影片官網, 多文字說明

臉書加入TEDxTaipei成為粉絲. 大愛台人文講堂. 台灣快樂生活推廣協會. 一席YiXi. Lecture Official Channel. TED 世界級演講. 世界級演講-雙語字幕: NT$60. 雙語播放器專業版—看影片學英語:在 App Store 上的 App, 免費. 世界級演講 TED. My Open Courses offers over 11,000 hours curriculum based videos on Engineering, Management and other streams completely free of cost.

世界級演講 TED

These videos are created by some of the best academic minds in the world. My Open Courses videos are accompanied by subject notes, assignments and reference material that will help students to have a complete overview of the subject. Videos are offered in 2 different formats - for low bandwidths as well high speed connections. The videos are compatible with low end Android phones and the application delivers videos based on the mobile hardware. If the student watching the videos has any doubt with regards to the subject, they can easily ask questions to hundreds of subject matter experts available on the platform. 雙語聆聽世界級演講 TED. 道成資訊張賜賢. Museum of the World.