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PicYoung-豐富中文字型的封面, DM 製作, Android APP PicYoung is a light and professional mobile app for creative graphic design. Developed by TuTao Tech (Shanghai) with our own algorithm, PicYoung enables everyone to generate common-used design layouts in seconds, making it easy to design logo, poster, creative arts, as well as ads or pictures for web articles. Instead of countless mouse clicking with complicated design software on your PC, our app could improve your efficiency by 90%!

5 Good Options for Creating Digital Portfolios Over the course of the school year our students create some fantastic digital products. Building a digital portfolio is a great way for students to look back at everything they've done and organize it into a cohesive package. The following five tools are good services for creating digital portfolios. Silk is a free service for creating webpages organized around a theme or topic. 5 Multimedia Projects for Social Studies Classes If you teach social studies and you're looking for a new project to engage your students this year, I have some suggestions for you. All of the following ideas can be modified for use in elementary school, middle school, or high school settings. Create Virtual Tours Services like Google Expeditions are great for locating virtual tours for students to watch. But there aren't tours for everything in the world.

Prisma: 相片變成油畫, IOS 版本 範本: 37屆地區年會 第三十七屆地區年會摸彩辦法 104/02/06 20114-15年度,國際扶輪3460地區年會摸彩獎品,全部由大會、地區 總監賢伉儷、及地區服務團隊提供,本摸彩活動由台中東友扶輪社負責規 簡單上手系統思考工具:Plectica 不一樣的心智圖、流程圖 心智圖、流程圖,在整理思緒上都是很好的工具。但要整理更複雜的思考、資料關係圖時,有時又會覺得還需要多一點點功能,才能解釋千絲萬縷的思考線索,或是梳理因果關係更糾結的流程。(當然,如果是手繪,可能就沒有這樣的問題。) 我在之前介紹過「MetaMap 用系統思考法工具畫圖表:整理好複雜考試理論重點」這樣的工具,他用一種稱為系統思考的理論為基礎,設計出可以畫出「更多彼此影響的全局關係圖」。 Canva: 線上網頁製作封面, 卡片, DM, 用自己的相片免費, 用他的1張1美元 範本: 雲端在教育的應用 使用心得 這本講義是第一次使用Blendspace 所做的: 元素包括自行輸入, 網頁, 照片, Office 檔案, Youtube 影片, 問題測驗. 經驗: 1.標題可以修正 Five Places to Find Free Music and Sounds for Multimedia Projects From adding music to a slideshow to adding sound effects to videos to bumper music for podcasts, there are plenty of classroom projects that require free audio files. If you find yourself or your students in need of some free music or sound effects, take a look at these sites that offer thousands of free and legal audio downloads. Dig CC Mixter is a good place to find music for use in classroom projects like videos and podcasts. The music that you will find on Dig CC Mixter is Creative Commons licensed. And, as I demonstrate in the following video, Dig CC Mixter makes it very easy to give proper attribution to the artists whose music you use. Musopen's collection of free recordings contains performances of the works of hundreds of composers.

10 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in School On Tuesday morning I published a video about how to use Adobe's new creative suite called Adobe Spark. That video was focused on how to use the three parts of Adobe Spark; post, page, and video. If you haven't seen the video, it is embedded below. Now that we know how the tools work, let's take a look at some ways that teachers and students can use Adobe Spark. Post: Post is the part of the Adobe Spark that lets you create graphics like posters, announcements, and Internet memes. Students and teachers can create simple posters to print and post in their schools to announce club meetings, campaigns for class elections, or to post encouraging messages to students.To help students understand and show that they understand what propaganda messages look like, I have had them create simple early 20th Century-style propaganda posters of their own.