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2015 – The year Russia exposed Western barbarism — RT Op-Edge. Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages.

2015 – The year Russia exposed Western barbarism — RT Op-Edge

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, he is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in newspaper journalism. For over 20 years he worked as an editor and writer in major news media organizations, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent. Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization. “Once again a country “liberated” by the West is sinking deeper and deeper into chaos.”

Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Global Research. This could be anyone of the countries in conflict, where Washington and its Western and Middle Eastern stooges sow war – eternal chaos, misery, death – and submission. This is precisely the point: The Washington / NATO strategy is not to ‘win’ a war or conflict, but to create ongoing – endless chaos. That’s the name of the game – in Yemen, in Ukraine, in Syria, in Iraq, in Sudan, in Central Africa, in Libya…. you name it. Who fights against whom is unimportant.

President Hollande has just signed a multi-billion euro contract with Qatar for the sale of 24 Rafale fighter jets. The west has invented a vocabulary so sick, it’s like a virus ingrained in our brains – or what’s left of it – that we don’t even know anymore what the words really mean. Back to chaos – Mr. Mr. Proč se Západu nedaří vývoz demokracie. Celý počátek 21. století jsou mezinárodní vztahy opakovaně destabilizovány pokusy Západu šířit ve světě zvnějšku a násilím současný model západní liberální demokracie.

Proč se Západu nedaří vývoz demokracie

Své kořeny má tato vytrvalá snaha v pocitech triumfalismu po konci studené války, které asi nejlépe vyjádřil Francis Fukuyama ve svém díle „Konec dějin a poslední člověk“ (1992). Přesvědčení o universalismu hodnot západní liberální demokracie a nezbytnosti jejich okamžitého přijetí a dodržování na celém světě spolu s kvazináboženským pojetím neustále se rozšiřujících tzv. lidských práv vytvořilo mesianistickou netolerantní ideologii, která dvě desetiletí dominuje atmosféře mezinárodních vztahů a která se stala i mediálně vděčnou kamufláží pro tradiční politiku prosazování velmocenských zájmů ve světě. Podíváme-li se do historie, zjistíme, že až do nedávné minulosti moderní Západ dociloval svých spektakulárních úspěchů zcela odlišným přístupem. Realita je přitom tragická. Kontexty 2/2015, duben 2015. A Partnership with China to Avoid World War by George Soros.

This article will appear in the July 9 issue of The New York Review.

A Partnership with China to Avoid World War by George Soros

International cooperation is in decline both in the political and financial spheres. The UN has failed to address any of the major conflicts since the end of the cold war; the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference left a sour aftertaste; the World Trade Organization hasn’t concluded a major trade round since 1994. The International Monetary Fund’s legitimacy is increasingly questioned because of its outdated governance, and the G20, which emerged during the financial crisis of 2008 as a potentially powerful instrument of international cooperation, seems to have lost its way. In all areas, national, sectarian, business, and other special interests take precedence over the common interest. This trend has now reached a point where instead of a global order we have to speak of global disorder. In the political sphere local conflicts fester and multiply. How did we reach this point of global disorder? Yet Another Huge Diplomatic Victory for Russia    :   Information Clearing House.

By The Saker May 13, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - Unless you read Russian or monitor the free blogosphere, you might not have noticed this, but something big just happened in Russia: Kerry, Nuland and a large State Department delegation have traveled to Sochi were they met with Foreign Minister Lavrov and then with President Putin.

Yet Another Huge Diplomatic Victory for Russia    :   Information Clearing House

With the latter they spent over 4 hours. Not only that, but Kerry made a few rather interesting remarks, saying that the Minsk-2 Agreement (M2A) was the only way forward and that he would strongly caution Poroshenko against the idea of renewing military operations. Welcome back to reality John! To say that this is a stunning development would be an understatement.   70 years Since the Great Victory!    :   Information Clearing House.

Russia is not only Celebrating an Anniversary.

  70 years Since the Great Victory!    :   Information Clearing House

It is Rejoicing over its Rebirth. By André Vltchek May 09, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - To Be Russian 70 years since the great Victory, 70 years since the Soviet people saved the world by smashing Nazism, 70 years since they, almost immediately, joined yet another fight, against Western imperialism and colonialism. 27 million Soviet people, mainly Russians, lost their lives defending our planet against Hitler’s hordes. Then hundreds of millions of others dedicated their lives to building a much better, and egalitarian world. Without the Soviet Union, without the Russian people, there would be no freedom, no independence for Asian, African and the Middle Eastern countries. This is why the West hated the Soviet Union, and that is why it hates the Russian people. On May 9 1945, the entire world changed. The Soviet people had proven that human dignity and freedom are worth any sacrifice.

What followed was complete horror. I am Russian.

Nový světový řád