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Russia releases VIDEO of British warship’s incursion into waters near Crimea, clearly contradicting London’s version of events — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union. Russia has released a video showing a coast guard vessel warning the HMS Defender that it was violating its state border and firing warning shots at the British warship, challenging London’s assertions about Wednesday's encounter.

Russia releases VIDEO of British warship’s incursion into waters near Crimea, clearly contradicting London’s version of events — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

The short clip, released on Thursday by Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB), shows the confrontation between a patrol ship and the ironically named Royal Navy destroyer that sailed past Cape Fiolent, near the Crimean city of Sevastopol on Wednesday. “If you don’t change course to starboard, I will fire,” the coast guard vessel officer radioes the British destroyer, warning the warship it was about to violate Russian territorial waters. Footage released by Moscow, this evening, appears to suggest Russia is telling the truth about yesterday's Black Sea face-off, and the British are lying.

“You must immediately leave the territorial sea of Russian Federation,” comes the second warning. Then the captain is heard issuing the orders, in Russian. Russian Black Sea Fleet Warship Fired Warning Shots Near British Destroyer. Via ZeroHedge Tensions are heating up between NATO and Russia in the Black Sea Region as a Russian patrol ship fired warning shots near HMS Defender, a British Royal Navy destroyer, for violating Russia’s maritime borders, according to Russian state-owned news agency RIA, citing the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Russian Black Sea Fleet Warship Fired Warning Shots Near British Destroyer

At 1152 local time, HMS Defender sailed across “the Russian border and entered the territorial sea at Cape Fiolent for three kilometers,” RIA said. Around 1206 and 1208, the Russian patrol ship fired warning shots. After nine minutes, Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft performed warning bombing maneuvers towards the British vessels. This may be the approx. location of the incident area. Putin Denies “Never-Ending Farcical” Cyberattack Claims, Calls NATO Obsolete “Cold War Relic” Via ZeroHedge On Monday NBC released its full sit-down interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was initially previewed Friday, just days before Wednesday’s much anticipated bilateral summit with President Joe Biden.

Putin Denies “Never-Ending Farcical” Cyberattack Claims, Calls NATO Obsolete “Cold War Relic”

It was the first interview Putin has given to a US network in nearly three years. During the full interview Putin dismissed the latest major accusations of mounting cyberattacks on US infrastructure as “farcical”. “Where is the proof? It’s becoming farcical,” Putin questioned, adding, “We have been accused of all kinds of things, election interference, cyberattacks and so on and so forth, and not once, not one time, did they bother to produce any kind of evidence or proof.” This emphasis on lack of definitive proof was a constant theme throughout the discussion. Surprising US hasn’t blamed Russia for starting BLM movement that shook nation, Putin jokes, while backing African-American rights — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union.

Russia is sympathetic to the cause of black rights in the US, but is wary of extremism, President Vladimir Putin has said, joking that Washington could have done more to try to pin the blame on Moscow for the recent protests.

Surprising US hasn’t blamed Russia for starting BLM movement that shook nation, Putin jokes, while backing African-American rights — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Discussing the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in an interview with NBC, broadcast on Monday, the Russian leader said there were “some grounds” for the outcry over racism in America and a number of other Western nations over the course of 2020. However, he added that the outrage had been “used by one of the political forces domestically in the course of election campaigns” in the US. Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts American B-52 Bomber: Watch Video. U.S.

Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts American B-52 Bomber: Watch Video

Air Force/AirBoyd/YouTube A B-52 bomber was involved in what the Pentagon called an “unsafe” incident with two Russian fighters.The fighters shadowed and crossed in front of the bombers.The incident took place during a training flight that flew over all 30 NATO countries. Two American B-52 bombers and a pair of Russian Su-27 fighter jets were involved in an incident over the Black Sea. The Sukhoi Su-27 “Flanker” jets flew in what U.S. officials described as an “unsafe and unprofessional” manner, including flying within 100 feet of the noses of the big bombers.

The Air Force later complained the Russian planes flew outside of international standards, placing all of the aircrews involved at risk. The incident took place on August 28 during Allied Sky, designed to show solidarity between the U.S. and the 29 other NATO member countries against Russia. Russia Recently Declassified Footage Of The Largest Nuclear Bomb Ever Detonated. Here's All The Previously Unseen Footage. US troops injured during altercation with Russian forces in Syria — and it was caught on video. Russia Military Dolphins - Satellite Photos. Satellite imagery of the Russian naval base at Tartus in Syria shows pens used to keep marine mammals.

Russia Military Dolphins - Satellite Photos

The marine mammals are likely military dolphins sent by Russia to guard its fleet in Syria.Russia’s marine mammal arsenal includes beluga whales, one of which was sighted hanging around Norway last year. Satellite photos of a Russian naval base in Syria depict pens typically used to hold trained marine mammals. The pens, which made a brief appearance at the Tartus naval base from September to December 2018, likely contained military dolphins.

Both the U.S. and Russia use trained dolphins to detect mines and enemy saboteurs—and Iran might, too. The pens, according to naval analyst H.I. This content is imported from Twitter. Russian military intervention in Syria is opposed by a number of sides in the conflict. Click here to read more stories like this, solve life's mind-blowing mysteries, and get unlimited access to Popular Mechanics. This content is imported from YouTube. The U.S. Russia and Turkey just escalated a war while you weren’t watching. Russia Has New Tool For Massive Internet Shutdown Attack, Leaked Documents Claim. Moscow’s latest cyber weapon would target a wider array of devices than previous denial-of-service tools: the growing internet of things As the world hunkers down in coronavirus isolation and relies on the internet more than ever, a group of dissidents has revealed that Russia has new tools to shut down internet services by tapping internet-connected cameras and similar smart devices.

Russia Has New Tool For Massive Internet Shutdown Attack, Leaked Documents Claim

It’s a new version of an old weapon — a creator of botnets that can drive an internet service offline with floods of fake data — that puts to use a previously untapped source of computing power: the ever-growing “internet of things.” The new botnet tool was revealed in documents that give instructions for using a suite of hacking apps called Fronton, Fonton-3D, and Fonton-18. That doesn’t mean the Russian FSB security service will soon be peering through Americans’ cell phones and laptops or internet-connected doorbells.

Subscribe Receive daily email updates: Russian Submarine Nuclear - Russian Submarine Laika. The designs for Russia’s next class of nuclear attack submarine, the Laika class, were recently revealed.The Laika ships will replace the existing Alfa-class boats, which have been in production for nearly 50 years.

Russian Submarine Nuclear - Russian Submarine Laika

The new submarines will embark regular guided torpedoes, anti-ship missiles, and land attack cruise missiles. Russia is preparing to begin work on a brand new class of nuclear-powered attack submarine designed to compete with the best of NATO’s submarines. The new Laika-class submarine, named after a breed of Siberian snow dog, is Moscow’s first clean sheet nuclear attack sub in nearly 50 years. But we don't know how long it will take to develop the sub—or how many the Russian Navy will eventually receive.

The Russian Federation retains one of the largest submarine fleets in the world, including nuclear and conventional attack submarines, guided missile submarines armed with cruise missiles, and ballistic missile submarines armed with long range nuclear weapons. Putin, Spooked by Trump Almost Starting WW3, Holds War Drills with Hypersonic Missiles in the Black Sea. Russian President Vladimir Putin observed a war drill off the coast of Crimea on Thursday that included the launching of hypersonic missiles, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Putin, Spooked by Trump Almost Starting WW3, Holds War Drills with Hypersonic Missiles in the Black Sea

The ministry's Zvezda broadcasting service said Russia's Black Sea and Northern Fleets participated in the military exercise. Various missiles were fired during the drill, including Kalibr cruise missiles and Kinzhal hypersonic air-launched missiles. More than 30 warships, including the Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Makarov frigate, one submarine, and more than 40 aircraft, including Tu-95MS strategic bombers, Su-30SM fighters, and Su-24M bombers, participated in the drill. Two MIG-31K fighters air-launched Kinzhal hypersonic missiles while guided missile destroyers launched Kalibr cruise missiles at targets. Putin observed much of the exercise aboard the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser. This is a good video explaining what a game changer hypersonic missles are. Putin's next aggression. Russia’s ‘Skyfall’ Nuke Missile Mishap, Decoded: Spies, Lies, and Radioactivity. After multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s dramatic death in a New York jail cell, both alleged victims and a curious public have turned their attention to the former financier’s only remaining close relative: his younger brother, Mark Epstein.

Russia’s ‘Skyfall’ Nuke Missile Mishap, Decoded: Spies, Lies, and Radioactivity

A former artist turned real estate magnate, Mark raised eyebrows last month by offering up his Florida condo as collateral for his brother’s bail. While he has denied any connection to Jeffrey’s businesses, at least one of Mark’s properties has turned up repeatedly in sex trafficking suits against his older sibling. And his unexplained wealth—he claims to have semi-retired at age 39 and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity—may come under further scrutiny as the federal conspiracy investigation into his brother’s trafficking ring continues.

“I would fully expert the U.S. Mark Epstein hung up on a reporter who called for comment and declined to respond to questions sent by text. Watch Russia's New Strike Drone Take Its First Flight. Russia Is Disrupting GPS Signals and It’s Spilling into Israel. Anaklia’s deep sea port – a new strategic pivot in Eurasia - New Eastern Europe - A bimonthly news magazine dedicated to Central and Eastern European affairs. The Russian Navy Is Fitting Ships with Barf-Inducing Lights. Wild video shows Russian fighter aggressively banking into a US F-15. A clip that shows a Russian Air Force Su-27 Flanker aggressively banking into a U.S. Air Force F-15C Eagle has appeared online. It’s not clear where and when the footage was taken but, provided it is genuine (it seems so), it was probably filmed in the Baltic region, when the U.S. Air Force F-15C) were supporting NATO BAP (Baltic Air Policing) mission. Last time U.S. Air Force supported BAP was during the 45th BAP rotation between August and December 2017.

Russia’s Apocalypse Torpedo. Behind Ukraine-Russia naval tensions, a more brutal economic war - Attention to the Unseen. How Can We Stop Russia’s Apocalypse Nuke Torpedo? Deniability and De-Escalation: Russia’s Use of Military Contractors in Proxy Wars. Kremlin Surely Gleeful Over Indictments, Former Spies Say. This New Russian Sniper Rifle Is Redefining 'a Safe Distance' Common Russian battle tactics, currently on display in Ukraine and elsewhere, uses three rows of snipers in battle.

Although the first two rows present a challenge for even the best marksmen, it’s the back row—which can be around 2,000 yards away from a target—where Russia places its most elite. Now a U.S. Army report says that this last row of warriors have become even more deadly, thanks to a new weapon—the T-5000 Tochnost rifle. Russia's Bomb-Resistant 'Terminator' Suits Look Insane. Russia's New Stormtrooper Combat Suits. Leave it to Russia to create nuclear war-resistant combat gear fit for a modern Stormtrooper.

Don't you hate it when a nuclear bomb goes off and your watch stops working? Russia feels your pain, which is exactly why they've gone ahead and invented a suit that won't just withstand a nuclear blast - it's a peek into the future of nuclear warfare. via GIPHY. Russia Claims Its New Main Battle Tank Will Be Able to Run on Mars. Russia Is Already Training for Space Warfare. Putin’s Trolls Used the Texas Church Massacre to Sow More Chaos – Mother Jones. Mother Jones illustration False information inundated social media after Sunday’s mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and Russian trolls were in the thick of it. Conspiracy theorists like Mike Cernovich led the way, falsely branding shooter Devin Patrick Kelly as a member of the far-left antifa movement, and the Russian media outlet RT America had the lie posted on Facebook for five hours, according to BuzzFeed.

The hashtags #antifa, #sutherlandsprings and #texas were three of the top 10 recorded over the weekend by Hamilton 68, a nonpartisan research project that tracks Russian influencers on Twitter in real time. Here’s What Russia’s Military Build-Up in the Arctic Looks Like. Putin Says Russia Held Back on Counter-Sanctions for a 'Long Time' Russia held back on introducing sanctions “for quite some time,” but lost hope after Washington’s “unprovoked move,” President Vladimir Putin said in a state television broadcast on Sunday. The interview with prominent presenter Vladimir Solovyov on state television Rossia-1 came two days after news broke that Russia would take counter-measures in response to new sanctions passed by the U.S. Senate, which the White House has said President Donald Trump intends to sign.

The number of American diplomatic personnel in Russia will be slashed by 755 people by September. Moscow will also close off access to two U.S. diplomatic facilities in Moscow. Putin told Solovyov that the measures were in response to the U.S. taking “an unprovoked step towards worsening Russian-American relations.” “We have offered to work together with the Americans many times,” said Putin during the broadcast. Last week, U.S. The Ousting of Hundreds of U.S. Diplomats From Moscow, Explained. In response to fresh sanctions proposed by the U.S. The Kremlin’s VPN Ban Has KGB Roots (Op-ed) Putin went after technology last week and it probably won’t end well. How concerned should we be about Russia? Much more than most people realize. How Russia Targets the U.S. Military. In the fall of 2013, Veterans Today, a fringe American news site that also offers former service members help finding jobs and paying medical bills, struck up a new partnership. What Does the Intercept of a U.S. B-52 Bomber Tell Us About Russia?

Somedays, our good friends at the Kremlin branch of the Alt-Right Propaganda Machine formerly known as Russia Today tell us more than I suspect their bosses would really like us to know. Or perhaps they have just gotten so used to putting anything and everything out there that they no longer even realize they are accidentally dropping useful intel about their own nation into the public domain. Today is a perfect example. Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts a B-52 Over the Baltic Sea. Russia’s ‘Killer Satellites’ Re-Awaken.

Zapad 2017: NATO Should Be Keeping an Eye on Russia's Training Exercises. It all started with a military exercise in 2008. “Today, Georgia; tomorrow, Ukraine; the day after, the Baltic States; and later perhaps time will come for my country, for Poland!” Those words were said at Tbilisi Square on August 5, 2008, by the late Polish president Lech Kaczyński in the presence of five European heads of state who came in a gesture of solidarity with recently invaded Georgia. Almost ten years later, this statement appears like a self-fulfilling prophecy. So much for the Russian threat: Putin slashes defense spending while Trump plans massive buildup. Russia, led by supervillain Vladimir Putin, intent on the domination and destruction of the Western world, has just slashed its defense budget — and no one really noticed.

Theconversation. Russian Subs Are Reheating a Cold War Chokepoint. As the GIUK gap returns to importance, NATO must look to regenerate its anti-submarine forces. The recent U.S. promise to fund upgrades to Iceland’s military airfield at Keflavik is no diplomatic bone thrown to a small ally. Russia Rejects Claims Of Drugged Diplomats; Suggests They Were Drunk. Effort to Expose Russia’s ‘Troll Army’ Draws Vicious Retaliation. Russian Jets Buzzed a U.S. Navy Destroyer. BREAKING: Russia's Huge Announcement That Will Change The War. What’s the Big Deal Between Russia and the Saudis? Here Is Why Russia's Military Is a Fair Match for the US. How Putin Blocked the U.S. Pivot to Asia. Putin's Speech in Valdai that went Unreported by US & British Media. 'Dead Hand,' Russia's Terrifying Doomsday Device. Putin's Secret Weapon. Putin Blinks in Ukraine Standoff With the US. Crimea Annexation: Putin Signs Treaty Making Region Part Of Russia. While the West Watches Crimea, Putin Cleans House in Moscow.

Egle Rindzevičiūtė: Constructing Soviet Cultural Policy: Cybernetics and Governance in Lithuania after World War II (2008) Snowden could spark a new Cold War. Sukhoi SU-35 fighter has all the right moves at Paris Air Show. Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon. Russia Responds To U.S. Magnitsky Act By Placing 18 Americans On Blacklist. From Russia With PR. SOVIET INVASION OF AFGHANISTAN A CASE OF MISSION CREEP, ACCORDING TO NEW BOOK AND ORIGINAL SOVIET DOCUMENTS. Russia Needs Its Own Prophet Muhammed.

Pravda on Mitt Romney: 'Out-Of-Touch, Out-Of-Date, Unelectable' ‘Sanctions on Tehran, Damascus won’t solve problems’ - FM Lavrov. NASA Asks Russians To Stop Filming Porn On International Space Station. Pussy Riot: Fearing Arrest, 2 Members Of Russian Punk Band Escape Country.