Top Three Gadgets That Can Actually Save You Money Here are three gadgets that can actually pay for themselves, and can even start to save you money in the long run. The first is the Spin-X dryer which uses centrifugal force to dry clothes quickly and efficiently. By rotating at 3300 RPM, the dryer removes a quart of water from clothes using the same amount of energy a regular clothes dryer uses in the first 15 seconds of operation.The second is the Vornado IntelliTemp Heater. These efficient space heaters can keep a room at a even temperature using a electronic thermostat which you set. Spacing heating uses much less electricity than whole house heating in general, unless you already have a very efficient system installed. Top Three Gadgets That Can Actually Save You Money
It is the time of CES and the media is currently filled with a lot of very interesting products - but here is one that you will not see (unfortunately). It's a PC the size of a napkin. The best part is that it is based on passive screen technology (epaper), which means that it only needs power when you change it. The result is that whatever you draw on it will stay on the screen forever (or atleast until you change it) without the need for cables or batteries. This is a brilliant concept by Avery Holleman, and apart from the color epaper, all of it could be done today. Napkin PC Napkin PC
Zip Up Tangles Your trouser fly just influenced my friend Ji. Quit smirking, coz his YI earphones concept will take care of a lot of wire-tangle-hassles in the future, if it ever gets to production. YI Zip Earphones by Ji Woong YI Zip Earphones by Ji Woong
photo: Harshit Sekhon Tired of spending big bucks every time Apple (AAPL) releases a new version of your go-to gadget? (Hint: this happens every year). Then stop. It’s easy to save on everything, from cell phones to laptops, if you know where to look. Frugal tech-shoppers use iPhone apps and police impound sites to score the best and newest gadgets for cheap.

Geek Genius: How To Get The Latest Gadgets Without Breaking The Bank

Geek Genius: How To Get The Latest Gadgets Without Breaking The Bank
If you consider yourself a geek, or aspire to the honor of geekhood, here’s an essential checklist of must-have geek skills. The term ‘geek’, once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness. As time has gone on, the word has yet again morphed to indicate a new type of individual: someone who is obsessive over one (or more) particular subjects, whether it be science, photography, electronics, computers, media, or any other field. A geek is one who isn’t satisfied knowing only the surface facts, but instead has a visceral desire to learn everything possible about a particular subject. 64 Things Every Geek Should Know «

64 Things Every Geek Should Know «


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