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Sismica. Cucina. Hamburg’s Plan to Eliminate Cars in 20 Years. Hamburg's Plan to Eliminate Cars in 20 Years About 40% of the area of Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, is made up of green areas, cemeteries, sports facilities, gardens, parks and squares.

Hamburg’s Plan to Eliminate Cars in 20 Years

For the first time ever, the city has decided to unite them together via pedestrian and cycle routes. It's all part of the "Green Network Plan," which aims to eliminate the need for vehicles in Hamburg over the next 20 years. According to city spokeswoman Angelika Fritsch, the project will help to turn the city into a one-of-a-kind, integrated system: "Other cities, including London, have green rings, but the green network will be unique in covering an area from the outskirts to the city centre.

In 15 to 20 years you'll be able to explore the city exclusively on bike and foot. " More details, after the break. Hamburg has two large green nuclei, one north and one south. By Constanza Martínez Gaete, via Plataforma Urbana. More info at The Guardian.


Spezie: 7 mix fai-da-te dal mondo per dare più sapore ai nostri piatti preferiti. Siete amanti di sapori intensi ed esotici?

Spezie: 7 mix fai-da-te dal mondo per dare più sapore ai nostri piatti preferiti

Allora sapete benissimo che odori e spezie possono davvero fare la differenza in cucina, conferendo un gusto diverso e accattivante alle vostre pietanze e dando un tocco etnico ed originale alle vostre ricette. Le spezie, oltre ad avere molto spesso delle proprietà terapeutiche naturali, rappresentano una soluzione piuttosto comoda per conquistare anche i palati più esigenti senza dover spendere una fortuna, soprattutto se decidete di puntare sul fai-da-te, preparando in casa le vostre combinazioni preferite e dosando gli ingredienti a vostro piacimento. Se siete tentati all’idea e volete mettervi alla prova, trovate qui di seguito 7 mix di spezie provenienti da diverse parti del mondo che potete replicare nelle vostre cucine e personalizzare secondo il vostro gusto e quello dei vostri ospiti. 1.

Garam Masala È una combinazione di spezie tipica della tradizione gastronomica pakistana e indiana. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 Digital Camera Review: DSC-R1 IMATEST Results. Digital Camera Home > Digital Camera Reviews > Sony Digital Cameras > Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 Detailed analysis of the Sony DSC-R1 images, from Imatest(tm) I've recently begun using Norman Koren's excellent "Imatest" analysis program for quantitative, thoroughly objective analysis of digicam test images.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 Digital Camera Review: DSC-R1 IMATEST Results

I highly commend it to our technically-oriented readers, as it's far and away the best, most comprehensive analysis program I've found to date. My comments below are just brief observations of what I see in the Imatest results. A full discussion of all the data Imatest produces is really beyond the scope of this review: Visit the Imatest web site for a full discussion of what the program measures, how it performs its computations, and how to interpret its output. Here's some of the results produced by Imatest for the Sony DSC-R1: Color Accuracy The Sony DSC-R1 showed very good hue accuracy, but tended to oversaturate additive primary colors (reds, blues, and greens) a fair bit.

Color Analysis. Network of International Centers for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage. GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING of CICOP Net Confederation The General Assembly of the Confederation CICOP NET is convened on October 30, 2013 at 8:30 am, at the Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, lecture hall, where we will celebrate the Closing Ceremony of the BRAU2, with the following Agenda: 1.

Network of International Centers for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage

Proposals amendment to the Articles and Renewal Steering Committee. 2. Statement BRAU2 results. 3. Location and President of BRAU3. 4. Are kindly requested to be on time as the Closing Ceremony of the BRAU2 is scheduled at 10.30.


Digital Cultural Heritage. Grecia. ECOTECT. Photography. Computer. Vutrongnguyen.

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